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3 days after the Kiss HOF announcement and still more crazy speculation, discussion and debate from some of the interviews that have been posted from the members, not to mention various quotes and posts in various places taken our of context to twist things and stir the pot.


I am not in any way directly involved in what will or will not happen at this event. I HAVE however been contacted by people who are, asking me for my thoughts as a fan and long time supporter. The truth is however that nobody knows what will or won’t happen at the induction because it’s early in the process and all the various parties have much to work through no doubt. Like all Kiss fans hopefully it will be a great respectful night for the band and it’s fans, as we have all waited a long time for this. When there is real factual news I’ll do my best to let you know. In the meantime loving all the different opinions and debates posted here in the comments section. Seems the big questions are:




*Will the original band play?


*Will they wear makeup (I love the idea someone floated of doing it Dressed To Kill style with suits and makeup!)


*Will non original members be represented at all, show up, play? If so which ones?


*Who inducts them?


*Will this lead to anything more with the original band?




All this and more to be announced, but discussing and debating it so far has been fun and is what being a fan is all about. The best thing is they are finally IN, so this discussion is long overdue!




Since Gene Simmons’ comments about me and That Metal Show in Rolling Stone (asked to him by the writer), I have been asked by so many what his problem is with me and the show. Obviously his reasons he gave to RS didn’t make much sense. I wish I could all give you an answer but I can’t. What has been maddening to me for a long time is Gene & Paul’s desire to formulate opinions on me, and what I did or didn’t say, based on often erroneous and out of context internet posts and sites. I can’t help this. Last time I spoke to either of them I pleaded to them to come to me directly if they ever had a question about an opinion I had or what I did or did not say. I must admit the dismissive tone about me and my shows is hard to take when you consider tonight (Friday), for the 23rd straight year, I will devote my entire 3 hour radio show in the number one market in the US to their music. ALL ERAS AND LINEUPS. The only band I do this for every year. But in fairness to Gene and Paul they never asked me to do this special. I do it for the fellow FANS like me. Who want to celebrate this bands music and their entire history. And much like I’m entitled to my opinion about what they do or don’t do with their band, they are more than entitled to what they think about me and my programs, even if it is often based on bad information and baseless perceptions. That Metal Show is VH1’s longest running program for over 5 years and over 100 episodes. That doesn’t happen in TV unless someone is watching. Is it American Idol viewership? Hell no. Is it a global following of passionate rock and metal fans? HELL YES, and I am proud and grateful for all of them! So when those fans, many who also love Kiss, ask for Gene & Paul to be on TMS, it is our job to ask. If they choose not to that is also their right and we go on with our business. AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica and countless others all have felt what we do IS important and IS a great connection to the rock fan. I can’t help Gene if he feels it is not, again, I respect all opinions.




Tonight’s (Friday) 23rd annual Merry KISSmas show kicks off at 11P ET on Q104.3 in NYC. It will be live and requests will be taken for any and all Kiss from any and all albums. Only rules I have are the same as always. Only albums that came out with “Kiss” on them. In other words no side projects or offshoot bands (Frehley’s Comet, VVI, etc). The only solo albums in the mix are the ’78 ones since they have the “Kiss” logo on them as well. Ace is expected to call in live (he does my shows, can’t get opinions from people who don’t!) to discuss the Hall and more. Outside the NYC area you can listen online free to the stream at www.q1043.com or use the free iHeartradio app and dial up Q104.3, Classic Rock, NYC. One last thing, I am aware that the stream has been cutting off one or two hours into the show last few weeks. It is an issue due to some streaming license laws and the station was working on fixing it. It is out of my hands if it happens again. But be aware this is a syndicated show and only the debut is airing tomorrow. Next weekend it will air on about 25 more stations and streams around the US so you can always catch those if you miss anything. Merry Christmas to all and hope the fellow Kiss fans join me for what should be a really fun KISSmas Special this year! Judging from the emails you guys feel this IS important and I am grateful for your support listening, watching and reading!


Last but certainly not least Happy Birthday Peter Criss! As a cancer survivor I know Peter is grateful for every birthday and we are grateful he is still with us, healthy and cancer free! Thank God he is with us still to go into the HOF next April in his hometown of Brooklyn! Great story and very happy for him. Happy Birthday Peter, many more!


  1. Tommy Thayer tweeted what appears to be a response to one of your blog posts about the Gene RS interview … he says there are no backing musicians. It is my understanding that they stopped using keyboardists around the time of the Aerosmith tour in the early 2000’s. (A portion of the Revenge tour also included no keyboardist.)

    1. I’d love stuff outside the norm but bet it will be a couple hits. “Strutter” would be cool since it’s first song first album. I assume R&R All Night will end up being the final jam? We shall see.

  2. Awesome post, I will love to hear your radio show but I´m not from the USA , I´m from Colombia love TMS and Kiss, ps: i don´t how hard is to get an artist to your show, but i think would be awesome to have Steve Perry 😀 I love journey

  3. Eddie, I am a Hard Rock/Heavy Metal fan. I am a total 80s baby, it was the decade I grew up in and I love the music and I always will. I am sorry that Gene Simmons said what he said about TMS and you…he doesn’t understand, he doesn’t get it. He should respect you, with you being a fan and all, and he should be at least willing to sit down with you, Jim and Don and say explain his comments to all of you and to the fans of the show as well. With all the work you’ve done for RUSH, for GnR, for Heart, all the work you continue to do for Maiden, Priest, Dio, Deep Purple…they all respect you and love what you’ve done for them. You have amazing friends…legends! Keep on doing what you do with TMS…if Gene doesn’t get it…the heck with him.

  4. Honestly, Eddie, one KISS fan to another…. I love Gene but, I’ve heard more than enough outta him over the past 10 years. We all know what he has to say, how he feels about Peter and Ace…. he wouldn’t bring anything new to your show (BTW-BEST SHOW EVER!!!) They should all be more like Paul, do your shows, go home, come out every year or so and let us know what’s going on with the band or, whatever?
    Gene’s become a freakin’ side show. I once (from 1975 -2000) soaked in every word he said and appreciated him for being the bad-ass rock star that he was. I hate to say this but, he’s laughable now….. His words hold no water….. He’s become your typical Hollywood moron. Anyway, keep up the great work on the show!! We’ll be watching 🙂

    1. There is a whole lotta back peddling going on with him these days with the former members and the HOF and Rolling Stone it seems huh?
      Last time I spoke to Gene a few months ago he started in again about how nobody cares about the original band, all this excitement about the Hall throws a bit of a monkey wrench in that again it would seem.. See how few care come April and the juice in that building..

  5. Eddie, you always keep it classy. G&P should take ‘internet gossip’ with a grain of salt.

    It’s very flattering to them, all lineups, past and present that you do the Christmas Kiss show. They should be pleased.

  6. “Will this lead to anything more with the original band?”
    I’m pretty sure Gene answered this in an interview (RS or USA Today), & said “No, been there/done that”, or words to that effect. I’m also pretty sure he said he’s Open to performing with Ace/Peter, but that’s pretty much it. My thinking is, we’ll see the Original 4 members play, then prob the current lineup, & then all-together.

    1. That’s fine if it was. The #1 issue with him has always been his refusal to communicate directly and form opinions based on second hand news or posts of people spinning things out of context. It is unfortunate but I can’t help people that don’t communicate and see the entire picture and story and want to believe what they want. Proven by every post I have put up said NOBODY knows yet what will happen… So stranger yet if it was directed at me. But anything possible I guess.

  7. Hello Eddie, thanks for bringing in Christmas season again with one of my favorite Christmas traditions..the annual Kissmass show! True reason this year for extra proud feelings and excitement as my favorite band finally going in to Hall. I was talking last night how awesome it is that all 4 original members are healthy and alive to have found this out . My love as a small child began with my first bought record on release day being love gun. I adore the original four but also love all lineups/eras of KISS. I am proud of Paul and Gene for never giving up on Kiss all 40yrs and proud of the contributions ace,Peter,Carr,vinnie,Bruce,Mark,Eric Singer,and Tommy. I have never had my request played on any Kissmass show so I’m begging to have my request played this year. I will be listening via iheart radio app from San Antonio,Tx. My request is .” Take Me Down Below” from the MONSTER album. It’s a nice Simmons/Stanley composition with both trading lead vocals and a fine catchy drive to the track. Thank you Eddie for keeping Kissmass alive and for all you do. Please try make kissmass wish come true.

  8. I too share the excitement Eddie. A great time to be a KISS fan. Lots to look forward to. Keep pushing Eddie. We got them in the hall so hopefully soon we get them on the show. It would benefit everyone and help clear the air. You are a great advocate of the band and share the passion all of us KISS fans do. Keep up the great work.

  9. Hi Eddie,
    Coming from a lifelong but not career musician, I think its more hype on who Kiss is was and will be.
    First of all, think of your friends, sometimes you just don’t agree with them or says something that pissed you off, or even better someone you just haven’t worked with or hung out with in 10-20 years, but when you get back together with them its basically mutual chemistry. The money is what draws the bands apart, and if Gene had to be the “businessman” of the band so be it. If Ace was just the musician of the band, I’m sure Ace would be cool with it too. I don’t agree with milking the new line up actually it just hypes up the old line up. On the makeup question, I predict that they may just do that, however, Ace who is my hero from the band, I think would feel at this point like a clown doing so. Peter would probably do it because of his enthusiasm and pride about being the catman, and obviously Gene and Paul already do it. If they didn’t it wouldn’t hurt my feelings or change my opinion of them. I see them the way I did in the 70’s, mysterious with powerful rock and roll tunes. One more thing, as an example, I had a band in the late 90’s we had some recognition but after a divorce I left the band. On 3 of the 11 cd tracks my bass line was replaced by the new bass player, because I was not there. But, I never held a grudge because I have known these guys (the core of the band) for years. So I think things will we magical for the fans, and emotional for the band and the fans. Thanks for reading! DM

  10. EDDIE your show is awesome,dont always agree with your top 5 but the show is great been watching for years and will keep on watching,as for KISS my favorite band of all time but gene can be a bit on a power trip because of his success but love the band

  11. I know you try to do ALL KISS ERAS,to ensure all fans of all eras get to hear all those members of the band,if Gene and Paul don’t wanna deal with you or the show,Fuck ’em! love watchin the show with all my all my brothers and sisters in METAL! Your commercial says it all,it’s a brotherhood and you can sit there for hours talking to someone else who Loves Metal,the late 70’s and and ESPECIALLY the 80’s is what got the Metal hold on me!!! Horns up forever EDDIE TRUNK!!

  12. It actually pains me that neither Paul or Gene will acknowledge how Eddie Trunk has supported all of Kiss’s lineups over the years. Even when they were at their lowest point (before the Reunion tour), Eddie supported them and continued to spin their tunes. being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame is long overdue, and it would surprise me not hear Eddie’s name mentioned in one of their acceptance speeches. there was no bigger supporter over the years in getting KISS inducted. I guarantee you’ll hear something from either Ace or Peter, and rightfully so!!!!!

  13. I think Mr Simmons thinks that the opinions on TMS and Eddie´s radio shows have been biased against him and the current KISS because of the “close relationship” between Mr Trunk and Ace/Peter. True or not, Gene is entitled to HIS own opinions and has all the right to refuse going to any TV show he feels has treated him or his band on a unfair way. Eddie should let it go once and for all. We all know how big KISS fan he is, but sometimes in life you just cant change how people think… and apparently the rift between Gene/Paul and him is too deep to cross.

    1. I let it go a long time ago. If I didn’t why would I STILL support the band? But when my name comes up in the first major interview after the HOF announce obviously I get asked about it! Weird how Kiss is the one band you can do and say 95% great things about for decades, but God forbid you say anything critical and you are cast out. The only band I know like that… I do what I do, G&P do what they do, all good. 3 hours of their music tonight in NYC on MY show where only R&R All Night is ever played. Enough said..

      1. “Weird how Kiss is the one band you can do and say 95% great things about for decades, but God forbid you say anything critical and you are cast out.” – You hit the nail on the head Eddie. They do not want to hear that everyone wants Ace and Peter. It irritates me that they won’t give them a fair shot….and by that I mean to let go of the musical KISS reigns a little.

        1. As recently as a couple months ago Gene kept beating the “nobody cares who’s in the band” drum to me. If nobody cares about Ace and Peter there sure as hell is a lot of excitement about seeing them together again huh? This kind of messes with the pitch they have been selling last 10 years.

          1. Not really. No one has been campaigning for Ace and Peter to be back in the band. People are excited, KISS is in the HOF, it was the originals who got it started and had the most impact on our culture. If KISS had ended in 1980 after Peter left, they would not be in HOF, so in my opinion everyone who was in in band for the last 40 years should get in. I want to see the originals paly at the HOF and that’s it. The reunion has been done and a re-reunion wouldn’t generate much more income plus I don’t want to see Ace get sucked back into the atmosphere where he may want to drink again. Give me some Ace solo material.

  14. Eddie I like you have been a fan for of the band for 35+ years. I appreciate all the support you have given them during your raio and tv career in broadcasting, considering what little support they have gotten from others in the industry. That being said I feel you of course are intitled to your opinions whether they are positive or negative about the band. Everybody is intitled to their opinions and sonetimes I agree with you and sometimes I do not. Anyways I am not sure what the problem Gene and Paul have with you at this point. But I do think it is childish and disrespectful to a true fan of the band to act the way they have towards you. They should at least have the decency to be honest with you and discuss it weather it be privately or on the radio/tv and put what ever problems they have with you to rest. This situation is absolutelt rediculuos at this point. Just my opinion, thanks for the many years of entertainment on your shows. MERRY KISSMIS

  15. Eddie, I like you I have been a fan of the band for 35+ years. I appreciate all the support you have given them during your radio and TV career in broadcasting, considering what little support they have gotten from others in the industry. That being said I feel you of course are entitled to your opinions whether they are positive or negative about the band. Everybody is entitled to their opinions and sometimes I agree with you and sometimes I do not. Anyways I am not sure what the problem Gene and Paul have with you at this point. But I do think it is childish and disrespectful to a true fan of the band to act the way they have towards you. They should at least have the decency to be honest with you and discuss it whether it is privately or on the radio/TV and put whatever problems they have with you to rest. This situation is absolutely ridiculous at this point. Just my opinion, thanks for the many years of entertainment on your shows. MERRY KISSMISS

  16. Whats the latest on Peters new studio rock album? Hope he comes up with something good, I wasn’t a fan of one for all. Love your show Eddie! Looking forward to the KISSmas how.

  17. Eddie, the whole problem that they have with you is that you pose the obvious question that all die hard KISS fans (like myself) want to know. Why in the he’ll do you continue to trot out Eric and Tommy in Peter and Ace’s makeup? They don’t want to answer those questions from a true fan like yourself. Now if that question is posed from some regular schmuck interviewer, then they can make up and answer an convince you that is what the people want to see. We all know it isn’t what the people want to see and they can’t stand the fact there is so much love for Ace and Peter. I hope they come on TMS and if they do, I hope you speak for the KISS Army. Much respect Eddie…..

  18. Edwardo T, thoughts on Paul’s new quote?

    “Gotta laugh. Some people want to seem important by talking like they know what we’ll be doing at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. THEY KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!” – Paul

    1. Not sure what he’s referring to especially given every one of my posts has said all TBD. Maybe doesn’t get the difference between fans having fun speculating and things being presented as fact?

  19. Eddie, I know you’re far down Gene and Paul’s list of guests to invite to the RRHOF induction ceremony. However if either Ace or Peter invited you to attend, would you?

  20. Eddie,

    You doing this kind of thing where you provide up to the minute responses to fans comments and questions is truly one of a kind. Only a super fan and a humble dude would do such a thing, so most of us can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate you doing this. And never compromise your style about asking questions and expressing opinions. It’s the spice of life to have fun debates. Jumping on these blogs is the most fun I’ve had since dropping the needle on Destroyer way back when for the first time as a freshman in highschool – my first record purchased by the way. Hey, I’ll take the credit for the Dressed to Kill idea, thanks. Ace, Peter, Paul, Gene – are you listening? That would blow my mind if they did that. Costumes will be too clunky. The makeup itself will do with some suits similar to what they wore on the cover. By the way, why were Simmons pants so short on the DTK cover? Pretty funny. Ace was the epitamy of cool in terms of how he grace himself on the cover of that album. Another reason why Tommy should of lost the makeup and found his own personality, but I won’t go there. 🙂 Oops

    1. The pants were so short because they were borrowed suits from Bill Aucoin. You will also notice the sleeves were pretty short too. Peter was the only one who owned a suit at the time. 🙂

  21. Hi Eddie,

    I asked you from an earlier post if would possible to have both Ace and Peter together on that Metal Show, I was wondering if so, would be before the induction? Also, would it possible to have them to a fan question and answer session on your Radio Show?

  22. Come on Eddie we all know why Gene will not go to your show?…In one hand you’re always saying that KISS is the best band that ever existed and so on which is amazing of you to say….but in the other hand you are always trashing, putting down the current line up calling them and calling them all kinds of names just because your friends Ace and Peter were fired from the band 3 times, 3 times really??..It seems to me that you want them to be in the band when you know better their work ethic is not as good as Paul and Gene who are the engine behind KISS. I as a KISS fan I get offended that YOU one of the greatest rock DJs in the history of this planet talks like that about my favorite band, but like you said you are entitled to your opinion just like Gene has an opinion of your show. Also Eddie you should know better that anybody else that putting new characters in the band will not work…how long did it work for Eric Carr and Vinnie Vincent??…months and you know it….I prefer to see onstage a band that gives 110% with a line up that will kill themselves for me to leave satisfied than to watch the original line up playing only 1 hour cause Ace is late and Peter can’t hold it anymore behind the drums. Eddie I love you man and I love your show and in a lot of ways it would be cool if you will introduced KISS in the RRHOF but you want KISS to live in the past with a line up that would not last an entire tour…I mean not even Ace wants to work with Peter in your recent interview, that says at all.

    1. You are buying and believing every tag line and excuse out there. It is amazing! I LOVE when people say new makeup wouldn’t work in the early 80’s! Just shows you weren’t there and don’t know what was truly going on! NO VERSION OF KISS worked then! That’s why the band ended!! You are welcome to your opinion but you are just spitting out every cliche answer you have been fed. And I have made my name NOT just saying everything is the greatest and having debates and discussion. Plenty of people out there to just read a bio and feed you the latest company line. So many factual errors in your post but believe what you want.. And if you think recent Kiss shows are giving 110% then you clearly never saw the band in it’s prime…

  23. The HOF will be a let down because they’ll probably only be allowed to play 2 or 3 songs. All those other lame bands and Paul Schaffer have to get their time in too (someone fire Paul Schaffer!!!!). So I bet not worth putting make up on for 2 songs. Plus it will probaby be Rock n Roll All Night and 1 other hit song. Too bad it can’t be more than that but the night is not just about them.

  24. I will say it so you won’t have to Eddie. Gene is all about the money and only the money. If KISS goes out on the next tour and has poor ticket sales Gene will be the first one to get Peter/Ace back to promote the original lineup tour that will sell out . Music is a means to an end with Gene and his huge ego gets the best of him when fans want Peter/Ace back. The only thing Gene will swallow his pride for is more money and when this lineup is back at the bottom doing fan conventions for 300 people at a hotel ballroom Gene will ask Peter/Ace to come back.

  25. Eddie, personally I foresee another tour with Ace and Peter coming up. I feel there is too much money at stake, along with the RRHOF induction, 40th Anniversary, as well as Ace being sober and motivated. I think they owe it to the fans for one last hurrah. What are your thoughts?

    1. I don’t see it. Peter is 68 today. Would take tons of work to get all of them in shape for a tour at this stage. Anything is possible and no doubt demand will be there after the Hall, I just don’t see it. But who knows?

  26. It is definitely a compliment to you, Ed, that it appears that both Tommy and Paul are reading the blogs and comments on your Web site to find material to tweet about. They know that’s where the KISS Army is spending it’s time celebrating the announcement of this long overdue induction.

    1. I know for a fact in the past Paul has read this site and I even discussed it with him. Not sure about Tommy. For the millionth time for the record I never had an issue with Tommy as a person or player and don’t blame him at all for taking the gig offered to him

      1. Hi Eddie I did have a problem with Tommy wearing Aces makeup at first.But Tommy or who ever it was wrote back and told me to give a Tommy a chance.People will always complain about Tommy and Eric,but if you people look past the makeup both Eric and Tommy have helped keep Kiss afloat.

        I love Gene Paul Ace and Peter but people forget that Eric Carr Vinnie Vincent Mark St John Bruce Kulick were also a huge part of a Kiss.Now back to a Eric and a Tommy wearing the makeup they are getting paid to do a job and if Paul or Gene asked anyone of us fans to wear Ace or Peters Makeup how many people would honestly turn that down?

  27. Many bands I like including Genesis (talks of Phil Collins wanting to play again, and possible Peter Gabriel being involved when he’s available) use the “never say never” mantra. For that reason, even though for me, just seeing them play at the awards ceremony would be plenty, and just the mere fact that they got in is more than enough for me, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Gene and Paul actually give Ace and Peter a call a la the post-Unplugged reunion where the good vibes led to the reunion. I think the never say never scenario may play out yet again. DLR went back to VH after all the venom, and others have in other bands. Either way, I’m happy they got in, and obviously their glory years are in the past, but the fans would certainly pay to see the original lineup moreso than they have recently with Thayer and Singer on tour…

  28. Kiss is whats in front of the makeup not whats behind the makeup. It’s the character on stage not the person wearing it. This is what Gene and Paul think which is why they wont go on your show and answer questions about it.

    1. That is such an insulting view of the band and the musicians who make it up to fans who cared about the players, songs and personas that were created. Guess anybody can be in Kiss with that logic…

  29. I stopped following kiss after the so called Farewell Tour in 2000.I had everything Kiss ever released.Biggest fan ever,biggest supporter,you name it . I felt betrayed by the firing of ace and peter AGAIN and placing eric and tommy in their makeup. And 13 years after they are still touring , milking people’s money with the same songs, same show and everything.Now I hear about the HOF induction and remember how gene and aul would trash the HOF and the inductees of that year.Now here they are kissing ass . I for one don’t feel they deserve it.It hurts to say that I would boo them if I was in the audience knowing that at one time I used to bleed,sweat and cry for these clowns of Paul and Gene.No more.

  30. i would hope if original kiss is performing h o f , i hope they perform deuce. i think its a killer track ,its off the first album , opened shows countless times, its a powerhouse with killer guitars by ace and it’s also his favorite kiss song, so i hope they consider it.. love gun would also be next choice. i know bottom line is no matter what song kiss plays it will be with kiss in makeup era and it will be good because you got the original four playing and that’s all that’s needed..again congrats to kiss and happy b-day peter criss..

  31. Eddie,
    I sincerely thank you, Jim, and Don for everything all things hard rock and heavy metal.
    As to why Gene and Paul keep dodging you its their choice because they are arrogant pricks. They need to realize that you are just doing your job as a reporter and a fan to get the word out about the music you love. As for the Hall O Shame I’d personally like to see them do stuff from “Hotter Than Hell”, and some lesser known tracks by the masses.
    I agree that Tommy and Eric shouldn’t be in Ace and Peters make- up. To me that is an insult to what KISS stands for and what it has always been about.
    Tell Peter I said Happy Birthday and God Bless him!!!

  32. Eddie,
    You are a smart guy. You’ll save yourself a lot of trouble and grey hairs when you stop trying to figure this thing out with Paul and Gene. Your heroes have turned into complete assholes as they have aged. There really isn’t anything else to figure out or ponder. I’m one 100% convinced they don’t lose any sleep over this and neither should you. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall for that meet up you had with Gene at the awards show recently where I’m sure all his condenscending and stick to the script assholeness was on full display. Keep doing what you do, Eddie. You aren’t the problem.

    1. Honestly I do not and have not stressed on it at all. It is only an issue because I am asked about it by press and listeners/viewers. Have WAY too much to deal with and WAY too many bands that do want to work with me to worry about 2 guys that don’t get objectivity. Thanks

  33. I hear ya, Eddie, and I agree with your mindset on this. I can see, though, how somewhere in the dark recesses of your mind, it would bug you because of the fact you once had an established relationship with those two, and now it is what it is but upward and onward is the way to do it. I still believe Gene and Paul have one final act left in them to completely alienate even further fans like myself, and it will be unleashed during the RRHOF induction. Some sort of asshole comment or something to just put the icing on the cake……Merry Christmas to you, man.

      1. Eddie, thanks for all he hard work bro!! Peter looks like he’s in great shape and could tour. I’m more worried about Ace. He’s really put the weight on. For him to pull it off will take a lot of effort My question is can Ace lose that much by April to fit into his Space suit? Fat Ace, Skinny Ace I don’t care he’s the best. But Im just hoping the real KISS plays at the RHOF. No fake Kiss please Paul and Gene. Like you said Gene and I quote. “Everything pales in comprarison to Ace, Peter, Paul and Gene in full makeup!!! You said it Gene and no it’s true!!! I love you and Paul for keeping the band going but finish this the right way. You know what the fans want. We’re the bosses remember?? Give us a new 20 track album with members doing 5 tracks each on vocals. No outside writers or players then tour for 5 years and retire.

        1. And a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you PETER CRISS!!!! You are the CATMAN!!! Your drumming on Destroyer is amazing. And out of all the members of KISS you have the best voice. Now you Ace, Paul and Gene get together and work out your differences and go Rock the world one more time!!!!!

  34. I’ve been a long time fan of the band. I was the kid that had every vinyl album, at least two copies one that was mint a one that I played. I had the 45s the 8 tracks cassettes. If it could be played I owned it! My walls were plastered with posters and photos from all the rock mags! Comics had them dolls had them, still have a few lol. If it had anything to do with kiss I had to have it. I can play about every song on guitar and actually recording a tribute album of some of my favorite songs. I’ve seen these guys do many times in concert I’ve lost count! With and without makeup, Revenge and hot in the shade 2 of my favorite shows. The posters on my walls were from all eras. I was one of those guys who would get pissed if made any wise cracks about the band or ANY member in it. The one thing that really ticks me off is when some one says it’s not about the players it’s about the character! You’re full of crap if you say the excitement is the same when you see the current line up walk on stage vs the original 4 walking out! Impossible! Is Eric a great drummer? Eric is an amazing drummer as himself not as the Cat! Tommy’s been acting and playing like ace for so long he probably has lost heart in music. The character lol! Their songs would be a lot better if those 2 guys were allowed to be them selves! Ace and Peter are the characters. Tell Gibson and everyone who owns any model of an Ace signature that that’s a space man signature, see what kinda reaction you get! Tommy the spaceman can’t hardly sell a cheap ass epiphone. Take off the make up, do what Kiss has done 40 freakin years and evolve! Let Eric kill it like he did on Revenge, I wouldn’t mind seein Bruce or an original Tommy. What was that band he played in black n blue? That could be the reason he’d rather be Ace. 🙂
    But on the brighter side Eddie I agree with you 200% ! Enjoy listening to you opinion on the band that a lot of us can say is a very big part of our life! True fans have the right to debate these things! It has always been that way and always will! People who have been around though the line ups understand!
    Also enjoyed your podcast with 3 sides of a coin! I would have listened for another 2 hours lol!
    Well deserved hall of fame!!!!!
    I’m sure some people are gonna disagree with my opinion, that’s ok if you like the band enough to take up for any I said your a fan! Doesn’t mean you’re right lol!
    My request for the show Tonight you Belong to Me
    Keep up the good work Eddie

  35. Eddie,
    As was mentioned on the Three Sides of the Coin podcast…you have to figure out how to get the program up here in Canada…lol. I agree with what you say on KISS and the current lineup. The best line was something Eric Singer said years ago….it is called the Music Business…not Music Friends…As a fan since 1978 I just can’t get interested in seeing essentially a tribute band. KISS now is very different from KISS in the 1970’s or even 80’s. Everyone has their preferences, but for me you can’t beat KISS in the 70’s….especially the Love Gun tour. Keep rocking.

  36. Great show last night – couldn’t listen to all of it because I had to be up and moving this morning. Ace is really a hoot when he’s healthy and it was great to hear from him directly. The ‘some regrets’ working title cracked me up. The one thing I don’t quite understand is why lawyers and agents need to get involved about a one-off induction performance comprising of a handful of songs (if that). It’s like using a sledgehammer to kill a fly. Maybe I misinterpreted, but seriously?

  37. After the RRHF they should just stop already. I am a lifelong fan who has stood by them for thirty some years, but every time I watch a live youtube video from the latest show, I get a lump in my throat watching Paul struggle with his voice. I know he’s killing himself trying to do the best he can, but it’s just not there anymore. Breaks my heart to see my hero barely make it through a song. They just keep the money machine rolling.

  38. I was hoping that Gene and Paul would handle this a little better than they are. Gene and Paul do not want to do your show because for some reason they think it is beneath them. The entire “we do what the fans tell us to do” is such a load of crap. They do what is best for Gene and Paul. I understand why they didn’t want to work with Ace and Peter, if you ever have to work with an addict, you would get it. This is still a business and Ace and Peter have to be reliable, straight and show up to concerts on time. But all of the complaining Gene and Paul do in the press about Ace and Peter is so old. I was hoping they would play a few select venues (Garden, Forum, etc.) after the induction to close out the band on a high note. My guess is they will do the induction and trot out Eric and Tommy for a few more tours, though Paul’s days as a lead singer are just about over. My hope is they stop releasing new material as Sonic Boom and Monster were terrible. As much as they bash Circus, it was a much better album then those two releases.

  39. Hey Ed. Do you think the original four could do a dozen shows spread out over a course of a year? We know that it is unlikely Peter can handle a full blown tour. Come to think of it, I don’t think any of them could handle a full tour at this point. Regardless, the fans have spoken in undeniable volume of what lineup they prefer (original four). This fan along with many others will not except anything short of this. Please ignore the Kool-Aide drinkers who listed Kiss Corp. thoughts.

    1. There would be a lot of effort and expense to do a true Kiss size show with the original band for just a few shows. How about a few nights at MSG and then call it quits. That would make sense.

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