VanHalen2012 Van Halen played as one of the headliners of the Stone Music Festival on Saturday, April 20th at the ANZ Stadium in Sydney, Australia.

The band’s set list was:

1. Unchained
2. Runnin’ with the Devil
3. She’s The Woman
4. Romeo Delight
5. Tattoo
6. Everybody Wants Some!!
7. Somebody Get Me A Doctor
8. China Town
9. (Oh) Pretty Woman
10. Drum Solo
11. You Really Got Me
12. Dance the Night Away
13. I’ll Wait
14. Hot For Teacher
15. Beautiful Girls
16. Ice Cream Man
17. Panama
18. Guitar Solo
19. Aint’ Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
20. Jump

Audience filmed footage can be viewed below:

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  1. That was brutal…..holy fucking shit, I can’t believe I am saying this – they suck! From that feminine microphone stand twirling, to the gum chewing, to the whole “Las Vegas” feel of the performance. Please, I ask you….no, I implore you….do your best Led Zeppelin and pack it in. This is just embarrassing to watch. Michael and Sammy cannot save you now and I am not sure they would.

  2. Seems natural for Eddie Trunk’s web site to be filled with Dave haters. Everytime Trunk interviews he’s always kissing Sammys ass, we know which camp he falls in with regards to VH. So its no surprise Trunks followers would be so negative here. The new album was great and I hope they come out with more new music!

    1. REALLY? This is HYSTERICAL! I guess me saying the first 4 VH albums are the best of all and as important as Zeppelin just passed you by? Ass kisser? Hagar is among the best guests ever on TV and Radio shows, Roth and current VH do NOT do interviews on my shows and MANY others. So who’s voice will you always hear? The guy who DOES do my shows, and the guys that decline are not heard from! Get a clue!! It is SHOCKING what people assume as I have said COUNTLESS times I love BOTH VH, but first 4 records the best. Wow! so dumb!!

    1. You can say anything you want however not sure what your anger or issues are over? I love Dave and have often said the first 4 VH are among the greatest albums ever. Never saw the need to choose some side in the VH singer world. Really strange. Didn’t know I needed to take a side.. so incredible conclusions people reach based on Oh, and Sammy chooses to be on my shows when asked, the entire VH camp of the current band doesn’t. So kind of hard to present the other side huh??

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