VanHalen2012 As previously reported, Van Halen performed live on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night (March 30th). Watch their performances of Panama and Runnin’ With The Devil below.

Kimmel stated that six thousand fans lined up on Hollywood Boulevard to see the band. Unfortunately, Roth reportedly had to call an abrupt stop to Panama, when he announced that he had injured his nose on his microphone. “Let me get this taped up,” Roth said, making an apologetic exit from the stage. “How do I look? Like fucking Hiawatha, right?” Roth joked.

The band is promoting their new live concert album, Tokyo Dome Live In Concert, which is out today (March 31st). Van Halen have also announced tour dates starting July 5th in Seattle, WA and wrapping up on October 2nd in Los Angeles, CA. To view their entire tour schedule, please click here.

Also, in honor of Van Halen appearing on the show that night, Kimmel asks during a man-on-the-street segment, “Do you have a Van Halen tattoo?”

Van Halen will be back tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live! for their second night of a two night appearance on the show.


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  • Craig Kuhlman on

    Forget the fact that Dave sounded like Dave and Wolfie is no Michael Anthony. Look at all the morons with their phones. Beyond annoying. This is what live shows have become. I despise that aspect. Put your phones away and enjoy the music. It sounds like crapola anyway on your phone.

    • MikeyMan on


  • Rob Poling Jr on

    Eddie seems to be over his issues and showing why he’s the legendary guitarist he is and the band is tight musically but Dave is….. He never was a top singer but did well enough to bring something to the band. Today he has moved farther and farther away from being a singer to an entertainer, that’s has to bother Eddie and Alex.
    A while back Eddie had said nothing new was going on and didn’t even know where Dave was and all of a sudden they are scheduled for a world tour. They definitely still have their problems but I guess it’s tolerable when you’re making money.

    • el loco on

      Even an entertainer has to be good, but here is someone who clearly is uncomfortable in his role as a singer/frontman, he might feel that he is no longer able to deliver – moreover, most people in the audience want to hear the songs, not necessarily all of them come for Eddie’s licks, so if the singer/frontman fails the whole band fails.

  • Taskerofpuppets on

    I think I’d rather see Valerie Bertinelli on Bass over Wolfie. Also, he’s better in Tremonti than he is with his Dad/Uncle Band. Very little charisma from the guy. No Michael Anthony that’s for sure. DLR….is that an actual torso Tattoo?


    Jesus Christ what the hell is going on? That is the most horrible crap I have ever seen. Seriously please just go away VH with a performance like that. Eddie’s playing is off and his tuning is way off. Wolfgang is fat. Dave looks like a meth-head and sounds so bad. Alex is the only one who was still playing decent. One other thing is look the part. Wear the t-shirt and jeans at the day job not on stage. As the great Dick Clark quoted: If you dress like the audience you belong in the audience.

  • el loco on

    When you are young, it is easy for you to do the same thing all over again, write good songs, make a record, go on tour for two years, make another good record even though you are exhausted from touring etc etc., but when you miss the point of slowing it down according to you getting older, you will inevitably burn out. AC/DC again did it right, they slowed it down to an album every five years or so with one or two years of touring, then you will have two years or more to relax, and be prepared for the next venture and make it sound fresh again. Thus the energy you had when you were young can be preserved. VH shows what happens when a band does not succeed in pacing but in embarrassing themselves.

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