gunsnrosesoldlogosite640 Guns N’ Roses fans who went to the movies this weekend to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens are getting a pleasant surprise. According to several eyewitnesses, including one of the Ultimateclassicrock.com editors, three brief clips of Welcome to the Jungle are being played over black-and-white crowd footage during the pre-trailers programming – with no further explanation.

In other words, either something big is up with Guns N’ Roses, or they’re going for the world record in classic rock trolling. Combined with the band’s recent website redesign, which includes a vintage logo, these new videos make it seem clear that the group is teasing a major announcement, although there’s no indication of exactly what’s in store yet.

On Thursday, Guns N’ Roses updated the cover and profile photos on their Facebook page with black-and-white shots of a crowd similar to the one in the videos, including the one embedded below. There is no explanation given.

source: ultimateclassicrock.com

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  • Charles Clinchot on

    Wow haven’t seen Star Wars yet so I guess I’ll see it on Tuesday
    If there is no reunion I fear their fan base will tear them apart

  • RandyK on

    Perhaps it means that C3P0 and R2D2 are the new guitar players.

  • Noel Leavitt on

    I saw Star Wars this weekend at an AMC theater and yes, during the previews I did notice and found it interesting that there were 2 ads, mixed in with the other pre-trailer crap where stills of a concert crowd were shown with the intro to Welcome to the Jungle playing. In the corner it said “Music Zone” or something like that. I can’t remember. I thought it might be related to the potential GNR reunion, but then I shrugged it off and figured someone just picked an iconic rock song for some stupid ad and it was a coincidence. This article made me think now that it may be connected. But why tease like that? There’s no reason totes, just announce or deny. Interesting…..

  • Bill F. on

    Didn’t happen at the Star Wars showing I was at.

  • Frank Wolf on

    If there is a reunion ticket prices will be sky high which will keep me from going to a show.
    Tired of expensive, crappy nosebleed seats, paying for parking and overpriced drinks.

    I’d rather watch a DVD of the concert performance.

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