VanHalen2012 As previously reported, Van Halen performed live on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night (March 30th). Watch their performances of Panama and Runnin’ With The Devil below.

Kimmel stated that six thousand fans lined up on Hollywood Boulevard to see the band. Unfortunately, Roth reportedly had to call an abrupt stop to Panama, when he announced that he had injured his nose on his microphone. “Let me get this taped up,” Roth said, making an apologetic exit from the stage. “How do I look? Like fucking Hiawatha, right?” Roth joked.

The band is promoting their new live concert album, Tokyo Dome Live In Concert, which is out today (March 31st). Van Halen have also announced tour dates starting July 5th in Seattle, WA and wrapping up on October 2nd in Los Angeles, CA. To view their entire tour schedule, please click here.

Also, in honor of Van Halen appearing on the show that night, Kimmel asks during a man-on-the-street segment, “Do you have a Van Halen tattoo?”

Van Halen will be back tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live! for their second night of a two night appearance on the show.


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  1. While DLR certainly is NOT the same as he was back in the 70’s & 80’s……anyone can go to you tube and find many concerts shot back than showing DLR drunk or half assing. He talked his way through many shows. He was always better on vinyl than “live”. His screams and at times his vocals sounded pretty decent but he was always straying from the lyrics and ad libbin’. He talked more than sang, always has. It was more Michael Anthony’s backing vocals that carried their tunes live if you ask me.
    While Wolfie is solid, he’s no Michael Anthony. DLR will put on good shows this tour, some maybe not, be he’s still the showman. My bet for Kimmel is he felt like a douche for bustin his own nose.
    Just my $02.

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