winger Dollar Loan Center, in partnership with KOMP 92.3 in Las Vegas, is putting on a concert featuring Winger on August 31st at 10 p.m. This end of summer blowout concert will be at the Chrome Showroom in the Santa Fe Station. Along with Winger, Drivin’ n Cryin’ and Hericane Alice will also be performing. Drivin’ n Cryin’ will open the show and Hericane Alice will be performing at the after show party. Tickets for this event cannot be purchased. The only way to win tickets is by registering at Las Vegas area Dollar Loan Centers or from KOMP 92.3.

This August marks the 25th anniversary of Winger’s self-titled debut album and the band will be performing that album in its entirety. Winger is a hard rock band from New York City and their debut album achieved platinum status in the United States along with gold in Japan and Canada. As of this year, Winger is back and celebrating the 25th anniversary with a brand new cd and tour. This show will be one of two shows in the United States and will feature all original band members.Drivin’ n Cryin formed in Atlanta in 1986. Starting in 2012, the band began a series of EPs, to be released about once per month, and each based around a theme or story. Hericane Alice, a glam metal band from Minneapolis, had a self-titled debut album along with their second album that came out in 1990 called Tear the House Down.

At this rare and exciting concert, Dollar Loan Center will have contests in which lucky winners can walk away with a number of prizes. Dollar Loan Center and KOMP 92.3 are putting this concert on to show their appreciation to the rock fans in Las Vegas for their support over the years.

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  • Lee on

    Eddie brings on the right questions, but; I’d really pile it on to some many bands, freakin Skid Row are playing a bar in an area of town where I live I’d never go after dark. 119 people down from 18,000 in ’90, Bach-less. Belinda Carlisle in ’85 was down to 20G after massive Go Go’s success…you wonder who else got horsed by managers,labels, etc.. God bless Ozzy & Paul McCartney is god.

  • richman on

    DR u paying attention man, we re into Belinda Carlisle and Paul F#$king Mc Cartney here. The bravest of new worlds no doubt. Lee keep in mind how sensitive everyone is now and if Eddie piles it on, he wont get return guests and these guys would back away from him. That’s just the way it is. Imagine Eddie asking Axl Rose: HEY WHY R U SUCH A DOUCHE? No way. Mc Cartney backed up Ringo on a song called WALK WITH YOU a few years back. Loved it. Belinda Carlisle had success later in the 80s but a Bach-less SKID ROW in 2013 is along the lines of GREAT WHITE or WINGER who I think were supposed to be commenting on here. No matter, excuse me ’cause I m going to listen to SGT PEPPER right now. The SGT PEPPER(reprise) has elements of metal and John Lennon ‘s bit at the end of DAY IN THE LIFE is perfection.

    • DR on

      Richman I just saw McCartney two nights ago. It was the second time I’ve seen him and it was the BEST concert I’ve been to. So many acts could learn how to put on a show from a 71 year old legend. Dude played for 3 hours and it was hit after hit after hit after hit. 50 fucking years of music that nobody could touch. I just stood in awe for 3 fucking hours. More importantly, although I dawned the black t-shirt and needed the haircut just like you, I must admit I had a thing for Belinda back in the day. She was hot (not Lita hot like Lee says, but hot none the less). Never forget when she hooked up with Steve Garvey, Steve Fuckin Garvey.

    • richman on

      Garvey was a known woman beater and a buddy of O.J. Simpson ( we got the fucking Juice in a WINGER commentary). Anyway Belinda deserved better than that and its 12:30 on the east coast, the METS are actually winning and I had 4 beers. Bed time, the RICHMAN signing off for the evening. LONG LIVE ROCK N ROLL. REST IN PEACE HUDSON VALLEY COMMEDIAN AND RADIO PERSONALITY COOPER. A FUNNY MAN WITH A GOOD REP. 49 YEARS OLD IS MUCH TOO YOUNG TO DIE.

    • DR on

      This Winger Post now has 49 comments. Everything from Winger to WASP to Lita and Iommi, to McCartney, to Belinda, to Garvey and finally to OJ. I hope Eddie or Dana aren’t ready any of this as they might just shut this site down.

    • richman on

      Make it 50. There is advertising here and the more comments the better. Kiko on top of the page doesn’t mind and there is a SLAYER @ THE GARDEN ad, not to mention Kip Winger himself and a Lita herself on the RATT bilboard. Through discourse comes success.

  • richman on

    Sorry it s A DAY IN THE LIFE no disrespect but its been a while

  • richman on

    Now into the ALLMANS, DREAMS is a rip off of A DAY IN THE LIFE but still a great song.

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