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Jam packed SiriusXM live show last night. Thanks to Wendy Dio for calling in and letting me premiere a song from the new Dio tribute album called This Is Your Life. It’s out April 1 and all proceeds go to RJD Cancer Fund. Also thanks to Vince Neil who called in and talked a little Motley as well as about a charity event for our mutual friend chef Kerry Simon in Vegas this Thursday. Info in the news section on my site. And also thanks to AJ, Russ and Mike of Adrenaline Mob for coming in. New album Men Of Honor sounds slamming. Also took almost two hours of calls from listeners, mostly about Kiss and the HOF and all the different sides to it. This site has become flooded with comments about this situation. I’m glad I can provide my take through the Trunk Report and also allow you guys to have a platform to post also. For the record ALL comments regardless of their position are posted here! Only comments that resort to name calling or pointless hate and bashing are not posted. I have heard from many that Kiss and their twitter accounts have been blocking people that post thoughts not in line with what they approve of in this situation, while retweeting those that do. I assure you all opinions are welcome and reflected on my platforms if I agree or not.


In the time since this news broke with my show Friday night the coverage has been incredible. Huffington Post, Daily News, NY Post, and even the lead story on Howard Stern’s news. Howard by the way called Kiss the “most irrelevant band in music history” and compared them to the 1910 Fruitgum Company. I do NOT agree with this assessment but he has the right to say it. I see all sides of this and in the end, no matter where you stand, it just sucks as fans who fought so hard to see this day happen, we won’t at least get a song from the four guys going in. But who knows, we have about 6 weeks before this all goes down so as we learn being Kiss fans, anything can happen. Many more things to still learn here. Do all of them show up? Who inducts them (hope I can reveal soon, it is a legit Kiss fan. What does the HOF do instead of performance? All star band? Video package? More as we get closer no doubt and as I can share.


Shooting a new TMS today you will see this Saturday night. After going pure metal last week with Lamb Of God, TMS goes classic rock this week! Today we shoot with Mick Jones of Foreigner, Leslie West and Lita Ford on guitar. Plus Marty Friedman from Japan on Metal Modem! Should be a fun one! I can also confirm new guests coming in our current season include Dee Snider on set and Yngwie Malmsteen playing in our last two shows! Loving all the variety in TMS in our current season. Thanks for all the amazing response. Keep watching and let’s keep growing this thing even after 5 years and more than 100 shows. Hearing from new fans every day and I appreciate it!

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  1. I think the Kiss saga is all BULLSHIT! Why in the world would you say “fuck your fans and what they feel is the right thing to do” This is a major insult to all who has purchased their albums and memorabilia! I am willing to bet that as far as die hard American Kiss fans go, that Kiss will take a big hit in sales due to piss pore decisions made by Gene and Paul.Yes music is a business, I am a musician my self but when you start cutting throats of the people who helped make you famous (Ace and Peter) and of course the long time fans, thats when people get pissed because we all know its about the root of all evil. …GREED! With all that has went on with their decision regarding the RocknRoll Hall of Fame (Shame) I dont think anyone of their fans will ever want to waste their hard earned money on a SELLOUT band who doesnt have the balls to set aside any differences they may have between each other to please the people that put them where they are today! Open your eyes Gene and Paul , your decisions just cost you ALOT in the eyes of fans, or now what use to be your fans.A band is a family of brothers and we all have issues but regardless you set those aside to please your fans not to please your self financially! YOU ARE NOW A HAS BEEN AND DONT DESERVE TO BE IN THE HALL OF FAME OR FOR THAT MATTER, IN ANY VENUE EVER AGAIN!

  2. Here is my opinion of this KISS/Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. It is like a Tornado marrying a Hurricane. Which natural disaster will prevail. Personally I have come to the very quick conclusion that more Paul Stanley than Gene Simmons doesn’t want a damn thing to do with Ace or Peter. It is extremely upsetting to myself & I know every1 of my friends, family etc: that has invested much time & money into this band especially from the very beginning. That being said the real issue is that Gene/Paul continue their relentless attacks on Ace/Peter. Bottom line is Gene/Paul wants to totally control us fans, the music industry & obviously the RRHoF not to acknowledge Ace Frehley & Peter Criss anymore. Sorry but Their money, fame etc: has Z. E. R. O. INFLUENCE on my feelings. None whatsoever. And I wouldn’t be surprised at all (after this whole RRHoF garbage) if the implosion of the “KISS” that we know of today starts rapidly. Karma, especially “Buisness Karma” always prevails!!

  3. Life is a very brief moment in regards to time for all of us. Personally I have had many bad bad things happen to myself in regards to my past buisness partners but thanks to good energy & spirits we all have forgiven each other & we have healthy relationships. Ace, Peter, Gene & Paul are getting up there in age. And I will say this to Gene and Paul considering their relentless aggressions towards Ace & Peter, God forbid if the Good Lord wants them you will wake up one morning & feel awefully guilty for never releasing those horrible feelings for them because through the years your anger, hatred etc: totally controlled what God has taught us to release and forget. And you both aren’t nearly on the level of God in the form of the word “Love”! Joe in The Cuse. Go Orange. Like to see Boehiem have another meltdown,…….that was funny as he’ll!

  4. Eddie if you look at all tours Kiss done since Eric joined 91, on all set lists they still up to today play easily 90% Ace & Peter era songs and a few from the 80’s era, i only found 2 songs in their setlist during all these years (one from “Sonic Boom” and one from “Monster”). I don’t see no real reason why Tommy and Eric should be inducted at all, and i bet all these “fans” that Gene keeps retweeting day and night (doesn’t he have anything better to do?…) doesn’t even know that all those songs they listen to is actually Ace & Peter era songs…has Tommy and Eric said anything about this whole Hall of Fame thing at all or are they locked in Paul’s basement somewhere until its time to play?

    1. Biff…………Tommy and Eric aren’t allowed to talk about anything. I think it is pretty clear that Paul and Gene have made it VERY clear Tommy and Eric would quickly be unemployed if they opened their mouths about anything that goes against the Paul/Gene narrative. Every interview I”ve ever seen with those guys is a bland, predictable, Jay Leno’ish type interview. They toe the line. Say the right thing. Never deviate from the script.

  5. I think that Ace and Peter should get a guitar player and a bass player and have them dree up like Gene and Paul and perform at the ceremony.

    What would they say? Those guys are imposters?

  6. I have a hard time finding fault with Gene and Paul with this. KISS did not break up when Ace and Peter left the band. And they put out some really great albums with different members. Eric Carr was perhaps one of my favorite drummers of any band ever. Mark St. John and his shredding was what got me back into KISS after I had not really paid much mind for a few years. Bruce Kulick really matured as a musician while in KISS and made himself a part of that band. Unless the HoF (*Cough) wants to acknowledge the entire body of work, then I can’t blame Gene and Paul for taking their ball and going home.

    1. Jimmy,

      Not trying to criticize your point, but just offer a counter. Ace states, and it seems accurate, that he left the 2nd time, b/c again, what didn’t Paul and Gene not understand about “Farewell”. Gene admitted in a writing that contracts were sent to Ace after the Farewell tour for another tour, and he turned them down. However, Paul/Gene have spun that situation recently as to say ‘We were just saying Farewell to old members’. This seems like a tacky attempt to save face. You can’t say that you want to distance yourselves as far as possible from their presence, but still use their personas to endure. As talented as Eric Carr may have been, and the other guitar players were, Paul/Gene learned from the Reunion Tour that the most successful combination of KISS is the original four personas in makeup. So bash Ace and Peter verbally in the press, turn them into villians and non-entities but continue their creations (Spaceman/Catman). Sure they “carried the torch” when Ace and Peter originally left, but the fact is, The Reunion Tour would have been just as successful with or without the non-makeup years. The magic was brought back with the original four in makeup. Ace and Peter, as Paul/Gene so often remind us, did make some of the same mistakes the 2nd time around – but so did Gene and Paul. They took a great show and over-marketed the product again, over saturated it, and let the music suffer. If Paul and Gene really believe that the band is better off without Ace and Peter and they are non-contributors, they should let go of the Spaceman and Catman and have new personas for Tommy and Eric.

  7. Been a Kiss fan for a long time. I’m now 48, and am saddened by all of this controversy. Kiss is my Beatles, and Paul Lynde is my Ed Sullivan. If Paul McCartney & Ringo recruited two session players, would Gene & Paul recognize this new outfit as The Beatles? Would they be plunking down $300 for a ticket? Of course not. If just the original four are being inducted, how can it be so problematic which guys get up on stage and play? I think it was Motley Crue (maybe Kiss?) who once said “love us or hate us, just don’t ignore us,” but unfortunately this is what its coming down to for me, and its very upsetting. It’s time to let it all go.

  8. Hey Eddie, looking forward to a classic rock TMS this weekend. Kudos to you for getting Yngwie Malmsteen to play on the show this year…fantastic. Can’t wait!

    Keep working on Brian Johnson if you can, thanks again for a great season of TMS!

  9. First, I want to thank you for what you do Eddie. I would not consider myself a huge KISS fan, so I could care less if they are in the HOF or not. A few things do bother me about KISS being inducted in the first place. If they were putting people in the HOF based on extravagant stage shows and theatrics, and not strictly based on the music then of course they should be inducted. If being inducted was based on record sales, they should be in without question. If you take the makeup off initially and without the extravagant stage production, would we even know who KISS is? I did see KISS on the Aerosmith tour and I really felt embarrassed for them. The only way I could explain it is how every time we saw Alan Hale on TV, he was always wearing that skipper hat even years after Gilligans Island was cancelled. Anyway, like yourself I think the HOF is a joke and will be a bigger joke in the years to come. Just think that at some point in the future, people will be arguing about why Justin Beiber is not in the HOF.

  10. Hey Ed,

    Found it interesting that Paul and Gene said the memory of the original 4 would not be ‘enhanced’ by performing at the HOF… I have seen the YouTube footage of Ace and Peter playing at your anniversary show…unless I am tone deaf they absolutely rocked…..and they played classic songs that, according to Paul & Gene, couldn’t be played during reunion tours because Ace and Peter didn’t have the chops..what BS…

    Like you I am a long, long time fan..I just don’t get these two guys..you bang on about only bring here because of the fans…well here is your chance…do a few songs , no makeup, quick thank you speech then move on with your lives..

    Perhaps they may even enjoy it and Gene will finally stop calling Ace and Peter drug addicts and drunks??.. I re meme it wasn’t too long ago that marriage was taboo for Gene..now it’s the most wonderful thing…go figure….

    PS would love to get your radio show in Sydney, Australia…one day perhaps…


  11. Something that REALLY annoys me lately is that Gene is retweeting tweets that’s making fun of Peter and specially Ace , straight up mean bullying sh*t!
    Fine, you don’t wanna play with the original members that helped you made ALL the songs you still touring around with but this crap Gene is doing in twitter is lower than low…

  12. I have been aware of KISS since I first heard “Christine Sixteen” on the radio. Although I do not own any of their records, nor have I ever attended one of their shows, I have enjoyed following them over the years, changing personnel, their music getting heavier with Eric Carr’s drumming, etc. I can see their point of view by not wanting to perform at the ceremony, due to the fact that the current members would be left out if they performed with the original members. I’m sure that Eric and Tommy wouldn’t have any objections if Ace and Peter were to perform with them, but we all know they have no input in regards to that. They could do what Heart did at their induction with different versions from different eras. My observation is that Kiss is on their last leg. They have made enough money so their kids (and probably grandkids) won’t have to work for the rest of their lives, plus the merchandising will make them money for many years to come. They should have one big throwdown performance on stage with the original members, then the later eras, then one mass jam with all of them, and then call it a day.
    What’s the big deal? Do it for the fans already! But for God’s sake at least have the common human decency to acknowledge Vinnie, Eric C., Mark, Bruce, and the current hires for their contributions to the band.

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