A message to the loyal fans of That Metal Show from Eddie, Jim & Don:

“We are sorry to report that VH1 Classic will not continue to make any new episodes of That Metal Show. It has been an incredible run of eight years, roughly 125 episodes and some really cool specials. The global response to TMS has been simply amazing, and we will be eternally grateful for the support from the rock and metal fans that have showed us so much love. We truly would have never made it as long as we did without you! A huge thanks also to the great crews we had over the years both in NYC and Los Angeles, to our producer Jeff Baumgardner, and to all the executives at VH1. And finally, thanks to the hundreds of artists that joined us on our set, had fun with us, shared their stories and many, many laughs. From the biggest names in rock history, to the up-and-comers: we thank you all for being a part of it.

Of course we very much want to keep That Metal Show alive, and with the blessing of VH1 Classic, we’ve got the keys to the show and are currently searching for a new home. We’re not sure where we’ll land, but we hope to be back in our studio and your living rooms as soon as possible. In the meantime, keep an eye out for us on the road and come say, “Hello.”

Thank you for watching all these years, and we’ll keep you posted as soon as we have news to share.”

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  • Michael Monet on

    I definitely looked forward to T.M.S. on the week-end. My wife hates metal (except BON JOVI) but thought the format with 2 comedians and Trunk as the intellectual along with the various guests was really cool. My top 5 guests:
    1.) TWISTED SISTER following the death of A.J.
    2.) Andrew Dice Clay,
    3.) L.A GUNS then Tracii a few weeks later,
    5.) Lita Ford.
    Great show with great memories. Reminds me of a heavy metal radio show that I believe WNEW FM had on during the 1980s hey days. Just the same, with the return of GUNS N’ ROSES the heavy metal stock market will rise again as will Trunk, Florentine and Jamieson. FLY ON THUNDERBIRD.

    • Michael Monet on

      Just remembered, METAL SHOP was the name of that radio show.

    • James K. on

      I listened to Metal Shop every week! I even wrote in to get a t-shirt. The shirt was cool.it was the logo of the show set inside a circular saw blade with the show’s catchphrase “The Only Show With Teeth”.

  • leftboston on

    That was a great show, even my wife enjoyed watching the show and she is no metal fan. Love to see it picked up elsewhere because the format was unique and free spirited. Love the podcast so will listen there.

  • Randy on

    I look at this as an opportunity for you-nope, VH will no longer be the host, but the success of AXS and Palladia has shown that a market for rock exists.

    You mentioned rock and metal are viewed as a niche market. Agreed. Still, I’ve noticed on your site that you post stories regarding events such as the death of Glenn Frey, definitely not a metal guy, but someone who influenced rock in general. And, I’ve read posts about other such folks.

    My point: I think viewers want a great music show created by someone such as yourself who has spent a lifetime learning about music personalities, bands, inside information, etc. I would rather have a music show with an expanded format (classic rock, hard rock, metal) from Eddie Trunk than no Eddie at all.

    Could a future show be radically different than TMS? Absolutely! Sure, you might lose some folks that say, “…if it ain’t metal, I ain’t gonna watch.” That’s their choice. However, expanding from hard rock/metal could also bring in an even larger audience, one that over time could be exposed to the bands that TMS has always loved.

    Ed, you’ve spent your life bringing metal knowledge to the masses. That doesn’t have to change. I just want a TV show that focuses on your passion for music, whether rock, classic rock, hard rock, metal, or a combination of all of them. I’m sure you love bands that aren’t necessarily considered metal. Cool. Let’s hear about ’em, the personalities and the stories.

    You have built a following. We love your passion for music, not just metal. I’d rather have an Eddie Trunk music show each week than nothing at all!

    • Eddie on

      I truly appreciate all the support and ideas. But there are so many sides to all of this many don’t know or understand. There are professionals exploring ALL options and we will see what they are. Thanks

  • RTunes68 on

    Obviously, VH1’s decision not to renew TMS is based on some misguided business model because (and I probably speak for 99% of people) your show was the only reason to even watch VH1 Classic. At a time when TV networks are scrambling to keep people’s attention because of all the other options, it’s nothing short of foolish for VH1 to cancel a show with such a rabid following – niche or not, you guys had a guaranteed viewership. How many other shows on VH1 can claim that? Of course, I’m certain that same rabid following is going to make another carrier a lot of money, and you guys will go on to even greater success. I’m looking forward to TMS Mach II!

    • Eddie on

      I don’t know what the future of the channel is. Thanks for your support

  • Andrew I. on

    This is a huge bummer. I hope the show finds a new home. It would be great if the next network would allow bands to play in studio. That Metal Show, with an actual budget and the ability to showcase actual bands would be amazing.

    It really amazes me that a new music network hasn’t risen up to fill the void that MTV left. MTV wasn’t just about music videos. It was a culture. You got to be introduced to new music and bands. You got to see interviews and see bands just goofing around and having fun. With the YouTub culture, something like MTV is more relevant now, where cool moments go viral and get more buzz for the network.

    The music industry would benefit from something like the old MTV. I’m sure a show like That Metal Show, with the ability to showcase new music from old and new bands and showing them play live would do a lot to give them a wider audience and introduce new fans to hard rock and metal.

    Good luck, Eddie. The TMS army wait patiently, ready to wave the flag when the new show rises from the ashes.

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