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I’ve seen SO many comments about Ace & Peter reuniting at my party, Kiss (as usual), the R&R Hall and Gene’s comments about Ace & Peter not playing, and more. Last night on the radio show had MANY calls on the topic with many opinions. I welcome all opinions as usual if based in some level of reality and not just blind worshipers one way or the other that drink the Kool Aid they are served. The biggest question I have heard from many is why would Gene & Paul (Gene most recently) continue to talk about what fuck ups these guys are (he hasn’t played with them in over ten years), talk about them being drunk or on drugs (both have been sober for many years now), and say they can’t play at a Hall induction when Kiss has not even been inducted yet (no matter how you feel, that is just INSANE!). The answer is simple. Gene is the ultimate salesman. He prides himself on this, that is no secret. His job is to sell THIS Kiss. Just like it was to sell all the other lineups when that was happening. Explains why he will tell you THIS Kiss is bigger than anything, when in reality they CO HEADLINE tours with Motley Crue instead of HEADLINING arenas in the US. Explains why he takes subtle shots about Ace & Peter doing signing shows, when he and Paul sell signed played guitars to fans after shows. Not a huge difference from what I see? But it’s about selling whatever he is doing and Kiss is doing now, which will soon be a sanctioned Kiss tribute with no original members. And who knows, that might be a pretty good band. Many will say the same old “Eddie is just backing up his friends, only cares about the original band”. Yes Ace & Peter are friends and did an amazing thing playing together for me recently. But I’m more just trying to offer some balance and objectivity as a lifelong Kiss fan myself, who HAS supported and loved all the replacement members and lineups. I simply chose not to support what they have been doing lately because the impersonation rubs me (and MANY others who won’t say it) the wrong way. That’s my huge sin to some I guess, so be it.

The real reason these barbs in the press from them continue at Ace & Peter is because they know the avalanche that would happen if they ever played with them again from fans and the media. Example? I was at the 1996 MTV Unplugged taping. Then they were all about the non makeup lineup with Singer and Kulick. That’s what they were selling then. When Ace & Peter came out for a brief appearance on a couple songs the entire crowd went nuts. From the second they stepped on that stage the electricity was insane, and they knew they had no choice but to go back to that band no matter how hard they were selling the Singer/Kulick band and about to release a new album with them. I felt a very similar energy in the crowd when Ace & Peter walked out on stage together at my event last Wednesday, right down to the ear to ear smiles from every fan and musician in the building! So I see it as a big defense mechanism by Gene & Paul. They know another reunion, even for a song, would ignite a huge fire once again. For the record I do NOT think there should be another original Kiss reunion. For a couple songs at a long overdue Hall induction, for sure! But for a tour, no way. I don’t think ANY of the original members could deliver enough of a high energy show to do the legacy justice at this stage. As I have said MANY times the current Kiss can and should do whatever they want. The fact that it’s not for me doesn’t matter. If you are cool with it enjoy what’s left of it. But the idea of the original band FINALLY getting into the Hall (and I must stress they were nominated before and passed over once already, so NOT a done deal!) and Ace & Peter not being invited and welcome to at least play a song or two would be a travesty to even the most hardcore Kiss fan. I look forward to your comments.

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  1. Has Gene ever considered letting Tommy and Eric be their own personas might create more interest in this current lineup? Not to mention the new merchandise they could sell, which is right up Gene’s alley. Well put post Eddie.

    1. I agree 100%! Can’t believe the merch op escapes him on this one! Plus they can evolve as players beyond being stuck playing the style of Ace and Peter on new music to sound like the old stuff

      1. Probably Gene would have to pay them. I’m not sure about that though. The way it is Now, most merch. is sold as being Spaceman, Catman, Not using their real idenities. If they have new characters Tommy and Eric might want their share of the money maybe.

  2. Eddie, I think you’re right on target. It is bullshit how they treat Ace and Peter. I have been a fan since Alive II came out in 77 and have seen them numerous times. They deserve to get in the Hall and then hang it up for good. They have been touring for years now in makeup living off of a couple albums from the 70’s. I agree with the assessment about Paul and Gene being worried about the backlash if the group played together again, makes perfect sense. Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to some more of That Metal Show soon!

  3. Is this the first time ace and Peter have played together since the reunion? Why havnt they started their own version of KISS (under a different band name other than KISS of course). Forget about the ace and Peter solo stuff and get together and tour damn it!! Before it’s too late!! -mike, Woodbridge nj

      1. Eddie ,
        1st – Can Ace and Peter sing the songs they had lead vocals on but didn’t write ?
        If so,
        have you ever talked to Peter or Ace about touring together since the farewell tour ?
        I’m not talking about makeup . Seeing Peter do Hooligan at your party on the internet here in Minnesota gave me goosebumps !
        They could do all the material they had lead vocals on. Even including the songs off of Dynasty and Unmasked . I would pay big money for that . I think the diehards would love it . You would have to convince Ace that the fans that would be interested in this would want to hear all the rare stuff and not throw in songs like Love Gun, etc. that he dosent even have vocals on that Ace like/thinks he has to do .
        I hate that when there is Ace” lead vocal songs ” he should be doing .
        I think they tried to tour together long before the reunion in 96 but it didn’t work ??

  4. The big question is if Peter and Ace play would they be in makeup? Would the current line up be in make up ? That is the million dollar question in my mind. 2 cat men ?? 2 space men???

  5. I’d love to see the original KISS at RnR Hall of Fame come out for a few encores. I’d be real interested to see who would induct them! At the end, I’d like to see all past members, and related producers, ex-wives, children, managers join them on stage…like 30 people representing all eras of KISS. I loved them all and they all should be there.
    As for a Reunion Tour, I’d be good with seeing sorta what Sammy Hagar did when he had his current band play and then bring out Michael Anthony later in the set. Have current lineup play sans makeup, then original band play sans makeup and then everyone together. I can only dream…

  6. ET, Gene clarified his comments on Twitter to say he would not TOUR with Ace & Peter, but left open the possibility of reuniting with them for the Hall Induction…if it happens. I don’t really think a tour would work, because G&P would want similiar terms to last time, and we both know A&P won’t do it unless it’s a “fair” split. I would like to see Ace and Peter do some more stuff together, however.

  7. thanks again eddie . i couldn’t have said it any better myself . the fact is, this is exactly how i feel about the whole situation. i am 42 and have been a die hard kiss fan since i was 6 , supported them all the way through the various lineups . loved eric carr with ace frehley . but can not for the life of me enjoy them as a band today with this lineup , its just my take on it . this is not the band today that i had come to love over the years and it is sometimes hard to put into words. anyways i think your 100% right on your remarks and would hope all could just stop the bashing at each other …and far as rock n roll hall of fame, i think all original members should perform …. if its for the fans…. like its often quoted by both gene and paul , then i would like to think far more would like to see it happen ….i sure hope so anyway

  8. I would think Ace and Peter will get invited but they will not let them play with them if they are in makeup(conflict). If they are not in make up I would think all surviving members play if they want(Yes even Vinnie). Maybe I’m dreaming but it would be a great final goodbye for Peter, Ace, Bruce and Vinnie. I would think Eric would get a mention too. I would not be surprised if Paul is behind most of this and Gene is the mouth. I would be disappointed if Bill Aucoin is not inducted too, huge part of KISS. Vinnie and Bill are long shots but deserving in my book. The bigger question is will Ace and Peter show up if invited? What are there thoughts on this?

  9. Love hearing about Ace & Peter. Love to hear more about Eric Carr as well as he was under appreciated. Agree with you Eddie 100% on your stand with KISS. I personally have had enough of Simmons flapping his mouth about everything & one, especially Ace & Peter. Without Ace & Peter KISS would have feel flat & never made it, they had/have chemistry together that can’t be duplicated (sorry Tommy & Eric Singer), kind of like the original GNR (another conversation). Paul… you act like a little bitch. Congratulations Eddie, thank you Ace & Peter, rest in peace Eric Carr, please hold GNR reunion Axl. Trunk Nation rocks. KISS only belongs in the hall of fame if the REAL Ace & Peter are there!

  10. Eddie, I have to agree with you, it would be an injustice to all the fans from the original line up days if Ace and Peter were not involved if the induction happens, I think that Gene and Paul need to put all that animosity behind them if for nothing else for the fans who like yourself have been there from the start of this thing and realize that it’s not just them going in to the hall but all of us who stuck by the band are going in with them.

  11. Eddie, First off let me start by saying I respect you,and am proud of your incredible contribution to the best genre of music around. You are a big reason for its continued exposure and success. That being said sir I have been dying to express to you my feelings about the band that to ME is and always has been the hottest in the world. I love the original lineup,other lineups,and I do love the current line up..I know my Kiss history like you backwards and forwards. It however offends me to be lumped in with “those that drink the koolaid” meaning I suppose those like myself that love old and current Kiss. I’m a KISS fan. I love Gene,Paul,Ace,Peter,Eric Carr,Vinnie Vincent,Bruce,Eric Singer,and Tommy. I buy Ace and Peters albums and books the day they come out and I buy the Kiss
    albums. I don’t need “Dogboy” or Hawk make up designs on Eric and Tommy to love them as kiss members. Eric has what? 16+ years in Kiss and paid his dues for my respect. He stands and twirls the

  12. Great thoughts Eddie. As a ardent KISS fan, I will be done with them if they get into the Hall and do not invite Ace and Peter. I believe those guys ruined their careers, but they are 2 of the 4 pillars of that great band. I remember how sadthe VH induction was and GnR and couple of years ago. There is only one induction ceremony and Gene and Paul need to put their egos aside and celebrate with the fans. We dont want Tommy and Eric in the Hall.

  13. Part 2 of my comment..I apologize..Eric signer stands a lot live when he springs up and twirls the sticks much more and differently than Peter plays. With Tommy I have seen live 8 times and each time played part of his solo behind his head!..again I love Ace very much too but that ISN’T impersonating Ace. He DOES wear the design Ace created I know and same for Eric.I guess my point sir is that I don’t need them dressed as Dogboy or whatever to again..love and respect them. As for Gene and Paul controlling Kiss..they have been there fighting the fight 40 years and they deserve credit for all their songwriting and ing and keepin kiss relevant. I know sir you are influential and awesome but YOU know the small time and material relative to Gene and Paul 40 yrs that actually featured Ace and Peter..already by destroyer others played on albums,later Anton Fig for even Dynasty and all of Unmasked and Gene and Paul kept going. We don’t have to be disillusioned with “koolaid”,sir to love current Kiss..I’m a

    1. When people say “kool- aid” they are referring to someone ( in this case Gene and Paul ) feeding people half truth’s and exageration’s to sell and/or excuse their greedy decisions about their product .
      Alot of fans are starstruck and dont want to believe their hero’s would lie to them. Gene and Paul are master’s of this . I could go on with many time’s over the year’s they have contradicted themselves.
      Your reference to ” Dogboy” came directly out of Paul’s mouth 10 years ago . He picked the dumbest name he could think of to help sell his current product and you bought it . Many of today’s audience are people that only own a Kiss” Greatist Hits” album but will go check out kiss live for the first time( Kiss’ main source of income) with wife and kids ( family jewels, dr. pepper commercials. nascar marshals at events ,etc etc all help sell their brand.
      The problem with this is what Kiss has done to their loyal , long time fans . Alot have left.
      The problem with this for people like me that have supported them for 38 years is they dont care about me. They dont respect Peter and Ace and they sure dont respect the original makeup.
      Do you really think Gene and Paul would have been able to sell tickets well now if it hadent been for Ace & Peter getting the makeup going again . Gene would have never been able to bring the makeup back without Ace& Pete intially getting it going in 96 . Nobody would have went to the show’s . They went from selling 1/2 full arena’s in the 80′s and 90′s ( like Eddie said ) to sellout’s with Ace and Pete.

      Catman, Spaceman,Demon, And Starchild are not characters in a childrens story book but human beings and their names are Peter,Ace,Gene,and Paul.

      1. I feel the same way you do Bro. Betrayed. kiss concerts are not cool anymore. Just family friendly entertainment….that’s not what rock is about. It’s about rebellion. I agree with everything you said. You speak the truth.

  14. Eddie I cannot agree more. I love Kiss and have since Destroyer came out. What Gene and Paul have done to the Kiss “brand” is now comical…Hello Kitty and even the LA Kiss….I still buy the cd’s!! I do think they should hang it up….I don’t think they are good live any more imo!!
    BTW I had blast at your party……….Bello does a unreal Stanley impression and the Winery Dogs were incredible!!

  15. Both are passes opportunities. Ace & Peter both also has turned down requests (to be in the new movie by Alan G. Parker). Peter’s bitching in his book about Gene, Paul (and Ace) is also not good for a new understanding. And beside, Peter had a minor contribution in KISS. Paul en Gene always wanna make it work. Some are lazy en complainers. You’re right, they are all too old for a new reunion tour. But a few songs for the hall of fame……should be a nice ending…….

  16. As usual Eddie you hit the nail on the head, Gene and Paul have always been salesmen for what they are doing at that moment, no matter how much it contradicts what they said a year or a day before. We could spend all day going over their contradicting statements over the years. It is disappointing to hear continued insults from Gene and Paul because they simply aren’t necessary. I still go and see the current band, is it as good as they were 15 years ago? No, but who is besides Iron Maiden and Rush who are actually better! Is Paul’s voice what it once was? No, but if we are being honest it’s no worse than Brian Johnson’s, Rab Halford’s or Ozzy’s at this point. I guess I’m just guilty of the mind set that being able to see KISS in this incarnation is better than not being able to see them at all. But I digress, Gene and Paul taking shots at Ace and Peter at this point is stupid and frankly cowardly, and to say they won’t be asked to perform with them if inducted to the travesty that is the RnR HOF is beyond ridiculous. But let’s face it, should any of this surprise us at this point? Gene and Paul are who they are, and Peter and Ace are who they are, non of that is changing at this point. It was great to see Ace and Peter playing and sounding great, hope to hear more from them soon.

  17. It’s insane that Gene won’t play with Ace and Peter if they are inducted into the hall. It was all four of them that made KI$$ what they are today not just Gene and Paul

    If Gene & Paul can perform at the induction, Ace and Peter have every right to be on stage also.
    Ace & Peter should get Bruce Kulick and a bass player and play NY Groove and Beth.

  18. This is turning into General Hospital………I am very similiar to Eddie………lifelong Kiss fan from 75…..have been done with the band since the Farewell Tour………Gene has destroyed the band for so long, who cares anymore. They deserve the Hall, ce & Peter should be there, but as themselves. Not the Spaceman & Cat…..Let Paul & Gene look stupid!!! Also, Love that Ace & Peter refused to take part in Kiss Documentary that Gene & Paul are doing!!!

  19. I am not a big Kiss fan, but if they get inducted into the hall – All original members should be invited to attend and play…..its a joke if all members are not included!

  20. Eddie, I agree with you. Gene has made a huge mistake with their fan base or should I say their “bosses”. It’ s an abomination not to have the original four play at the Jann Weiner Rock and Roll Hall of Fame if elected. I have been a fan as long as you and have accepted a lot of nonsense from this band , while waving the Kiss Army flag. But if this goes down that way and Ace and Peter are not invited to play, I am done as a Kiss fan. Not to mention, let’s be human and support two individuals who have been clean and sober for a long time. What a disgrace!

  21. We all saw the train wreck that was the Van Halen induction into the RRHOF. As a huge KISS fan, I can only hope Gene and Paul do the right thing if and when they are inducted – and get Ace and Peter up on stage to play one song. It’s really a no-brainer. Doc McGhee needs to tell Gene just to shut up for once and let this thing play out. For someone who always talks about how they give the fans what they want, this is the one time when the universe wants to see the original band together one last time.

  22. You’re spot on with everything here, Ed.
    When I grew up, the thing was to dress up as a KISS member for Halloween. At least, for me it was.
    One year I was ACE the following year I was Pete. Note, I said ACE and PETER. Not “The Cat Man” or “Space ACE”.
    Even at that young of an age, for me, I worshiped Peter as a drummer and who else hasn’t stood up on on the arms of their couch imagining they’re ACE playing a guitar solo with a tennis racket?
    That band, back then, was my introduction into Rock and Roll and for many years I loved ACE as a guitarist and PETER as a drummer.
    I loved KISS back then but over the years of course, I’ve outgrown them but have never outgrown how much excited I was as a kid to see ACE and PETER play when I saw them at their Dynasty tour.
    I hate how GENE downplays those early days and now shovels so much crap on ACE and PETER. He completely disregards how huge amounts of their fanbase loved those guys.

  23. I think you hit all the nails on the head, Eddie. So you know why some members won’t appear on your show. There’s nothing they can really defend.

    They may get in the HHOF sooner or later, now that Rush got in and over time more players that liked KISS got in. So they will get more votes. I was opposed to KISS getting in, until I saw the list of bands/performers that are in. Like you, I liked the band a lot in ’76 and ’77, but unlike you, I got away from them shortly thereafter.

    But the history of Rock and Roll can’t honestly be told without KISS, and they did inspire a ton of people in our generation to get into rock and roll and pick up an instrument. They also raised the bar regarding what constituted a great rock show. Bands like Triumph and all who came after had to put more money into their stage show. I would argue that KISS did this in part to distract people from their average musicianship. I’d argue that Paul Stanley was never a great front man. Listen to his stage rants now – they are laughable: “Anyone like vodka and are-ange juice?” Pul-leaze!!!

    I also don’t believe that their sound was that influential. Yes, every single heavy metal band now will say they were KISS fans and they likely were, but very few bands really sound a lot like they did. I hear a little KISS in a Whitesnake tune or two, and I’m sure you hear a lot more than I do in different bands. But when you look at the biggest, heavy bands in the 1980s and 90s, you don’t hear KISS. I don’t hear them in Van Halen, Priest, Metallica, G ‘n R or any of the other top draws. I hear Sabbath, Led Zep, Van Halen, Aerosmith, Deep Purple and maybe some UFO or Budgie – esp. in Iron Maiden. But no KISS.

    PS – You also often say how DLR of Van Halen was never much of a singer. He was certainly never up to the LPs, but you have to admit he was a lot better back in the late-70s/early 80s as he is now. His marlboro habit has caught up to him bigtime!

    Love the show and keep up the great job Eddie. I’ve said it before, but you’ll be the Lawrence Welk of Heavy Metal/Hard Rock in 30 years when we’re all old. And I mean that as a complement. People thought big band music would never die too.

  24. As usual, you’re right on the money. The fans response if Ace and Peter ever took the stage with them (even for one night or a few songs) would absolutely crush Gene’s ego, (because then it would be TRULY for the fans, and not simply what Gene wants) and make all his prior comments seem so incredibly petty and self serving. I respect Gene as a performer, but the way he has handled this is despicable and childish. He can’t back down now, because he would have to take responsibility for being wrong, and he’s simply not capable of that.

  25. Kiss is a horrible band. The two human beings who are in charge of the band currently are horrible people. But most importantly their music is horrible. Their best song is another rock band’s worst song. The music just sucks, its a dumbed down gay version of ACDC if that is even possible. They make up for this crap music by theatrics and dressing up as silly comic book characters. The only reason they are or were huge is timing, I understand being influenced back in the 70’s seeing that sort of thing at a concert or looking at the album cover when you are young and so easily influence and impressed upon. But as an adult you are lying if you say Kiss is a great Rock N’ Roll band. They are the opposite of what Rock N’ Roll is really about. Rock N’ Roll is an attitude it is not a business model. My biggest gripe is their music and that says a lot. PS. Gene is a big pos.

    1. Kiss was around before AC/DC dumbass so that comment is stupid guess you like the chilly peppers,Elton john,and other bands that as far as I am concerned have nothing to do with rock-n-roll get a life

      1. why dont you make an opinion on the topic at hand instead of ignorantly responding to my post you idiot. I know kiss came before why are you assuming i thought different dumbass they only came a few months before by the way . but i still stand by my comments kiss suck and so do you SNAKE lol ps. i dont like any of those bands you mentioned. i like guns n’ roses the epitome of rock n’ roll attitude with great music . no bs. like kiss. if you were born after 1983 and you like kiss your an idiot.

    2. By calling Kiss a horrible band, I think you are doing an injustice to horrible bands everywhere, who, in reality, are much better. Kiss is well beyond being merely horrible… the term may have suited them in the 70’s and 80’s, but in the 90’s and now, they are actually much worse. Is shitacular a word?

      Just this week, I happened upon a KISS concert broadcast on AXS TV that looked fairly recent. I watched a few minutes of it, including what appeared to be a Gene Simmons bass solo. It was exactly like seeing and hearing something that was the opposite of music. In fact, it inspired me to conduct an experiment. I went on YouTube and found a recording of whales passing gas. I slowed the recording down and then looped it and played it backwards for a test audience. I asked the respondents to choose which sample sounded more like music: Gene Simmons playing bass or backwards-masked whale farts. By a nearly 10 to 1 margin, they chose the whale farts.

      1. It’s good to see the Department of Corrections is allowing uneducated inmates access to computers. Hopefully, this access will guide them away from recidivism. How much time did you get, Jim?

  26. I couldn’t agree more Eddie. As a lifelong KISS fan myself, I would love to see Ace and Peter at the RRHOF (if elected), but would not like to see a reunion tour. Been there done that!! The new lineup is the new lineup, no problem with it. It’s crazy that my favorite band is so dysfunctional when it comes to getting together, even for a short period of time, to do something that the fans deserve. Gene always states that the fans are the reason they exist….then give them what they want one last time!!!

  27. Their very best material was with Ace and Peter in the band, there is no denying this. I would hope htat they would bring back all the members who where in Kiss at one time or another, because many fans grew up on the later version of Kiss. Everyone who was with Kiss were all a part of the history, shouldn’t being in the Hall reflect this.

  28. I agree with Eddie’s comments 99% but I would like to add one thing. For sake of comparison, look at how Metallica handled it in 2009. They tried to include all present and former band members, because they felt that ALL those people helped get Metallica to that point. I remember seeing nothing but goodwill between everyone on that stage when they accepted that award.

    Gene Simmons should look at that example and try to be a bigger man about this. If Kiss were to be inducted, I say ALL band members should be included, past and present. Ace, Peter, Bruce, everyone! Heck, even invite Vinnie! And it would also be nice to mention those that could not make it: Eric Carr and Mark St. John. Some of us are bigger fans of a certain “era” of Kiss and would love to see our favorite musicians recognized.

  29. Everything KISS is doing now began with the reunion. There was no other logical way to go back to the makeup. Both Ace and Peter have been very candid about their problems and how they contributed to the end of the original lineup and reunion. It would be nice if Gene could bury the hatchet for one night like Metallica with Newsted, instead of being an Axl Rose level douchebag about the induction. KISS fan for more than 30 years…disappointed yet again.

    1. The GnR induction FIRST TIME eligible was about one thing, the Hall trying to get an original reunion. You really think GnR was deserving of FIRST TIME ELIGIBLE induction on a fairly short run with that band? Not even VH or Aerosmith or AC/DC had that!

      1. Thank god someone said that, Ed!
        From my perspective, G&R sucked after the Speghetti Incident. They made it to the HOF mostly off of Appetite/Destruction and not much else except reputation.

      2. Though not a huge G&R fan, I understand their influence, but outside of Appetite and the 2 Illusions, the band pretty much self-imploded into excess, and the long delay between the 2 Illusions, and Chinese Democracy should have ensured they’d wait a little before getting in. Let’s not forget, Kiss and too many other bands to mention (to name a few, The Cars, J. Geils Band, Journey, the list goes on aren’t in) put out numerous successful albums and haven’t even been inducted, some not even nominated. Guns were great, and though undoubtedly influential, I think a certain amount of longevity ought to count for something. Also, other writers were wise to point out that VH, AC/DC, Rush, and possibly Aerosmith didn’t get in on their 1st attempt. I’m not sure if Nirvana are in either, and though influential in their own way, their it can be debated both ways as to whether their entire body of work (2 albums and an EP I believe, and a live album) are worthy of the Hall. I understand why ET has issues with the Hall as it can be nonsensical in terms of who gets in and who is left out. At least the fans are more involved in the process so I hear, which should bode well in future years.

  30. Let’s stay with what ET mentioned that KISS ISN’T IN YET, AND THERE’S NO GUARANTEE YET. Hall & Oates may well get the nod over Kiss, and I happen to have liked both bands though Kiss is obviously more of a serious rock and roll band. Still Hall & Oates are more rock and roll than Abba or Madonna for sure. The point is, unfortunately Gene and Paul should be humble enough to admit that Kiss’ true glory period was 1973-1980 (if you want to let Dynasty and Unmasked into the picture, and you can go back to 1978 if you really want to chart the decline, right after Alive II in my opinion), and those years of Kiss’ dominance definitely involved Peter and Ace. What came later kept the band viable, but the magic as far as being at their peak and putting out classics was gone. I don’t think Crazy Nights or Tears are Falling rate with earlier songs such as Deuce, Strutter, Black Diamond, which don’t sound dated or cheesy to this day. They did put out some worthy material after the ’73-’78 period, but the albums were largely spotty. If you don’t believe me, go back and listen to everything from their 1st album through Love Gun, and get back to me. On that alone they deserve Hall, and all else is gravy. Will it be enough??? We’ll see… It ought to be in my book.

  31. If the RnR HoF is based on the 25th ann. of the first release of the nominated band, then it simply should/has reflect the original/surviving members, regardless of petty disputes…How long can that jargon resonate?!, …makes no sense. If EVERY member (generally speaking for example, and from asst. bands) had to get up there for acceptance, jam etc, the stage could collapse, way too many and not needed. At the most reasonable dynamic, founding and current members makes the only sense to appear, and not to diss the band’s other historical members, but it needs to make some structural logic.

  32. I think that Ace and Peter are way more important to the band than Tommy and Eric. I like Tommy and Eric, but there wouldn’t be KISS as it is without Peter and Ace. So they need to be invited because it would be a horrible travesty without them. Some of the bands biggest hits wouldn’t have been written. Beth, Cold Gin, Hard Luck Woman, etc

  33. ET is it really Gene or Paul’s call? Being a lifelong Rush fan, I attended the Hall of Fame last year and read about everything I could get my hands on, and it sounded like Wenner and the Hall board made all sorts of requests of Rush in terms of what songs to play, how long to play etc. I don’t think it’s up to the band to invite or univite anyone. The Hall will certainly induct the four original members. the question would be, who after the orginal four would get in? Everyone? Just people who had been invloved more than a few years? Dunno. But my point is, I have a hard time seeing the Hall induct KISS and not have the original four attend and/or perform. The pure logistical challenge of any KISS performance might be the deal breaker. Rush sat at a banquet table for five hours, got up, made their speech and then played. KISS would not be able to do that unless they attended the event in full makeup from the very start of the night which would be weird IMO. Never a dull moment in KISS-world…

  34. Well as far as I am concerned,being a life long KISS fan myself,what I seriously think they should do now is take the make up off again,just like in the 80s out of respect to Ace and Peter!!!!! And,as far as Gene selling this version of KISS,doesn’t he have more than ENOUGH money already?? He seriously needs to come down off of his high horse for a reality check.I have lost a tremendous amount of respect for King Gene after this latest tirade that hes on and for insulting Ace and Gene like he does.I would LOVE to see Ace and Peter tour together!!!!! I am pretty sure if they did,they could easily play the bigger venues and I bet every show would be a sell out!!!!

    1. I don’t think Ace & Peter would be a huge draw live honestly. And I doubt Peter wants to tour these days. I think Kiss should have ended when they said they were and Paul should have done solo tours and albums like Live To Win tour.

      1. Ace and Pete wouldn’t be a arena draw . But, they surely would be a good hall / theater draw . Alot better than what Ace does on his own .
        Eddie, do you know if Peter and Ace can sing the songs live they had lead vocals on even though they didn’t write the song ?

        Sorry if this was talked about last night . I dont have your radio show here

  35. kiss new music blows,every album has on e good song,n 10 that blow.enough said.kiss is almost done,if not for the SHOW,so if you didn’t see them in the 70s,or 80s,too bad suckers

      1. I wouldn’t mind another KISS album that was along the lines of Creatures, Revenge or Carnival of Souls. I also think a non-make up tour with Bruce and Eric would be pretty cool.

          1. Eddie – With today’s music scene, how do you think KISS would fair if they did an album like Creatures. Like you, I don’t believe the last two albums were that strong (OK in my opinion), and I don’t understand why Paul and Gene are so determined to capture that 70’s vibe.

            Thank you for bringing hard rock/heavy metal to the masses.

      2. The last two albums weren’t strong? Why, because Eric and Tommy played on the albums, and Ace and Peter didn’t. (take a long listen to Peter’s solo album, All for One. That is a musical embarassment) Musically, those albums (Sonic and Monster) are up there with the best of Kiss Albums. I truly believe you make these kinds of statements so you don’t piss off Ace or Peter. No one can objectively say that Sonic Boom and Monster are weak albums. That is utterly inane. Eddie you really need to evolve. It’s not 1977 anymore. Sure, most of us old-timers started liking Kiss in the mid 70’s, when we were 10, 11, 12 years old. And sure, most of us have a fondness for the original band because that’s what we grew up with. When Ace and Peter left Kiss, Gene and Paul tried new stage personas with Eric Carr and Vinnie Vincent. IT DID NOT WORK! Ace and Peter should have purchased/filed for the rights to their personas, but THEY DID NOT. And why didn’t they….. because they are addicts, and they not only fucked up their personal lives, they fucked up their careers with Kiss as well… And for you to say that they’ve been clean for several years – how do you know that? Because they told you? Well maybe, they have been, and I hope they have, but you don’t know that for certain. Do you? Ahhh and yes, let’s talk about Peter’s book…. the addict’s memoir…. where do I begin with that? An entire book about blaming others (Paul and Gene) for your fuck-ups. I loved how he would admit fucking up and would own the behavior for half a sentence, then say that it was all because he was so unhappy with Gene and Paul. Utterly pathetic. He threw his career away, as did Ace. No one is to blame other than Peter and Ace. Eddie, aren’t you supposed to be objective in what you do? Especially when you interview people? Based on what I’ve seen and heard during your interviews, you are far from it.

        1. How am I supposed to interview the others when they run from tough questions and won’t do the shows? MUCH easier to go on CNN with someone that has no clue on their music and asks what they want them to ask. I love when People say Eric and Vinnie makeup didn’t work. Guess what? NOTHING worked back then no matter who was in the band! AMAZING when people don’t realize how rock bottom this bands career was and what a joke they were in the US no matter who was in the band! And guess what, Ace & Peter were not on Psycho either! And outside of a few songs it’s way better in my view than the last couple albums which had some utter cringe songs on them.. But again, just run with the usual talking point of “he’s friends with Ace & Peter”, and discount the HUGE history I have seeing and supporting NON original Kiss! My first book is dedicated to ERIC CARR!!

          1. Oh, the tough questions…. like the ones you asked Peter and Ace on your show? Hey, how have you been? What you been up to? How long have we been friends? Any unbiased journalist would have delved into each of their books and really questioned the veracity of each. And why not bring Peter out and say this, “All for One, what the hell were you thinking? Just be honest, Eddie. Ace and Peter are your friends and you care about whether or not you hurt their feelings. And that translates into – I don’t want them to get pissed at me because I’d like to have them on next season, and possibly show up at my sponsored events. It’s quite obvious – that’s why so many people are saying it.

          2. Peter called in to talk about the party! That’s what the interview was about! Reference my previous interviews with him about the product you are referring to when it came out maybe?
            As for Ace he was asked about the Hall, the house foreclosure, not doing the doc, which is why it’s making news. Anything I missed there genius? It’s the ultimate defense mechanism to go with the ole “Eddie’s just friends with those guys” line when it doesn’t fall right in line with what you want to believe huh? And I can only present the side of the members that do step up and do my shows..

  36. Hey guys there are a lot of facts being thrown around that are inaccurate. I agree that I love the original Kiss but if you read the books by peter and ace they make it sound like kiss was going out of business with out them and that’s just not true. Lick it up, animalized, asylum, crazy nights, all were platinum albums and hot in the shade and revenge were gold albums. The fact that they co-headlined with Motley Crue did insure a sell out but if you still go to see them(like I do every year)You will still see the building full or near full. We talked on this site how the music business is not drawing like it used to due to economic and inet exposure reasons, but Kiss in comparison to other groups does quite well. I love peter and ace too but the fact remains they are not the players that the guys that fills their shoes are and Kiss is on everything from American Idol. Dancing with the Stars, Dr pepper adds, Reality shows. Movies, etc. So as much as I long for one more trip down memory lane, The current Kiss is still trucking along and Cashing Fat Checks!!!

    1. Whoa, Kiss WAS in HUGE trouble in the early 80’s! EVERYONE knows that! Lick It Up going Gold at the time was such a huge deal they had a full page ad in Billboard. Before that was a disaster in the 80’s. They were playing to half or less empty arenas. That continued by the way at MANY gigs Lick It Up forward. I was there, I was asked to give away boat loads of tickets free to paper the house as they say. They did okay, but FAR from a slam dunk live with many soft shows through the 80’s. ’96 reunion had them at MSG 4 nights sold out. HUGE difference. Today Kiss is a casino, festival act in the US. Not a knock, just reality of their draw, as is the case with many bands. They can not sustain a major venue tour as a headline without a major co headline like Motley. Proof? No real tour for the latest album here in the US. They should do a theater tour here which would be cool and they could sell. But those economics likely don’t work, so just select dates now or shows with MAJOR support around them. They do okay, but FAR from 4 nights in an arena.

      1. Eddie, you’re absolutely right. KISS was virtually dead around 1982. The LP wasn’t getting much, if any airplay. In my hometown of Rochester NY, a town that KISS hadn’t played since 1975 (their stage show was too big for the late 1970s) they played at the 10,000 seat Rochester War Memorial. The venue had a giant curtain splitting the arena for the show (which my buddy attended) – because it was less than half full. I believe around 3 to 4,000 people showed up. That was it. Next stop after that would’ve been theaters.

  37. ET, first of all lets not make the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame a legitimate organization. You have said several times on TMS and your radio shows that the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame does not deserve our respect. I do agree that Gene is out of line with his sales tactics at the expense of Ace and Peter. However, we have to appreciate what Ace and Peter are doing now even though it does not involve world tours or heavily produced stage acts. True fans know the real story of KISS and the contributions from the original members. I guess it’s tough to sometimes control our emotions since we are such passionate fans, but I guess the thrust of my message here is to not legitimize the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and respect Ace and Peter’s clean bills of health.

    1. Regardless if we like it or not the R&R Hall IS the institution for this music at the moment. Many have NO IDEA so many iconic bands are NOT in already. That’s why I call attention to it. Thanks


        Come on Ed, you know you want to do it!!!! Then all those bands that get ignored….stop getting ignored.

        Plus, it could be a great way of helping the RJD charity. Example: “Tickets cost $20 each, $5 goes to RJD charity. Attendance for the event is say 5,000, charity makes $25,000.” Not even Gene Simmons would think of this!!! (I mean, giving money away!!)

        I might just have to start putting this idea around!!

        P.S: “As I have given you this great idea which I know you really want to do, I have first refusal in inducting Black Sabbath…..And I’m not refusing!!!

  38. Eddie, I hope you will at least consider the side I choose to take by still loving and enjoying this band. Again I respect you and what you do for genre. i adore Ace and Peter as well as Eric and Tommy. To me a band is a team..much like say a football team..Drew Pearson and Michael IRvin wore star on their helmet and#88 . This doesn’t make Dez Bryant an impersonator of Irvin.. I respect each original member designed their own makeup but misled or not both Ace and Peter surrendered their rights to that make up. I look at the 4 designs as uniforms and hallowed Kiss tradition…war paint of all Kiss embodies for us fans to love and escape withi Eric’s 16 yrs with band and drum style even in Cat makeup does not IMPERSONATE Peter,claim he is Peter and never has Gene or Paul tried to say he was. If Tommy only Impersonated Ace why live does Tommy play part of solo behind his head like he did with Black n Blue?..that’s not an Ace trait live! Tommy guitar doesn’t smoke and catch fire live..shoots rockets yes but not the other out of respect to Ace. I don’t drink the “koolaid”..I love ALL KIss past and present. Paul n Gene deserve credit for keeping band going 40yrs. I respect all of you guys..just consider the fans that can acc

      1. If an athlete makes a particularly important contribution to the history of a team, don’t they often retire his number? That’s what should’ve happened with Ace and Peter’s make-up. Peter IS the Catman and Ace IS the Spaceman – anyone else wearing that make-up is just an impersonator, period. These are personas, not characters, and seeing a rock’n’roll band perform shouldn’t feel like you’re watching a play with actors performing roles. Eddie, as many others have pointed out, you’re 100% correct about what Kiss has become (and believe it or not, I’ve been a Kiss fan even longer than you). Keep up the good work, Eddie.

  39. Eddie…more so than ok the football uniform battle gear comment….I meant more emphasis on my cited performance traits live by Tommy and Eric…not EVERYTHING they do are exactly Ace or Peter Like..exampl..Tommy doing behind head soloing,Eric style of showmanship….that’s all I’m saying and TOMmy and Eric themselves respect Ace and Peter as I do…my earlier posts that in my opinion..tommy and especially Eric after 16urs don’t have to paint themselves differently for me to appreciate them as musicians as well..again I love and respect you Eddie and all you do for the best genre in music..God Bless u Eddie

  40. I for one am enjoying the Kool Aid. My favorite band is still touring and putting out good music (my opinion) forty years later. I would never say Id rather have the current incarnation over the original. But the original KISS is long since dead and I got over that long ago. They tried to reunite for the rather lame Psycho Circus . Monster and Sonic were both better as well as most of the albums with Bruce and Eric were better. To me it’s about the music. I didn’t like tommy and Eric in the make up, but I am over that. The make up is secondary for me. I am very thankful KISS did not go away when Ace and peter left. No, they are not the huge band they were in 1977, but they are still doing pretty well. Not bad for one of the most dis-respected bands of all time. Long live KISS. They have survived drug abuse, alcohaulism, numerous car crashes, drownings etc…..As far as the HOF goes, who cares . It is a joke. Yes ,I do hope the original four perform if they are chosen. But, I think we will see LL Cool J instead.

    1. I like Psycho Circus way more than either of the last two albums, and it’s NOT because the original band played on it, because guess what, they didn’t outside of one song! way better songs and production in my view despite the fact that Kiss themselves bash it when selling their latest albums.

      1. The title cut alone on Psycho Circus had the thunder that was reminscent of earlier classics. The rest of the album, especially Ace’s Into The Void was also pretty damn good. As for Gene, I thought We Are One was pretty catchy, and even Peter’s underrated ballad I Finally Found My Way to You though fruity, was a decent enough ballad that could have been a live showcase for him. As for recent albums, they’ve been way spottier, with some high points (Modern Day Delilah, Hell or Hallelujiah, Freak), but a lot of generic stuff. The thing is, back in their classic period, let’s say anything from Kiss through Love Gun, they might not have been Einstein’s at the pen, but at least they weren’t generic sounding. They had a grittier feel and rocking edge that wasn’t overproduced, and was well played. The early classics stand up. The did put out some solid songs after that, but most go under the category of guilty pleasures. The title cut on Psycho Circus to me at least was a startling return to form that they rarely reached after their glory period (I’ll give them Creatures of the Night cuts like Rock ‘n Roll Hell, title Cut, I Still Love You, I love it Loud, some of Revenge (Unholy), but largely they were phoning it on. Anyway, long story short, I wouldn’t be so quick to bash Psycho Circus when the song and most of the album came the closest to their glory years than anything after them.

          1. I’m guessing that’s the only song with Peter drumming, and I assumed it was all 4 on the title cut (Psycho Circus). Was it Ace on guitar or Peter on drums on the title cut, or neither of the 2 of them? My guess is Ace, but I can be wrong. Either way, it’s too bad, when they actually reconvened, on their reunion tour, and put out a new studio album, “Psycho Circus”, that it wasn’t a true reunion in the studio, though album turned out OK. I guess that makes Love Gun in ’77 the last album with all 4 throughout as by Dynasty, Peter’s drumming was limited to “Dirty Livin” (underrated song I feel).

        1. Right, that’s how I made it on media for 30 years? That’s why I took the side of Sabbath when Bill Ward DID come on? I take a stand for what I believe always! And just an FYI, if some run from my shows because they can’t stand up to a tough question or an educated interviewer about the topic that kind of says it all…

      2. I agree….Psycho Circus is way better than both Sonic Boom and Monster !

        “You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best”
        “Into the Void”
        title track “Psycho Circus”

  41. i say for the record ace the spaceman was designed by ace himself as its part of him and his love for space/science fiction and all…same way with peter the catman.. its cheapened when these guys in kiss today try to mimic it right down to certain solo’s ace put in alive 1 here’s tommy throwing in his two cents , it just cheapens the whole experience . personally i would like to ask paul how would he love led zepplin today ( which i understand he admires as influence) if they where a different singer replacing robert plant or jimmy page , i seriously doubt he would attend the show..point is no one would want to see led zepplin any other way.. thats my take on kiss in makeup and makeup years only…but for the record eric carr i loved, he did have his on makeup and he was perfect fit for kiss with his makeup with ace…period.. but yeah when kiss did reunion back in 96 they ruled the world on that lineup, i don’t see any think close to that today …i saw kiss over 10 times on that tour and they didn’t have no problems selling them out..no major bands on those bills either i can recall…but today kiss plays co headliners with crue come’on face the facts …that’s my take on it

    1. The worst thing i’ve seen is Eric chewing gum during Black Diamond .

      Now we could argue that Eric was just chewing gum. Whats wrong with that ?

      Or ,
      We could assume that Gene & Paul wanted Eric to chew gum during that song.

      I dont know if Peter always chewed gum but i have plenty of video showing that from back in the day .
      I also dont know if they have Eric chewing the gum each night during Black Diamond. I just saw video that he was…

      1. OMG! He chewed gum during Black Diamond!? That’s horrible! Good thing he didn’t get a blow job from his lead guitarist…. oh, wait….that did happen, but that was a different drummer.

        1. It was kind of Peter’s trademark look to be chewing gum during certain songs.
          Master Gene didn’t have puppet Eric doing it the first few years but then fine tuned the replicating of Peter for Eric to do it too. Pretty pathetic but hey, it pay’s better then the Cooper gig !!
          You can read it on page 121 , line’s 3 and 4 of Eric’s contract.

          1. Ahhhh yes it’s one big conspiracy. Or maybe, just maybe, chewing gum helps to keep the mouth moist when a person sings.

  42. For me, it comes down to this. When Gene knows full well what Ace and Peter are today and says mistruths anyway about them, it says nothing about Ace and Peter but speaks volumes about the lack of character of Gene. I think saying he’s a salesman is being much too kind. I don’t like the tactic and self serving agenda. I don’t respect anyone that doesn’t play fairly. I don’t know what the lure is of Gene and Paul to fans when they act like kids. If you took their money and declining fame away, their confidence would be probably zilch. Peter’s book talked about what a real basket case Paul is with his constant needs for a shrink to get him through just living on a daily basis. That Gene wouldn’t allow Peter and Ace to play a song together now because of their own admitted f-up’s in the past tells me just how shallow this guy is. He even named a solo album after himself. Eddie, I lived the fantasy of Kiss in the 70’s along with you and it was a lot of fun. I don’t pay attention to these guys anymore because I don’t want to indulge in the kinds of people that they represent them to be these days. Gene isn’t JUST selling what Kiss is today. He is jealous of any attention that is turned towards Ace and Peter because it means its away from him. In reality, he is an insecure little man with a lot of money. Big deal. Ace and Peter always take the high road and have a sense of humor along the way not being really affected by Gene’s tiresome antics. Gene and Paul have no humor and I honestly have grown to dislike these guys only more and more. How can you not?

    1. Wow, your view on Kiss is really skewed. Did you even read Peter’s book? He sounded like a whiney 6 year old throughout that entire book. And if you ever have any doubt as to where the musical talent was in Kiss, take a long listen to Peter’s most recent solo work, All For One. Probably the most embarassing, painful album ever made.

        1. Eddie.
          I have a feeling this SS guy is in the Kiss camp and doing pr work on the internet.
          He tries to change Rich’s points to something else . Usually typical of a politician.

          He must have not heard Gene’s embarassing,painful, 4000 copies sold 1st week , release ; A**hole…….LOL

          Like I wrote to you years ago . I hope you never have Gene and Paul on TMS .
          I’m your age and have followed Kiss as long as you . Saw them 13 times around the midwest from 96-00 alone. Eddie, you know exactly what they would say to your questions if they were on your show . They are masters of spining their brand.
          The only way I would have them on my show ( if I had one ) is if Peter and Ace were there too !

          1. Actually SS is too dumb to work in pr unless its Todd fronted Queensryche camp.’
            He’s just a internet troll looking for attention.
            He’s probably very excited you jumped on the boards so he can argue with you. He probably dosent even beleive what he is posting

  43. Kiss Alive was the first album I ever bought. Kiss back in the 70’s was the Real Kiss, not merely a cover band that they are today. Make no mistake, it’s always been about money. Why do you think Peter and Ace were allowed one song each per album, the lion’s share of the profits go to the ones with the song credits! Correct me if I’m wrong but Ace’s solo album in the 70’s sold more than gene’s and Pauls!! A good comparison of what happened to Ace and Peter would be what happened with Don Felder of the Eagles. Has been, always will be about money!! Both Gene and Paul claim it’s all about the fans, ok, ask the Kiss army and all of the fans what lineup they’d rather see, the original or the current !!!!!

    1. Darren. You make some interesting points, but believe it or not, Gene did allow 3 Ace songs (Ace’s confidence had grown after his solo album did the best (“NY Groove, Rip it Out, etc…) to be featured on Dynasty (Save Your Love, 2000 Man (modified cover of Stones song), and Hard Times), and Unmasked (Talk to Me, Torpedo Girl, 2 Sides of the Coin), but it was always Ace and Peter versus, Gene and Paul, and as much as Ace was tight with Eric Carr, from what I’ve read, the leverage shifted where Ace had to counter Paul and Gene, and a neutral Eric (God rest his soul) Carr. The Elder was the final straw for Ace. Obviously not every Kiss fan’s favorite album, but at least it’s failure was the impetus to go in a more rocking direction with Creatures and Lick it Up with Vinnie Vincent on guitar until that relationship imploded. After that, I feel the roof caved in creatively for Kiss as Gene went Hollywood (acting), and his efforts were substandard, and they chased the trends insteaed of being the leaders. I guess they got it back in my book with Revenge, but note that “old friend” Vinnie Vincent contributed the writing to Unholy and some others, and even Michael Bolton (rock background to those unfamilar with that part of his career), helped them score their last top 10 to date, Forever. Strange band, with strange Kisstory, perhaps not so strange for the wacky world or Rock!

  44. Hey, Ed I did not mean 80-83. Try 83-87. Lick it up eventually goes platinum as does animalized as does crazy nights. I was at Asylum tour at Garden 1985.(same night John Gotti has Paul Costellano Wacked at Sparks steakhouse)and place was packed, maybe not sold out but almost. There was a Monster tour in the states, I was at Mohegan sun in the summer with no opening act worth mentioning and the place was sold out. (even though the joint is small and took walk up to finally close sales). I totally agree with a lot of this great back and forth with all the great opinions on this topic on your site, but I go to a lot of hard rock shows and this problem with filling houses is all over. People don’t come out like they used to be it for Kiss, Whitesnake, Priest, Even Sabbath had to paper the arena with a #1 album. I just think Kiss in the 80’s did a good job changing with the times and being a Hair rock band with a axe slinging guitar player(Vincent,Kulick), Like Ratt, Dokken, etc. and I thought that version of the band made good tunes as well. Saying they were in Huge trouble is a bit much. I don’t think Gene and Paul were gonna go broke at any time during that period. I do agree obviously that this was not as cool as the reunion of the original 4. Hey ED I just heard from my friends that are on the Kiss cruise that they are doing songs like Almost Human, anything for my baby, mainline and even the Oath!! LIve!! I respect your opinion on the topic but tell me if you were there for that you wouldn’t go nuts. You are still the kiss fan that tried to defend them when you were a kid when Dynasty and Unmaked came out…..Just like me..Later ED.

    1. A “tour” is not a few scattered gigs at fairs and a casino. Trust me, Asylum and Animalize were also very soft in many places, as was Crazy Nights. HOTS maybe did the best and benefited from Slaughter and Winger as support. Both very hot at the time. Revenge tour also far from a slam dunk sales wise. It was all okay, but far from massive. There is a book that tells you openers and attendance at every Kiss show ever, check it out

      1. I was at Animalize in Dayton Ohio with Queensryce it was full crowd show at a smaller venue less than 10,000. I was in Toledo on Hot Shade Tour Good crowd(Slaughter and Faster Pussycat). Slaughter was horrible(Pussy Cat was awesome). The songs on MTV I think Helped at the Time. Paul’s Poppy Metal/Ballads. People were excited about Queensryce but not Slaughter. I was upset because WASP was opening up just before my show then Queensryce got on and I was pissed off. there were fights all during the show but that’s Dayton I guess. Paul threatened some on in the audience Said he wanted to make earrings out of his f*cking teeth.

          1. SS’s vision is attendence figures . I guess if thats true Lady Ga Ga is better then the Gene and Paul show.

            What SS fails to say is Pauls LTW solo tour sold no better then Ace’s tours…

    2. I agree. KISS was always one of the biggest bands here in the Midwest. Five to ten thousand people is a great big crowd. look at KISS’ album sales without makeup and now….no comparison.

  45. Ace & Peter should definitely be INVITED to accept/play if KISS is inducted. Heart went in last year and played with original members who have not been in the band since 1979. To exclude Ace and Peter would be the same insult as to exclude Ritchie Blackmore if Deep Purple gets the nod. Founding members/key members should always included, any other decision is beyond stupid!

    1. Only the original lineup of Heart got in! The RRHOF did not admit the 1980s “big hair” version. The goofy thing is even though the original lineup was onstage, Ann still had to have her current keyboardist and a guitarist from the current lineup. Talk about insecure! She still couldn’t just have the original lineup up there.

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