Well now Peter Criss has weighed in with his statement on the Hall Of Fame. So we now have Peter, Ace and the Hall itself saying as of now no original Kiss performance being allowed. Hearing Gene and Paul may issue their statement very soon. When and if they do will be very interested to see their approach. Do they try and back off all of this with the level of outrage there has been last 24 hours? And if they do that then they kind of have to cave and play with Ace and Peter. And who knows now if Ace and Peter still want to? Do they stand their ground and justify their position in some way? It’s Kiss so anything can happen. But by making the statements Ace and Peter have it has no doubt put the pressure on Gene and Paul to address this one way or the other and explain why they have taken this position. What comes next? We shall see..


Thanks to all who watched the new TMS tonight. I was out but will check it out soon. Good seeing the guys in Buckcherry tonight at Starland in NJ. Always a fun hang and kick ass band! Also met the guys in Monster Truck. Like the band very much but sadly missed their performance. They have dates coming with Alter Bridge and AIC so hopefully a gig soon.

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  1. Everybody needs to chill and remember that KISS wasn’t even wanted for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Shame by the “hall” itself. Why else would this “hall” want just the four original guys only? MONEY and the hope that Paul and Gene would react just as they have. A backhanded induction is not an induction at all,but a disrespect. Paul and Gene weren’t going to let an entity that doesn’t respect them call the shots and make money at their expense,giving fans false reunion hope (which some foolishly had) and discredit other eras of the band that included Bruce Kulick and the late Eric Carr that helped the band remain a success when the other two originals (Ace and Peter)could have cared less. Over the last 40 years KISS has been not just about the original 4,but by every member’s contribution that has made them THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD!!

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