winger Dollar Loan Center, in partnership with KOMP 92.3 in Las Vegas, is putting on a concert featuring Winger on August 31st at 10 p.m. This end of summer blowout concert will be at the Chrome Showroom in the Santa Fe Station. Along with Winger, Drivin’ n Cryin’ and Hericane Alice will also be performing. Drivin’ n Cryin’ will open the show and Hericane Alice will be performing at the after show party. Tickets for this event cannot be purchased. The only way to win tickets is by registering at Las Vegas area Dollar Loan Centers or from KOMP 92.3.

This August marks the 25th anniversary of Winger’s self-titled debut album and the band will be performing that album in its entirety. Winger is a hard rock band from New York City and their debut album achieved platinum status in the United States along with gold in Japan and Canada. As of this year, Winger is back and celebrating the 25th anniversary with a brand new cd and tour. This show will be one of two shows in the United States and will feature all original band members.Drivin’ n Cryin formed in Atlanta in 1986. Starting in 2012, the band began a series of EPs, to be released about once per month, and each based around a theme or story. Hericane Alice, a glam metal band from Minneapolis, had a self-titled debut album along with their second album that came out in 1990 called Tear the House Down.

At this rare and exciting concert, Dollar Loan Center will have contests in which lucky winners can walk away with a number of prizes. Dollar Loan Center and KOMP 92.3 are putting this concert on to show their appreciation to the rock fans in Las Vegas for their support over the years.

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    1. Did you download the new Katy Perry son?. They say its about her break up with Russell Brand. You can play it after SHES ONLY 17 and then the other classic song TALK DIRTY TO ME afterwards.

    2. We’ll do our best Kirk, cause talking crap is what we do best here. I’ll guess we’ll see you on the next Kingdom Come post that Eddie has on the site. Stay real Bro and love yourself. Cause based on your comments clearly nobody else will love you.

    1. Did you ever hear TROLL TOLL by Danny Devito from ITS ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA? Great song. Back to Lita, she doesn’t look bad but that weirdo mentioned Taylor Swift. Imagine you re a guitarist and you have sex with a guitarist who had sex with Iommi?

    2. At first the thought kind of creeped me out – but now I’m thinking that would be like being touched by the hand of God. Which way you leaning on this one Richman?

    3. Which way am I leaning? Dude she is also connected to Blackmore. (The guy from WASP too but fuck him). That vagina is where metal begins and ends. Those guys are it man. She gave pleasure to those who have earned it. Let me see: MACHINE HEAD BURN RISING PARANOID MASTER SABOTAGE(my favorite ever) HEAVEN AND HELL 13(why not). Imagine making love with all those albums, songs and riffs. I ll take that over BUSHes daughters and Chelsea Clinton anytime my man.

    4. Geez now that you brought up Chris Holmes of WASP I would probably never get Sabbath in my head and just think about those cod pieces with the sawblades. Eventually I would just see Blackie Lawless’s face while he’s singing Fuck Like a Beast. So I might have to actually pass on your thought provoking love connection to Sabbath classics. I wish I could go there, but I just got cock blocked by Blackie Lawless.

  1. Lita is hot, still, met her in Burbank last year. All the Runaways have had f’d up personal lives…Joan’s is an enigma. She was secretly married to her guitarist in ’80, now? Winger was huge back in the day.

  2. And of course who could forget Holmes s fucked up scene in THE DECLINE OF WESTERN. CIVILIZATION 2: THE METAL YEARS. The guy downing VODKA(I think) while floating in a pool with his mother present. His guitar playing was fine, but that scene is credited with speeding up the metal genra s eventual demise in favor of Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley who were worse than anyone. As I said, metal begins and ends up inside Lita s thing. Imagine fucking like a beast that which was fucked by a beast who played FUCK LIKE A BEAST.

    1. Richman – you’re the king, Dude. I can’t compete with that. I remember watching that movie with his Mom poolside with that solemn look on her face. I kept thinking ‘this can’t be real – it must be for show’. But then I thought no way Penelope Spheeris would stage it cause she’s all about the credibility.
      BTW, the first WASP full length LP was actually pretty amazing.

    2. Agreed. Up until HEADLESS CHILDREN, everything was good. HELLDORADO the song from later on was good too. I tried getting into newer stuff but its not there for me. I WANNA BE SOMEBODY and the whole first album are metal classics. Hey Kirk. SUCK ME SUCK ME EAT ME RAW

    3. ….This is HARDER FASTER!!!
      You’re right on WASP, everything was good till then. I even enjoyed Crimson Idol even though it’s basically a Lawless solo record.

      I’m loving how an article on Winger turned into a conversation on sleeping with Lita Ford and then morphed into a conversation on WASP. Only on

    4. God Bless Eddie for keeping this thing going. This website is great and a must read for anyone who ever wore a black tee shirt and needed a haircut. Don and Jim are great comedians and the show has a nice dynamic. Jake E Lee s return to the scene and his honesty was a nice break from the usual HOWS IT GOING MAN? You could see some sincere pain there and the hosts kept it light but I thought that was TMSes best moment.

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