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Well now Peter Criss has weighed in with his statement on the Hall Of Fame. So we now have Peter, Ace and the Hall itself saying as of now no original Kiss performance being allowed. Hearing Gene and Paul may issue their statement very soon. When and if they do will be very interested to see their approach. Do they try and back off all of this with the level of outrage there has been last 24 hours? And if they do that then they kind of have to cave and play with Ace and Peter. And who knows now if Ace and Peter still want to? Do they stand their ground and justify their position in some way? It’s Kiss so anything can happen. But by making the statements Ace and Peter have it has no doubt put the pressure on Gene and Paul to address this one way or the other and explain why they have taken this position. What comes next? We shall see..


Thanks to all who watched the new TMS tonight. I was out but will check it out soon. Good seeing the guys in Buckcherry tonight at Starland in NJ. Always a fun hang and kick ass band! Also met the guys in Monster Truck. Like the band very much but sadly missed their performance. They have dates coming with Alter Bridge and AIC so hopefully a gig soon.


  1. Disgusting, but COMPLETELY EXPECTED and predictable. I’m going to openly express my opinion, which I believe is based upon 99.9% fact:

    I have, like many on here, been a Kiss fan and follower for MANY years, even done TONS of their material in various cover bands. That being said, here’s MY take on this. It seems Gene and Paul are just being their typical douchebag selves, being power and money hungry as they’ve always been. I’m sure they’ll try justifying this by saying it wouldn’t be fair to Tommy and Eric by having Ace and Peter play, as well as dragging them further through the dirt, likely claiming they’d be showing up drunk and high, or some other bogus nonsense. Did Ace and Peter f#@K up at times in the band – yes. Did they deserve to get booted – more than likely. Are the current “replacement” players in Kiss “better” players – without a doubt. Were Peter and Ace “intermediate” players at best – absolutely. Should they still be allowed to play the HOF ceremony as the original members of Kiss – YES!

    The fact is, f#@k ups or not, inferior players or not, there is a LONG history with these players, and are original members of a band that had a huge influence on music today. Tommy and Eric were no part of it, so they deserve to be present and even play as well, but should definitely have to take a back seat to Ace and Peter. I also think even with all the drug/alcohol and possibly mental issues Peter and Ace may have or had, they STILL deserve their due, AND are more classy individuals than Gene and Paul put together.

    Oh, just for the record as well, neither Gene nor Paul have any real musical talent on their instruments either, and are pretty limited vocally as well, although both very unique in their own rights. The whole thing about Kiss was the magical combination of 4 guys that just worked. Mediocre musicians and vocalists that found a way to collectively be great. THAT’S the REAL reason anything other than the original 4 would just be a complete f#@king joke! My 2 cents worth……..

  2. Such a shame that the original lineup can’t put aside their differences for the hall. I wasn’t around to see them in the ’70s, but saw the “new band in makeup, & they were awesome!! Even if a few years later a5 year old who went with us got mad because we didn’t tell her ace & peter weren’t there!!

  3. My take is that in no way should Ace or Peter even THINK about not attending the ceremony. If they do not attend, Gene and Paul win. And if Ace and Peter do not attend, they will regret it that much more not long after the ceremony. And the fans will have gotten screwed twice – by Gene and Paul’s decsion and Ace and Peter being absent and not accepting their award in person. Might be easy for me to say they should attend, but if they don’t go, they’ll only feel worse than if they did attend – much worse. Ace, Peter, hold your head high and go. Gene and Paul made their decision. You can’t change what they want, but you can choose how you respond to their decision. The fans voted you in, so at the very least, think about them before you make your final decision. Take the high road as adult men and dismiss them as a couple of kids. Go and have a great time.

  4. KISS released their statement, no performance at all. Take your head out of your fandom of A&P and realize they are right about this Ed. KISS deserve to be treated like every other band inducted, yet are getting treated like a second class act. The next move is now the hall’s induct all 8 that they wanted and get a performance. It’ll be a non make up performance. The hall was never getting that for free when KISS could always do that on their own and charge admission at a later date.

  5. Just seen on facebook this morning that Kiss (Gene and Paul) have decided not to play at rrhof. They also stated that they never refused to play with Ace and Peter. Who knows what’s going on? It’s Kiss.

  6. I love the four original members and all the music they created, but they are no longer members of Kiss. Who`s to blame for that? They played a major part in being kicked out themselves. Kiss is what it is today, and they sound great with Singer and Thayer. I`m not debating the make-up and if that is the right choice. I´m just talking about the music. Musically they sound great and I actually like the two albums with the current line-up. No, they aren`t classic albums, but have listen to recent efforts by Aerosmith and Bon Jovi…compare that to Monster and you hear the Thayer/Singer version of Kiss is closer to classic Kiss than many other bands are closer to…well, their original self. I`ve read interviews with Stanley on this and he say they won`t play with Ace or Peter. I don`t think that has so much to do with Ace and Peter, I just think he`s happy with what Kiss is today and that he really doesn`t like the HOF telling him (and Gene) what to do. I think he has more against the HOF than previous Kiss members. Right or wrong, hard to tell when not being in Paul or Genes shoes. I`m glad this is not up to me…..

  7. After reading the KISS statement it becomes painfully obvious that they fully intended to perform in makeup with the current lineup. I have to believe that Ace and Peter dropping the bomb forced their hand on the issue. They took the high road and said they won’t perform at all. I still don’t think they grasp the point of the honor bestowed upon them. Yes they state that Ace and Peter were the foundation etc. But I don’t think they truly believe it. As far as the history of the band is concerned sure Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick kept the train rolling for many years but again this is about THE ORIGINALS and what they started and created, NOT the overall history of the band. I mean lets be honest, If we remove the first 9 years of the band and just take the history from Lick it up to Revenge would they be Hall worthy? Doubtful in my opinion. So Paul and Gene to me are kidding themselves.
    The fan base really must have hammered them hard after Aces revelation Friday night. The back peddling is obvious. Well with any luck Ace and Peter still attend to soak in the moment but I would certainly understand if they bow out. Only us fans are suffering from this idiocy.

  8. Wow. I’ve said it all along . G & P can’t stand A & P . I said they would be slamming A & P in less then a year after the ceromony . Now, they dont even have to wait .

    Isnt A & P comming on TMS this season ? Boy is that gonna be intense as a Kiss fan !!
    I dont know much about the hall but, didn’t you say they call all the shots ? Why on earth would they agree to this ? If its because a performance w/ 1/2 Kiss is better than no Kiss . I say the hall should have called G & P’s bluff and said ” alright, no peformance then ”

    I not surprised in a way and ,i’m totally blown away in a way that Stanley & Simmons either hate A & P soooooo much or ; Are sooooo worried about compromising their current brand ( which this is gonna do anyway ) With all their money, and all the years that have went by , and with the end of Kiss’ career as a touring band comming to a end in the next 5 years or so.. WHY ?? What difference does it make NOW to play w/ them ?

    Ace & Peter,
    I would follow thru w/ your thought s ( Ace’s ) on not even going . I mean really ! They are going to perform with Singer & Thayer and yet you guys will be up accepting the award before the performance …And Paul and Gene with their fake smiles to you on stage ? The whole thing is a joke . I really don’t think you are going to regret not going because of these circumstances anyway . I mean, in all honesty, the hall is a joke anyway . $immons & $tanley are a joke . Please don’t say ” well we’re going to be the better men and go ” Its suppose to be about the magic the 4 of you created and celebrating that but, its the opposite ! If you did go , the only way is to show up w/ the makeup on ( at the very least) Especially if the other two will be dressed in the makeup later. Your speech will say something about the fake makeup Kiss performing later, etc . Prepare a insulting speech to $immons & $tanley.
    This is it anyway ! They are never gonna talk to you, perform, etc. ever again anyway .
    Its kinda like tearing your drum set down . Go out with a bang ! Let them know how you feel .
    I know this may sound a little extreme but, what the hell . Aren’t you pissed …

    I hope the other thing ( as a Kiss fan ) that happens is :
    $immons & $tanley get booed.
    The band gets booed . Now you know $immons will start saying shit when he hears the boos when accepting. But people should just keep on booing as loud as they can until he is done.
    I hope we all can get this out over the internet and on Eddie on TMS for the fans to do this..
    I wish I could go .
    The only problem is their will be fans there that like the current Kiss and will be cheering………..

    1. I hope Simmons and Stanley get booed for their boorish behavior. Maybe they will bring all their Twitter supporters with them to have a united front against everyone who supports Peter and Ace.

      The big argument is Ace and Peter screwed up and got what they deserved. Where is this nonsense coming from? It’s being perpetuated by Simmons on Twitter. Yet everyone in the free world seems to support him.

      Shameful behavior. I hope their 40th Anniversary tour bombs out.

  9. Hey Ed, we got six weeks or so here….any chance with your pull you could get the hard rock to put a show on the same night? Seems now KISS won’t even play at the HOF, so what’s the harm. Let’s give the fans something to enjoy. Kinda like your anniversary show. ACE and Pete with maybe Scott Ian, Sebastian, Slash……whoever wants to participate and celebrate the music we grew up on and love. I’m sure it would sell out in a heartbeat. Start it early enough that if they want, after rockin’ the house, they can hop a limo to the ceremony and accept their induction in true fashion after putting on their own show. Imagine all musicians who do wish to participate walking into the place together as an entourage behind ACE and Peter. And film the damn thing. Just the thoughts of a fan since ’74…..nothing less, nothing more.

  10. It’s a shame and lost opportunity as now we will see no performance based on the KISS statement. I was excited to go based on possibilities of what could happen…..but not now. The truth lies in the middle as KISS say Peter/Ace were not denied opportunity to play , however sure Paul/Gene would have insisted Tommy/Eric have an opportunity to play.

    Too much water under the bridge and emotion….and a few tell all books to add to the mix. Very disappointed and the induction is now a non-event.

  11. Opps sorry Ed . regarding my 1st post here
    I now have read your thoughts from 2/22 and your conversation w/ the HOF producer….

    If G & P decide to not perform, as you may think will happen, and the Hall ,then hopes , A & P will show. I say A & P almost half to show up otherwise it gives P & G ammo to make statements like ; ” well this is how it has been working w/ A & P all those years ” ; Unpredictable….
    So then, I still say like my post above, Ace & Pete go out w/ a bang by wearing the makeup ( not letting the Hall or P & G camp know this ) Its a dig . Cause P & G will come out w/ no makeup , I would assume , if they are not playing . And also Pete and Ace throw $tanley and $immons under the bus during their speech !!! Like I said ; This is it anyways . Paul and Gene are NEVER gonna play or show up anywhere w/ Ace and Pete ever again. And they will continue to slam them when asked in interviews.

    I agree. Gene and Paul will make a statement soon . Then they will be as quiet as a mouse until after the ceromony as to try not to insult the old school fan base anymore before the ceromony so they dont get booed. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they come up with the ” Ultimate Gene and Paul Spin Story ” before the ceromony….

  12. The thing that continues to bug me here is that G&P only acknowledge the “foundation” of the band, but not the fact the the return of Ace & Peter enabled them to leverage that into everything that has come forth since the Reunion/Psycho Circus/Farewell period. Let’s keep in mind that prior to that, they were limping along as the non-makeup version, despite claims to the contrary that they were playing “sold-out” tours and selling “millions” of records. They were not on the same level as the old days and definitely not at the height of the Reunion. while they were certainly clever enough to maximize their leverage going forward, it still WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED had Ace & Peter not come back. You think there would be ‘Hello KISSy” merch with the non-makeup KISS? No. And, frankly, G&P could have avoided a lot of grief for themselves by being more fair with the money during the Reunion and by treating Ace & Peter with a bit more courtesy by not regarding them like “employees”. They unfortunately sowed the seeds of discontent in the post-modern period. Now, instead of taking advantage of one last opportunity to give Ace and Peter some love and basking in the glory of this honor (regardless of what the circumstances of it being bestowed were), they blew it. All we have now is a bittersweet occasion that was marred by stubbornness.

  13. Have to laugh reading Kiss’ statement regarding RRHOF on kissonline.com…saying their intention was only to celebrate the entire history of Kiss by including Thayer and Singer. Really? By only playing live with them at the exclusion of those being inducted (um, like Ace and Peter)…despite Ace and Peter’s preference as RRHOF inductees?….absolute SPIN…Gene…Paul…we’re not stupid. The truth of the matter is you were called out and realized how asinine your idea was, now you’ve smartened up and retreated from that lame brain idea.

  14. Everybody needs to chill and remember that KISS wasn’t even wanted for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Shame by the “hall” itself. Why else would this “hall” want just the four original guys only? MONEY and the hope that Paul and Gene would react just as they have. A backhanded induction is not an induction at all,but a disrespect. Paul and Gene weren’t going to let an entity that doesn’t respect them call the shots and make money at their expense,giving fans false reunion hope (which some foolishly had) and discredit other eras of the band that included Bruce Kulick and the late Eric Carr that helped the band remain a success when the other two originals (Ace and Peter)could have cared less. Over the last 40 years KISS has been not just about the original 4,but by every member’s contribution that has made them THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD!!

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