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Jam packed SiriusXM live show last night. Thanks to Wendy Dio for calling in and letting me premiere a song from the new Dio tribute album called This Is Your Life. It’s out April 1 and all proceeds go to RJD Cancer Fund. Also thanks to Vince Neil who called in and talked a little Motley as well as about a charity event for our mutual friend chef Kerry Simon in Vegas this Thursday. Info in the news section on my site. And also thanks to AJ, Russ and Mike of Adrenaline Mob for coming in. New album Men Of Honor sounds slamming. Also took almost two hours of calls from listeners, mostly about Kiss and the HOF and all the different sides to it. This site has become flooded with comments about this situation. I’m glad I can provide my take through the Trunk Report and also allow you guys to have a platform to post also. For the record ALL comments regardless of their position are posted here! Only comments that resort to name calling or pointless hate and bashing are not posted. I have heard from many that Kiss and their twitter accounts have been blocking people that post thoughts not in line with what they approve of in this situation, while retweeting those that do. I assure you all opinions are welcome and reflected on my platforms if I agree or not.


In the time since this news broke with my show Friday night the coverage has been incredible. Huffington Post, Daily News, NY Post, and even the lead story on Howard Stern’s news. Howard by the way called Kiss the “most irrelevant band in music history” and compared them to the 1910 Fruitgum Company. I do NOT agree with this assessment but he has the right to say it. I see all sides of this and in the end, no matter where you stand, it just sucks as fans who fought so hard to see this day happen, we won’t at least get a song from the four guys going in. But who knows, we have about 6 weeks before this all goes down so as we learn being Kiss fans, anything can happen. Many more things to still learn here. Do all of them show up? Who inducts them (hope I can reveal soon, it is a legit Kiss fan. What does the HOF do instead of performance? All star band? Video package? More as we get closer no doubt and as I can share.


Shooting a new TMS today you will see this Saturday night. After going pure metal last week with Lamb Of God, TMS goes classic rock this week! Today we shoot with Mick Jones of Foreigner, Leslie West and Lita Ford on guitar. Plus Marty Friedman from Japan on Metal Modem! Should be a fun one! I can also confirm new guests coming in our current season include Dee Snider on set and Yngwie Malmsteen playing in our last two shows! Loving all the variety in TMS in our current season. Thanks for all the amazing response. Keep watching and let’s keep growing this thing even after 5 years and more than 100 shows. Hearing from new fans every day and I appreciate it!

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  1. What’s to stop Ace and Peter and a couple of other all-star caliber side men to go up and play Cold Gin, NY Groove, Shock Me, Beth, Hard Luck Woman or some combo of songs? Just cause Gene and Paul command that KISS the band will not perform, that means that Ace and Peter cant, either??

  2. Ed,
    I don’t know how this got in here but…..Kidding…Listen being a huge Van Halen fan and a Kiss fan as well. I am not surprised by what is going on here. Money is a hellva drug. Gene is not the same Gene from the 70’s. Look at how he sold his wife’s drama on his show. Really? Like she never knew he was dipping into evry pool out there? Paul is in my opinion the only normal guy in the band. Ace & Peter are just victims of Gene $immon$ greed
    Thanks and all the best!

  3. The thing that everyone needs to realize is that when the Rock Hall turned down Kiss’ plans to play with Tommy and Eric (i believe thats what happened). They had no choice but to “decide” not to play. It is a pure business decision. Eddie alluded to it, Paul and Gene are on the cusp of announcing the “40th Anniversary Tour with Tommy and Eric. So if they go out and play with Ace and Peter, the same thing that happened in 1995 will happen again. No one would show up for the tour and it would tank. So by announcing not playing at all allows Gene and Paul to have their tour and puts to bed any chance of Ace and Peter playing with them. It also unleashed those who blindly follow everything Gene and Paul say to continue to bash Ace and Peter. Like Eddie said the two biggest era in the band’s history were 1975-1979 and 1996-2002. Funny that is the time periods that the original band played together. I saw them on Sonic Boom and with Motley Crue (the Crue destroyed them that night. I never thought I would say that.) It has become petty and very disrespectful of Ace and Peter. It is funny how childlike Gene and Paul can be. Also kind of funny how people see things playing out. And sad. I look forward to hearing Ace’s new music and hopefully Peter can get a rock record out soon too.

  4. so how does it go Mick Jones plus 6 other guys is foreigner? then Axl Rose plus 8 other guys is Guns N Roses? and Paul Stanley plus gene Simmons plus two other guys equals kiss is that how it works? are you cool with all this?

  5. I have a 9 year old step-son that was looking forword to hearing the four originals playing together. His father was going to take him to the indection. When he found out that the originals were not playing and prob. was not going to be in make up he was very sad which mad us very sad. I always said that my husband was the biggest KISS fan I knew well now I have to say that my step-son is bigger than he is. I hope Gene can see that he is makeing a big misstake and will let the original four be their in make up and play at least one song.
    Thank you

  6. Enjoyed your show last night Eddie. Only thing I can add to this Kiss discussion is that it probably would have been easier to Paul & Gene to “close” that can of worms that would’ve opened up if they did a one-time, one-song reunion with Peter & Ace than it is to storm the current controversy in the decision not to perform at all.

  7. My two-cents on KISS. I don’t agree with Gene and Paul’s decision to exclude Ace & Peter from performing on stage at the ceremony, but their ultimate decision to not perform at all is probably the right one. However, I think the HOF is responsible in part for this situation. They shouldn’t be able, or even want too, dictate which members of a band are inducted into the HOF. If they’re inducting KISS, then all variations of KISS should be included since they are, theoretically, celebrating a band’s career. If the entirety of the KISS history was being inducted, I think a case could be made for a large current/past members KISS jam.

  8. What KISS allows on their own Twitter feed is their right. Twitter and Facebook (above all else) are used as publicity machines. It is a business not some teenager looking for friends and approval. So like any good business you market yourself in a positive way. This is no different than blocking some punk who puts hate comments on an ex-friends Twitter.

    As far as Howard Stern goes…what credentials does this guy have? Ok he has a popular radio show but calling arguably the most influential rock band in history “irrelevant” just shows the man has no credibility. Just ask most bands that came after KISS, they will all have a KISS story from childhood, talking about how they inspired them. Look I do not like Led Zeppelin but I certainly respect what they accomplished. Stern is a joke and he is confirming that with his comments.

    1. LED ZEPPELIN RULES! 100% agree with Howard Stern Kiss is a gimmick band and short on musicianship basically a Money Making Whore machine interested only in TAKING YOUR MONEY Gene Simmons is a ego money grubbing make up dude not a musician

    2. Look I love Kiss more than most, but calling them the most influential rock band in history is a stretch. Perfomance wise they paved the way bands do live shows but musically while the songs are awesome they are just great songs. Bands like the Beatles (who Gene often says about Kiss being a hard rock Beatles) Led Zeppelin, The Who, Elvis, David Bowie, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Queen, and the Kinks have had a much greater impact musically than Kiss. Paul often mentions Zeppelin as an influence, Ace talks about the Who and so on. Stern has been in the radio business for 40 years and has tons of credibilty. Just ask Bon Jovi about that. Stern has never been a Kiss fan so his comments do not surprise me, but to attack him is ridiculous. Music is opinion based and while we Kiss fans have taken tons of abuse for the love of them, we shouldnt be surprised or attack when someone comments like that. Because someone doesnt get the appeal of a band doesnt mean their opinion isnt valid. Kiss is pure escapism and tons of fun, but I also listen to all the bands above for different reasons. You can hear all the bands metioned above in just about every Kiss song, if you are familiar with those bands. I also forgot to put Alice Cooper (who sued Kiss over copying the melody from “I’m Eighteen” for the song Dreamin’ from Psycho Circus, which Alice won). So let’s stop all the hate and just bask in the glory of them finally getting in.

  9. Hi Eddie. You do know that this is all one big swerve by Kiss, right? All of this Kiss news has everybody talking and they are getting major publicity in the mainstream media. This is all good for business.The original band is going to perform. There is no doubt about it.

  10. You need to induct the band Eddie you are true to the band in all the decades of their carrier ,and I would love be at your side since Dave (nirvana) will be an inducted himself

    1. I agree with Roberto as well Eddie. No one deserves the honor of inducting Kiss anymore than you do . I personally cant think of anyone that has carried the induction torch more than you have, and because you have the media and social vehicles at your disposal to make your voice ,and the voice of the millions of fans that you also help to speak for heard, it makes you the perfect candidate. And it goes without saying, but if you did induct them, be a pretty safe bet which two original members would show up at the ceremony, as for the other two that ones up in the air.

  11. Eddie, if the Rock Hall allowed all members to be inducted, would Ace and Peter be able to play? I’d be curious if this would happen. Especially since KISS’ statement said the intention was for all members. Thanks Eddie. Love the show.

  12. The Hall of Shame DOES NOT deserve a KISS caliber show from the original or new line up! The sad thing is SOME PEOPLE who have been vocal about KISS’ omission from the Hall of Shame needs to reorganize their priorities. Geniuses, you complained about them being inducted into that crap hole to have their pictures hanging next to Abba, Madonna, and Grandmaster Flash to name a few…Thanks a lot for that “honor!” You just pissed in the faces of ALL members of KISS! THANKS!

  13. I just have to wonder how many Ace & Peter supporters would put up with the kind of behavior that A&P are known for. I mean, seriously, no way would I put up with someone who whines and complains as much as Peter does whenever something doesn’t go his way. And Ace? The man is notoriously lazy. For workaholics like Gene and Paul that’s the worst thing possible. Show up on time and capable of playing well and rehearse until the band is tight. Ace showed up barely capable of playing dozens of times from ’98 to ’01. I wouldn’t put up with that, either. I need people that I can count on. Whether it’s business or a band I need people that I can count on. Gene and Paul couldn’t count on Ace & Peter. Were Gene & Paul blameless? Hell, no – but they showed up on time and capable of playing well.

    I guess I just get tired of people saying that Peter & Ace’s behavior was/is OK because they’re the originals.

    Eddie – you always take their side because they’re friendly with you. You try to be objective and fair, but because they are your friends (more or less) it’s impossible for you to be completely objective. You’re only human, so that’s understandable, but you wouldn’t put up with staff who behaved like Ace & Peter did over the years (if you did you wouldn’t have a website, radio shows, or a TV show).

    I grew up in the 70’s and I’ve been a huge KISS fan since ’77, but for me, personally, I’ve almost always felt let down by Peter and Ace in the post 1977 world. Especially Peter.

    1. If someone doesn’t think I am being objective then you are clearly not listening or reading everything I am writing.. Can’t help the easy perception out there if people want to keep believing that. But I am and always have been a FAN first and foremost of ALL (except current) versions of the band.. Again, my first book is dedicated to Eric Carr!

      1. Eddie, like I said – you TRY to be objective, but no one can be truly objective when their friends are involved, and Ace & Peter are pretty much friends of yours. You clearly have good relationships with both of those guys so of course you are going to see their side of things more than you can see Gene and Paul’s. I’m not saying you’re intentionally ingoring or discounting Gene & Paul’s point of view, just that you are a hell of a lot closer to Ace & Peter so you get the full picture of their side of things where you don’t get the full picture from Gene & Paul’s side.

        And I still say that you wouldn’t put up with co-workers or employees that behave like those two guys (A&P) have. You couldn’t – you’d have no website, radio show, or TV show if you did.

        1. I see ALL sides of it but don’t understand why everyone keeps talking about whatever Ace and Peter did wrong 15 years ago? It has NOTHING to do with accepting the induction and playing a song or two. I do NOT think there should be a reunion! And Ace and Peter also seem to get no credit for the people they are NOW and that they have both been sober for almost a decade. But none of this should have anything to do with the current issue of the HOF for a song or two..

    2. You make some interesting points and I am sure most of us would agree with you to an extent. All one needs to do is watch Kissology Vol. 1 to get it. No version of the band has that chemistry except Peter, Ace, Paul and Gene. I have seen every version of the band live. Nothing compares to the originals. Like I said in an earlier post, I was there in 2012 when Motley Crue destroyed them. Can you imagine what that was like. It was like seeing Superman being killed by Doomsday. They are not the same band anymore, Paul and Gene go through the motions and Tommy and Eric just arent Ace and Peter. The albums that they (Tommy and Eric) played on tanked. The last Kiss Record to go Platiumn was Pyscho Circus (even though Ace and Peter didnt really play on the record). The facts are there. We are just tired of hearing Gene and Paul slam Ace and Peter at every turn. BTW Ace and Peter werent employees in the begining they were equal partners. Just frustrates me how some fans want to rewrite history, the most successful incarnations of the band were when Ace, Peter, Paul and Gene were Kiss, just look at the facts theyre there on the internet.

  14. Hey Eddie it is a shame that fans are getting rooked on this KISS thing . Being that your venue is a place that Peter and Ace had their releases of comments , isnt that just another reason for Gene or Paul to dislike you ? !

  15. The four original members are the only ones that made rock & roll history with each other they are the right chemistry that created KISS and the legend and great music. Gene & Paul should put any disagreements aside with Peter & Ace for this once in a lifetime celebration to respect each others feelings & admit they still love each other for all the joy they have brought to all the real true KISS fans who still buy there music for all these years. Give the fans what they want. Gene, Paul, Peter & Ace. You’ll be glad you did. Don’t forget to mention the hired guns they are all great musicians too. No one can deny the original Kiss. They should jam on Black Diamond for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame celebration. Come on guys dont be shitty with each other, its been a long, long time. LOL Derrick.

  16. I’m not a technology or social media expert, but now I know why Gene Simmons, on his twitter account, can claim that the “vast majority” of tweets support him. It’s easy I guess when you block the negative ones. And that is why neither he nor Paul would ever come on TMS. Their ability to deal with or accept any kind of fair criticism is not in their DNA. They are not equipped to handle open and fair debate, to defend some of their decisions in an open forum – even in a forum such as TMS which is hosted by the number one Kiss fan in the world. Some people only like it nice and easy. It’s easy to act “cool” when you’re not challenged. I would like to see either of them sit with Eddie for an hour and just talk. I think it would be too much.

  17. Eddie,
    Truly enjoying this season of TMS more than ever. Its as fresh as it was on day 1, and the guests have been outstanding. The format of the show has definitely been perfected!!

  18. HOF sucks!! They don’t deserve ANY version of KISS! Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter should just DECLINE the induction! Give the Hall of Shame the middle finger! THAT WOULD BE 100% METAL!

  19. Deep Purple or Cheap Trick could totally jam KISS songs tha night. Also, Marty Friedman’s first band was called Deuce, cuz he and his buddies were huge KISS fans. Marty would blow any version of the band KISS completely out of the water, if the HOF could actually get him to leave Tokyo.

  20. I was 6 years old when I first saw the album LIVE from Kiss near my brothers stereo system. Loved it then and still listen to it now. I understand rock and roll is big business. Hell, I respect the hell out of Gene and Paul for continuing to promote their band. But, for 1 night stash the egos and the hate. I’m a successful true to life Kiss fan that has kicked ass in life because of rock and roll and the strength it has provided to me…and Kiss was one of the groups that helped me through. Screw the business, hell, screw the HOF. Bring all the members of Kiss to the ceremony and let the original 4 accept the honor and PLAY some tunes. That’s all we care about. That’s all any of us care about. Be better than all the crap that may be true or false, because ultimately we could care less about who’s feelings are hurt. This is rock and roll baby. Not Shark Tank. Grow up – grow a set – and realize life is pretty short.

  21. Everyone who feels that Eric Carr, Vinnie Vincent, Mark St. John, Bruce Kulick, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer should be inducted or should be allowed to play is wrong. Everyone who wasn’t in the original band is an employee of Gene and Paul. They do not have any power in the band or make any of the profits. That are paid a salary to play with Kiss. It’s not like Van Halen where Samny Hagar joined the band or AC/DC where Brian Johnson joined the band. The guys who replaced Ace and Peter work for Kiss. They probably don’t want to play because Paul Stanley can’t sing. Also I believe that the Rick and Roll hall of fame wants that night all about Dave Grohl and the E street band. Dave Grohl sucks as a drummer and singer and his songs sucks but he’s a liberal like the powers at the R&RHOF. They disrespected Kiss for too long so they shouldn’t play.

  22. I first saw a Kiss in jan 78 at the buffalo memorial aud…I fell in love with the band and have been an ardent supporter of all incarnations, every step of the way. I wish peter and ace would have cherished and respected their roles as much as Gene and Paul have through the years, but it’s apparent from their own books that they did not have near the same level of professionalism or dedication….I respect the role ace and peter played, however, I also respect the roles of all who followed, including the current lineup. Would I prefer Eric and tommy have their own personas? Absolutely, however, I’m thrilled each year on the kiss Kruise when I see the genuine joy on their faces while playing classics like mainline, anything for my baby, getaway, room service, and on….They all should be honored and I’d love to hear an all star band do a tribute…Maybe Dave Groul will honor them somehow…

  23. First time I ever saw Kiss they were the opening act the middle opener for Billy Preston
    Tell me that ain’t a conflict music genre an by the way Rush was the first band
    Anyway it was awesome show this was back in 74 or 75 time frame was jus wanting to say
    They should all be on stage together whether they play or not that’s there choice but it’s the wrong one
    Quit thinkin with your wallet and remember the fans there the ones that put you in the hof technically anyway

  24. I think KISS not playing at the HOF is a slap in the face to their die hard KISS ARMY fans. Im not a HUGE fan of KISS like you are Eddie but I love the old KISS with Peter, Ace, Gene and Paul and the unmasked 80s version with Eric Carr, Gene, Paul and Bruce Kulick. (also Eric Singer who came in on REVENGE)

    the new version im not too thrilled with. I was hoping after the reunion stuff theyd maybe go back to not doing makeup and get Bruce back for a few albums. sux they’re not playing at the HOF but its their decision in the end

  25. Only the original 4 should be inducted, not the imposters in the current lineup.
    Gene blocked me on twitter. After 38 years of being a fan, I’m DONE with KISS.
    Watch your back Eddie !

  26. Hey Eddy, I totally agree on the Space Ace and Catman issue! I think they messed up really bad, also I think they may have thought at some point, “why creat new characters at this stage of KISS, river ran through already”.

    I like KISS, but ain’t a hardcore fa. I was lucky to see them twice on the reunion and Psycho Circus tours in my country, but kindda enough for me, unless, the original band would show uo in full custom or with 2 different characters.

    I think Eric (who I think is a great drumer) and Tommy (who is a good guitar player) are playing as actors on this version of KISS. Eric, me being a drumer, in my opinion is wasting his talent trying to play similar to Peter. His drum technique has been shown in different bands, as well as in his first time with KISS. I think KiSS has nice songs, although I have always thought that they are not the most talented musicians, and muscisianship is not an inidvidual characteristic of this band. Although I think they had that rock and roll break through precense in a specific time when they appeard mainstream. They may have their reasons for not having Ace and Peter, I will not debate on that, but this is a one time only thing. Rules are rules, wether they like them or not, HOF inducts the initial band members. That does not take merit on anyone. Just look what Metallica did, when many considered them stuborn and childish toward Jason, and he is not even an original member. This 60 year old grown men can do basically the same.

    I wonder if they know you’ll be in Mexico at the Metal Festival and if they will make sure you don’t even get near them. I feel you’ve been betrayed more than any other fan in the world, because if some waved the KISS fan on behalf of this guys for the RRHOF, it is you. So at least you deserve some respect by it, all fans do, many supporting at least what remains of KISS nowadays.

    I hope they reconsider in respect to all fans.


  27. My guess is Sebastian Bach inducting them in. And please, no more Dave Grohl!! Id rather not see yet another award show with him. Nothing personal, he seems like a cool guy, Im just tired of the way the people in charge always make him the token ”go to rock guy”. Regarding TMS, itll be great seeing Yngwie again, as well as the always entertaining Dee Snider!

  28. First of all, thanks so much for all your KISS input, I really enjoy listening to it. Also thanks so much for bringing Jake E. Lee on your show and giving mad support for his Red Dragon Cartel. I’m glad Paul and Gene put out a statement after Ace and Peter. This to me really falls on the HOF. Like you said, they had a chance to do it right when the reunion was in effect back in the 90’s. Plus they could acknowledge the whole KISSTORY with all the members that help make it what it is today. Although I love the original line up, I do understand that they would want the whole KISS family to be apart of the celebration. In regards to Vinnie, although on two amazing albums with Creatures, and Lick It Up, he was never officially on paper part of the band per Paul and Gene. Now that being said, them not playing is still sad. A previous Japanese Metal band (SEIKIMA II) had a show in the 90’s that brought out all past and current members for an amazing show that the fans ate up! Even without make up, to have everyone get a chance to jam out with Paul and Gene would be simply amazing. That includes Bruce, Tommy, Singer, and Vinnie if even possible. Perhaps video footage of Eric Carr (RIP) and Mark (RIP) on a screen behind would be awesome as well. I’m happy they got inducted regardless. How it plays out in the end, we’ll have to see. Keep up the great work, you are inspiration for what I do as well! ThanX Eddie.

  29. Well to who ever inducts them, I feel sorry for ya!!! It’s going to be a cluster f#*k! You guys understand that if they don’t play the fans will boo them out of the arena!!! The fans will be pissed that their favorite group will NOT be performing in any form!!! When they get booed Eddie you can have me on your show because I predicted it!!! LOL! \M/ Rock on \M/

  30. Know how to really fire back at Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons? Lobby the producers of the show to include Peter performing Beth and Ace doing NY Groove, respectively, with celebrity accompaniment. It would certainly work within the construct of the program, as those songs are 2 of the most recognizable from the band’s career and would be well received. THAT would be golden 🙂

  31. Gene & Paul’s decision not to play is unfortunate. I guess all the stuff they have said about fans is garbage. It seems that American Idol and Dancing with the Stars is the audience they are playing to.

  32. Kiss does not deserve to be in the R&RHOF. Great bands like Deep Purple and so many others have been totally disrespected by these fools in Cleveland. Gene Simmons is a horrible bass player and a below average singer. Paul (Pumpkin Head) Stanley needs to learn what vocalist really is. If I wanted a stage show….. I go to the original Alice Cooper. Much better musically and he has always had great musicians behind him. Kiss does not belong in the same breath as Deep Purple, Rainbow. Rush, UFO, Alice Cooper and so many other great bands. What disgrace.

    1. Kiss does not deserve to be in the R&RHOF. While great bands like Deep Purple and so many others have been totally disrespected by these fools in Cleveland. Kiss gets in before a band like Deep Purple who structured hard rock. We all know Gene ( black shoe polish hair) Simmons is a horrible bass player and a below average singer. Paul (Pumpkin Head) Stanley needs to learn what a vocalist really is. If I wanted to see a stage show….. I go to the original Alice Cooper. He is so much better musically and he has always had great musicians behind him. Kiss does not belong in the same breath as Deep Purple, Rainbow. Rush, UFO, Alice Cooper and so many other great bands and artists. What a disgrace. Totally athletic.

  33. Enough with the KISS drama. What about rock and roll? I enjoy the original KISS stuff, but the drama crap totally takes away from it all. So, I’ll jam to the old KISS, but that’s it. I’m done with it all. My opinion: Just play rock and roll, hair metal, have fun and love it. When you can’t anymore, then stop. Don’t fake it or run with a patched together replica of the original.
    Thank You Motley Crue for setting the standard. Again. \m/

  34. I was a KISS fan since the first album (not so much for the new line up) & to me they were a great band. I defended my liking this band back in the 70’s. The legacy is set in my mind. I don’t need a “HOF”, which looks more like a popularity club, to tell me what bands are great. I could care less about the hall of fame. It is not important in any way. This is a big fuss over nothing. If you are a KISS fan, just listen to the music. That is all that matters.
    With the way the music biz is treating newer bands, who the f**k are the HOF going to induct in the future???

  35. I am a HUGE Howard Stern fan, But he is totally off on his KISS assesment….He’s always said over the years that he doesn’t get it.. Sal’s the only one on that show that is sane…..the Midwest GETS it and this is where KISS made their mark….I moved from the Midwest to Cali in 1984 and saw up close that KISS was not as popular on the West coast/ California as they were in IOWA . I’ve been to over 40 KISS concerts since 1976 at Vets Auditorium in Des Moines and will no longer support Paul and Gene in their effort to keep KISS alive…give we a break…someone PLEEEASE find Vinnie Vincent in the Louisiana bayou and let him know the True Detectives are lookin for him !!!!

  36. Edde, you are a peach. All of the goofy bad behavior by Paul and Gene aside, this year on TMS has been a huge winner. The show is always great. You can always feel the love that goes back and forth between those being interviewed, the interviewers, and the audience. Your respect for them is always the best part and is what drew me into the show in the first place. The guests have been so much fun! Benante on drums! What a huge thrill! I’m learning much in Vol.II of your book. Please come back to Houston so we can fuss over your some more. Bring the wife and kids. I have an 11 yr old son. It would be a blast! East coast meets South!! Good food, good beer!

  37. I have pretty much beat the KISS topic to death so I will take a few minutes to tell you how much I am enjoying the new season of TMS. Being in my early 50’s, I will be the first to admit that I don’t know a lot about the bands like Lamb of God or Adrenaline Mob but TMS has provided me the opportunity to learn about these bands as well as others. Back in the 70’s, I subscribed to Circus magazine and that gave me my introduction to bands like Van Halen, Cheap Trick, Angel and others that may have not at that time been getting played on our FM stations here in South Carolina. TMS has now become my present day Circus magazine. I also learned about the Classic Rock web site from your show as well and I am now connected with that web site. Thanks for providing a show that helps educate an “old 70’s rock guy” about what current bands and music. Of course I enjoy when you have guests like Ted Nugent and Mick Jones this year and guys like Brad Whitford and Joey Kramer and Rick Nielsen in the past. Being an old KISS fan, the visits from Ace Frehley and Peter Criss are always welcome. Keep up the good work and thanks again for what you do for us, the fans.

  38. I’ve been (or maybe I should say HAD been) a die hard fan of KISS since about ’77. I even stood by them through what appeared to be a self imposed career tanking attempt in the late 70’s/early 80’s. I’ve seen the comments that without Eric or Bruce or Tommy that KISS would not have been as influential as they were. I call B.S. on that one!! How many guitarists cited Ace as their influence? I honestly don’t ever remember reading an article with a guitarist who cited Bruce or Tommy as the reason they picked up a guitar! Bottom line…..when you think of KISS, you think of the 70’s. You think of Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter and the bombastic lives shows. As far as an impact on music and the influence of bands, THAT was the essential KISS. As such, I think it SHOULD be the four original members. NOW, on the flip side of the coin, the argument goes (to each their opinion) that Eric and Bruce and Tommy were also influential members, primarily because they’ve been in KISS for as long as they have. But, if you’re looking at the entirity of KISS’ music, should Vinnie Vincent, Mark St. John, Bob Kulick, and any other number musicians that appeared be inducted as well? These guys contributed as much to KISS’ music as the others, just not for as long a period. KISS has always touted themselves as being all about the fans. Personally, I think not performing at the HOF is the ultimate slap in the face! Fans have screamed for this for years. And for Gene and Paul to snub the fans so blatantly, that’s just disgraceful! And on that note…how long has Eddie been trying to get them on TMS!! Gene is a self-centered blowhard that is only concerned about the all mighty dollar. I’m sorry to say that I’ve lost what little respect I had left for this band. It’s a shame how the mighty have fallen!!

  39. Paul and Gene are hoping that all the press works in there favor and it might since it has really put them in the spot light recently. Only negative is not performing and those fans that are angered by that will not most likely have been part of their cash cow anyway. It does add to the lack of credit they have with critics of KISS. It is a replay of Van Halen, GNR and Blondie HOF debacles. I tend to believe Deep Purple would be a train wreck also if inducted.

  40. What a surprise…..Gene and Paul have found a way to fuck it up. Who didn’t see this coming? It is ridiculous any of the members would blow this off. This is Ace and Peter’s final chance to give a big fuck you to Gene and Paul and go up there and say their thing, and I for one, am hoping the boos rain down on Paul and Gene like a monsoon, but at this point, I can completely see Gene and Paul finding a way to do something via satellite or some other way that puts them nowhere near this ceremony or nowhere near the fray.

  41. Boy you aint kidding Eddie, every other tweet from Gene has been a retweet of a fan saying they made the right decision, ace and peter are ungrateful assholes etc etc etc….Talk about trying to cover your ass

  42. I can’t believe people are missing some key points here with KISS.
    -The HOF wanted the original 4 to be inducted and perform in make up. Ace confirmed this when it first came out. Nothing came from Kiss saying they weren’t haappy with this and wanted to do otherwise.
    – Since then, nothing concrete came from KISS about what will go down until Ace made his statement last weekend. It seems that Paul & Gene never had any intention to perform with Ace or Peter or anyone else except only with Eric & Tommy as part of the current KISS line up. Ace confirmed this too. The ‘All or nothing’ to me is just an excuse otherwise why would they want to perform with just the current line up if they now say they won’t perform if everyone still alive is not included.
    – The first indications of Kiss not wanting to perform with Peter and Ace were Paul Stanley’s ‘”no way” and “highly unlikely” tweets. Gene on the other hand has stated he had no problem performing again with the original line up, just not touring. It seems, as Eddie has indicated, that these days Paul pulls all the strings with Kiss musically (he did produce the last two albums).
    – What would have happened if Ace did not make his statement recently and tickets went on sale Monday? Nothing it seems was going to come from Kiss until possibly after all the tickets were sold. Ace and Peter’s statement put them in an awkward position so they then said no performance at all with the ‘all or nothing’ as the excuse. Gene has since been on a retweeting crusade with as many positive tweets from people as he can, and if you look closely, many from the same persons too.
    – Lastly, the biggest periods of the band were with the original line up, 70’s & 90’s. Sure they kept going but as their popularity was declining in the mid 90’s it was the ’96 reunion that kicked them off in a big way again. Without that, who knows what would have happened as all they had was Carnival Of Souls with their attempt at grunge (but I actually liked). I agree, the current line up musically is very good, although sadly Paul’s voice is now not what it once was (check out DRC at the Superbowl), but the current line up in make up would not have been possible without the reunion in 96.
    – No bashing here, just pointing out what I think most people seem to be missing.

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