Jam packed SiriusXM live show last night. Thanks to Wendy Dio for calling in and letting me premiere a song from the new Dio tribute album called This Is Your Life. It’s out April 1 and all proceeds go to RJD Cancer Fund. Also thanks to Vince Neil who called in and talked a little Motley as well as about a charity event for our mutual friend chef Kerry Simon in Vegas this Thursday. Info in the news section on my site. And also thanks to AJ, Russ and Mike of Adrenaline Mob for coming in. New album Men Of Honor sounds slamming. Also took almost two hours of calls from listeners, mostly about Kiss and the HOF and all the different sides to it. This site has become flooded with comments about this situation. I’m glad I can provide my take through the Trunk Report and also allow you guys to have a platform to post also. For the record ALL comments regardless of their position are posted here! Only comments that resort to name calling or pointless hate and bashing are not posted. I have heard from many that Kiss and their twitter accounts have been blocking people that post thoughts not in line with what they approve of in this situation, while retweeting those that do. I assure you all opinions are welcome and reflected on my platforms if I agree or not.


In the time since this news broke with my show Friday night the coverage has been incredible. Huffington Post, Daily News, NY Post, and even the lead story on Howard Stern’s news. Howard by the way called Kiss the “most irrelevant band in music history” and compared them to the 1910 Fruitgum Company. I do NOT agree with this assessment but he has the right to say it. I see all sides of this and in the end, no matter where you stand, it just sucks as fans who fought so hard to see this day happen, we won’t at least get a song from the four guys going in. But who knows, we have about 6 weeks before this all goes down so as we learn being Kiss fans, anything can happen. Many more things to still learn here. Do all of them show up? Who inducts them (hope I can reveal soon, it is a legit Kiss fan. What does the HOF do instead of performance? All star band? Video package? More as we get closer no doubt and as I can share.


Shooting a new TMS today you will see this Saturday night. After going pure metal last week with Lamb Of God, TMS goes classic rock this week! Today we shoot with Mick Jones of Foreigner, Leslie West and Lita Ford on guitar. Plus Marty Friedman from Japan on Metal Modem! Should be a fun one! I can also confirm new guests coming in our current season include Dee Snider on set and Yngwie Malmsteen playing in our last two shows! Loving all the variety in TMS in our current season. Thanks for all the amazing response. Keep watching and let’s keep growing this thing even after 5 years and more than 100 shows. Hearing from new fans every day and I appreciate it!

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  • Ron Lee on

    What’s to stop Ace and Peter and a couple of other all-star caliber side men to go up and play Cold Gin, NY Groove, Shock Me, Beth, Hard Luck Woman or some combo of songs? Just cause Gene and Paul command that KISS the band will not perform, that means that Ace and Peter cant, either??

    • Eddie on

      The fact there are 7 other bands playing and being inducted and you can’t just extend the time dedicated to Kiss related performance

  • Myles on

    I don’t know how this got in here but…..Kidding…Listen being a huge Van Halen fan and a Kiss fan as well. I am not surprised by what is going on here. Money is a hellva drug. Gene is not the same Gene from the 70’s. Look at how he sold his wife’s drama on his show. Really? Like she never knew he was dipping into evry pool out there? Paul is in my opinion the only normal guy in the band. Ace & Peter are just victims of Gene $immon$ greed
    Thanks and all the best!

  • John Gross on

    The thing that everyone needs to realize is that when the Rock Hall turned down Kiss’ plans to play with Tommy and Eric (i believe thats what happened). They had no choice but to “decide” not to play. It is a pure business decision. Eddie alluded to it, Paul and Gene are on the cusp of announcing the “40th Anniversary Tour with Tommy and Eric. So if they go out and play with Ace and Peter, the same thing that happened in 1995 will happen again. No one would show up for the tour and it would tank. So by announcing not playing at all allows Gene and Paul to have their tour and puts to bed any chance of Ace and Peter playing with them. It also unleashed those who blindly follow everything Gene and Paul say to continue to bash Ace and Peter. Like Eddie said the two biggest era in the band’s history were 1975-1979 and 1996-2002. Funny that is the time periods that the original band played together. I saw them on Sonic Boom and with Motley Crue (the Crue destroyed them that night. I never thought I would say that.) It has become petty and very disrespectful of Ace and Peter. It is funny how childlike Gene and Paul can be. Also kind of funny how people see things playing out. And sad. I look forward to hearing Ace’s new music and hopefully Peter can get a rock record out soon too.

  • Steve Talavera on

    so how does it go Mick Jones plus 6 other guys is foreigner? then Axl Rose plus 8 other guys is Guns N Roses? and Paul Stanley plus gene Simmons plus two other guys equals kiss is that how it works? are you cool with all this?

  • Angela on

    I have a 9 year old step-son that was looking forword to hearing the four originals playing together. His father was going to take him to the indection. When he found out that the originals were not playing and prob. was not going to be in make up he was very sad which mad us very sad. I always said that my husband was the biggest KISS fan I knew well now I have to say that my step-son is bigger than he is. I hope Gene can see that he is makeing a big misstake and will let the original four be their in make up and play at least one song.
    Thank you

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