Well now Peter Criss has weighed in with his statement on the Hall Of Fame. So we now have Peter, Ace and the Hall itself saying as of now no original Kiss performance being allowed. Hearing Gene and Paul may issue their statement very soon. When and if they do will be very interested to see their approach. Do they try and back off all of this with the level of outrage there has been last 24 hours? And if they do that then they kind of have to cave and play with Ace and Peter. And who knows now if Ace and Peter still want to? Do they stand their ground and justify their position in some way? It’s Kiss so anything can happen. But by making the statements Ace and Peter have it has no doubt put the pressure on Gene and Paul to address this one way or the other and explain why they have taken this position. What comes next? We shall see..


Thanks to all who watched the new TMS tonight. I was out but will check it out soon. Good seeing the guys in Buckcherry tonight at Starland in NJ. Always a fun hang and kick ass band! Also met the guys in Monster Truck. Like the band very much but sadly missed their performance. They have dates coming with Alter Bridge and AIC so hopefully a gig soon.

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  • Steve on

    Hey Ed, we got six weeks or so here….any chance with your pull you could get the hard rock to put a show on the same night? Seems now KISS won’t even play at the HOF, so what’s the harm. Let’s give the fans something to enjoy. Kinda like your anniversary show. ACE and Pete with maybe Scott Ian, Sebastian, Slash……whoever wants to participate and celebrate the music we grew up on and love. I’m sure it would sell out in a heartbeat. Start it early enough that if they want, after rockin’ the house, they can hop a limo to the ceremony and accept their induction in true fashion after putting on their own show. Imagine all musicians who do wish to participate walking into the place together as an entourage behind ACE and Peter. And film the damn thing. Just the thoughts of a fan since ’74…..nothing less, nothing more.

  • Brad on

    It’s a shame and lost opportunity as now we will see no performance based on the KISS statement. I was excited to go based on possibilities of what could happen…..but not now. The truth lies in the middle as KISS say Peter/Ace were not denied opportunity to play , however sure Paul/Gene would have insisted Tommy/Eric have an opportunity to play.

    Too much water under the bridge and emotion….and a few tell all books to add to the mix. Very disappointed and the induction is now a non-event.

  • bigsled on

    Opps sorry Ed . regarding my 1st post here
    I now have read your thoughts from 2/22 and your conversation w/ the HOF producer….

    If G & P decide to not perform, as you may think will happen, and the Hall ,then hopes , A & P will show. I say A & P almost half to show up otherwise it gives P & G ammo to make statements like ; ” well this is how it has been working w/ A & P all those years ” ; Unpredictable….
    So then, I still say like my post above, Ace & Pete go out w/ a bang by wearing the makeup ( not letting the Hall or P & G camp know this ) Its a dig . Cause P & G will come out w/ no makeup , I would assume , if they are not playing . And also Pete and Ace throw $tanley and $immons under the bus during their speech !!! Like I said ; This is it anyways . Paul and Gene are NEVER gonna play or show up anywhere w/ Ace and Pete ever again. And they will continue to slam them when asked in interviews.

    I agree. Gene and Paul will make a statement soon . Then they will be as quiet as a mouse until after the ceromony as to try not to insult the old school fan base anymore before the ceromony so they dont get booed. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they come up with the ” Ultimate Gene and Paul Spin Story ” before the ceromony….

  • ACE on

    The thing that continues to bug me here is that G&P only acknowledge the “foundation” of the band, but not the fact the the return of Ace & Peter enabled them to leverage that into everything that has come forth since the Reunion/Psycho Circus/Farewell period. Let’s keep in mind that prior to that, they were limping along as the non-makeup version, despite claims to the contrary that they were playing “sold-out” tours and selling “millions” of records. They were not on the same level as the old days and definitely not at the height of the Reunion. while they were certainly clever enough to maximize their leverage going forward, it still WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED had Ace & Peter not come back. You think there would be ‘Hello KISSy” merch with the non-makeup KISS? No. And, frankly, G&P could have avoided a lot of grief for themselves by being more fair with the money during the Reunion and by treating Ace & Peter with a bit more courtesy by not regarding them like “employees”. They unfortunately sowed the seeds of discontent in the post-modern period. Now, instead of taking advantage of one last opportunity to give Ace and Peter some love and basking in the glory of this honor (regardless of what the circumstances of it being bestowed were), they blew it. All we have now is a bittersweet occasion that was marred by stubbornness.

  • Rich on

    Have to laugh reading Kiss’ statement regarding RRHOF on kissonline.com…saying their intention was only to celebrate the entire history of Kiss by including Thayer and Singer. Really? By only playing live with them at the exclusion of those being inducted (um, like Ace and Peter)…despite Ace and Peter’s preference as RRHOF inductees?….absolute SPIN…Gene…Paul…we’re not stupid. The truth of the matter is you were called out and realized how asinine your idea was, now you’ve smartened up and retreated from that lame brain idea.

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