Speaks for itself….

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    1. Not sure if you knew, but Kotzen said he auditioned for Poison with that song. He wrote it, but they changed some of the lyrics.

      While I appreciate Poison’s version with hat powerful choir, I much prefer the original (aka-this version).

    2. Yep, I knew that. And I agree completely, loved Poison’s version, but I love Kotzen’s solo version even more! Nothing at all against Bret, but I think it’s more powerful when the writer sings his own original song, in most cases, and this is one of them.

  1. Great version of a great song! I had forgotten that Richie K. wrote that song. I actually like both the Poison version and this version equally. Poison’s version with the choir and electric guitar has a real gospel feel to it, while Richie’s acoustic version sounds real personal and raw. Richie is a great vocalist and guitar player, and I hope he gets back with the Winery Dogs soon to start on their third record!

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