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  • elliot goldberg on

    hi dana,
    were these included on a dvd for the deluxe edition of “a different kind of truth” along with a couple of unplugged versions of classic van halen songs.?

    • Dana on

      Yes, Elliot, I believe they were. Eddie said it was the “only press” they did for that release.

  • The Sentinel on

    At first glance at this I thought there was some actual news finally on Van Halen announcing something and then I saw this was old 🙁

    • Dana on

      Sorry, if you looked at the title it says “Video Rewind.”

  • Doug R. on

    I have seen these interviews before, right around the time “ADKOT” came out, but thanks to Dana for refreshing my memory on how cool they were! “She’s The Woman!” 😉

    • DR Is Live on

      Agreed Bro. These came out right after the album was released I believe. I’m assuming it was done to show the fans that the ‘reunion’ was legit and that everyone was getting along.

      Around the same time DLR put out a mini film which I thought was hilarious and shows him in a completely different light.


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