3 days after the Kiss HOF announcement and still more crazy speculation, discussion and debate from some of the interviews that have been posted from the members, not to mention various quotes and posts in various places taken our of context to twist things and stir the pot.


I am not in any way directly involved in what will or will not happen at this event. I HAVE however been contacted by people who are, asking me for my thoughts as a fan and long time supporter. The truth is however that nobody knows what will or won’t happen at the induction because it’s early in the process and all the various parties have much to work through no doubt. Like all Kiss fans hopefully it will be a great respectful night for the band and it’s fans, as we have all waited a long time for this. When there is real factual news I’ll do my best to let you know. In the meantime loving all the different opinions and debates posted here in the comments section. Seems the big questions are:




*Will the original band play?


*Will they wear makeup (I love the idea someone floated of doing it Dressed To Kill style with suits and makeup!)


*Will non original members be represented at all, show up, play? If so which ones?


*Who inducts them?


*Will this lead to anything more with the original band?




All this and more to be announced, but discussing and debating it so far has been fun and is what being a fan is all about. The best thing is they are finally IN, so this discussion is long overdue!




Since Gene Simmons’ comments about me and That Metal Show in Rolling Stone (asked to him by the writer), I have been asked by so many what his problem is with me and the show. Obviously his reasons he gave to RS didn’t make much sense. I wish I could all give you an answer but I can’t. What has been maddening to me for a long time is Gene & Paul’s desire to formulate opinions on me, and what I did or didn’t say, based on often erroneous and out of context internet posts and sites. I can’t help this. Last time I spoke to either of them I pleaded to them to come to me directly if they ever had a question about an opinion I had or what I did or did not say. I must admit the dismissive tone about me and my shows is hard to take when you consider tonight (Friday), for the 23rd straight year, I will devote my entire 3 hour radio show in the number one market in the US to their music. ALL ERAS AND LINEUPS. The only band I do this for every year. But in fairness to Gene and Paul they never asked me to do this special. I do it for the fellow FANS like me. Who want to celebrate this bands music and their entire history. And much like I’m entitled to my opinion about what they do or don’t do with their band, they are more than entitled to what they think about me and my programs, even if it is often based on bad information and baseless perceptions. That Metal Show is VH1’s longest running program for over 5 years and over 100 episodes. That doesn’t happen in TV unless someone is watching. Is it American Idol viewership? Hell no. Is it a global following of passionate rock and metal fans? HELL YES, and I am proud and grateful for all of them! So when those fans, many who also love Kiss, ask for Gene & Paul to be on TMS, it is our job to ask. If they choose not to that is also their right and we go on with our business. AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica and countless others all have felt what we do IS important and IS a great connection to the rock fan. I can’t help Gene if he feels it is not, again, I respect all opinions.




Tonight’s (Friday) 23rd annual Merry KISSmas show kicks off at 11P ET on Q104.3 in NYC. It will be live and requests will be taken for any and all Kiss from any and all albums. Only rules I have are the same as always. Only albums that came out with “Kiss” on them. In other words no side projects or offshoot bands (Frehley’s Comet, VVI, etc). The only solo albums in the mix are the ’78 ones since they have the “Kiss” logo on them as well. Ace is expected to call in live (he does my shows, can’t get opinions from people who don’t!) to discuss the Hall and more. Outside the NYC area you can listen online free to the stream at www.q1043.com or use the free iHeartradio app and dial up Q104.3, Classic Rock, NYC. One last thing, I am aware that the stream has been cutting off one or two hours into the show last few weeks. It is an issue due to some streaming license laws and the station was working on fixing it. It is out of my hands if it happens again. But be aware this is a syndicated show and only the debut is airing tomorrow. Next weekend it will air on about 25 more stations and streams around the US so you can always catch those if you miss anything. Merry Christmas to all and hope the fellow Kiss fans join me for what should be a really fun KISSmas Special this year! Judging from the emails you guys feel this IS important and I am grateful for your support listening, watching and reading!


Last but certainly not least Happy Birthday Peter Criss! As a cancer survivor I know Peter is grateful for every birthday and we are grateful he is still with us, healthy and cancer free! Thank God he is with us still to go into the HOF next April in his hometown of Brooklyn! Great story and very happy for him. Happy Birthday Peter, many more!

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  1. Great show last night – couldn’t listen to all of it because I had to be up and moving this morning. Ace is really a hoot when he’s healthy and it was great to hear from him directly. The ‘some regrets’ working title cracked me up. The one thing I don’t quite understand is why lawyers and agents need to get involved about a one-off induction performance comprising of a handful of songs (if that). It’s like using a sledgehammer to kill a fly. Maybe I misinterpreted, but seriously?

  2. After the RRHF they should just stop already. I am a lifelong fan who has stood by them for thirty some years, but every time I watch a live youtube video from the latest show, I get a lump in my throat watching Paul struggle with his voice. I know he’s killing himself trying to do the best he can, but it’s just not there anymore. Breaks my heart to see my hero barely make it through a song. They just keep the money machine rolling.

  3. I was hoping that Gene and Paul would handle this a little better than they are. Gene and Paul do not want to do your show because for some reason they think it is beneath them. The entire “we do what the fans tell us to do” is such a load of crap. They do what is best for Gene and Paul. I understand why they didn’t want to work with Ace and Peter, if you ever have to work with an addict, you would get it. This is still a business and Ace and Peter have to be reliable, straight and show up to concerts on time. But all of the complaining Gene and Paul do in the press about Ace and Peter is so old. I was hoping they would play a few select venues (Garden, Forum, etc.) after the induction to close out the band on a high note. My guess is they will do the induction and trot out Eric and Tommy for a few more tours, though Paul’s days as a lead singer are just about over. My hope is they stop releasing new material as Sonic Boom and Monster were terrible. As much as they bash Circus, it was a much better album then those two releases.

  4. Hey Ed. Do you think the original four could do a dozen shows spread out over a course of a year? We know that it is unlikely Peter can handle a full blown tour. Come to think of it, I don’t think any of them could handle a full tour at this point. Regardless, the fans have spoken in undeniable volume of what lineup they prefer (original four). This fan along with many others will not except anything short of this. Please ignore the Kool-Aide drinkers who listed Kiss Corp. thoughts.

    1. There would be a lot of effort and expense to do a true Kiss size show with the original band for just a few shows. How about a few nights at MSG and then call it quits. That would make sense.

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