Anthrax - 2011 Anthrax’s live DVD Chile On Hell is set for release on September 16th. See the trailer below.

Spencer Kaufman of Loudwire/Noisecreep spoke with Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian about the release. The interview appear in its entirety below.

Loudwire: With the DVD Chile on Hell set to come out in September, what can you tell us about the performance that made it so special?

Scott Ian: Going in, we didn’t know what our performance was going to be like. You never know, that’s the thing about doing these kind of DVD shoots. The only thing we were able to have a guarantee on was how great the crowd was going to be, that’s why we did it in Chile. That’s the point of the whole thing, the last few times we had played in Santiago, the shows were so incredible! We thought, at some point, if we do a DVD to document this Worship Music cycle, we’re going to do it in Chile.

Knowing that going in, we at least knew how great the crowd was going to be. We didn’t have to worry about shooting a show and then thinking we could have played somewhere else. We took that whole question out of the mix because we knew how the crowd was going to be.

We haven’t done that many live DVDs, or live videos from back in the day. We did the one in 1987 and then there was Live Noise in the early 90s, then one from the reunion tour in 2005, 2006. So, this being the fourth time we’ve ever done this, it’s by far the best representation of seeing us live. Nothing will ever replace coming to a show and being a part of the experience, but if you’re sitting in your living room watching us with the speakers cranked, it’s the closest thing you’re going to get. The energy is captured by the cameras and the mics. I’m happy with it. I think it definitely represents what we do as a live band.

Loudwire: We hear a lot of metal acts say there’s nothing quite like the crowds in South America. What do you think it is about those concerts that set them apart from the rest of the world?

Scott Ian: It just comes down to it being more important to them — any time you have people that are so passionate about something, whether it’s music, food, movies, whatever. It’s because they have to work harder for it and they have to sweat a little more. The point I’m making is, in South America, people don’t make as much money as people in America do. They also don’t get as many shows as a city like New York. It’s not like you know a band is going to come through three times on a tour. Bands go to South America once every few years.

These people will save their money to come see Anthrax, it’s something like — and we’re not even an expensive ticket — that might be a month’s salary to come see us. To me, that means how passionate you are to spend what comes out to be a month’s salary to go see a metal show. You’re sweating a little bit harder to go see that. I think that’s why when people come to those shows, it’s just such a release for them. Such an amount of energy being released in that room when bands are going down there.

Look at Iron Maiden on a completely different scale going down there. People saving their money for months to go see an Iron Maiden concert or saving their money to see AC/DC. Then you watch those DVDs and go, holy crap — I’ve never seen anything like it. People have to work so much harder for it. I think that passion really comes out when they come see the bands play.

Chile on Hell is available for pre-order at Amazon.



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  • James K. on

    This will be cool, but wouldn’t Chile “In” Hell be a better title? After this I hope they get a new album done and released soon. After being an Anthrax fan since Spreading The Disease was released, I was blown away that all these years later they had it in them to come up with the incredible album Worship Music.

  • John on

    Please Danny Spitz come back and the lineup will be complete.

    • Mike B on

      I agree, Dan Spitz would be great! The leads on White Noise were awesome!

    • James K. on

      Danny’s leads were mini compositions, not just mindless shredding. He’s a very, very underrated and underappreciated guitarist. The old songs would not sound the same without his leads the way they are on record. I would love to see him back but aside from the personal problems they had with each other, which I think can be overcome, he’s had a lot of health problems. But if he can stay healthy enough for a full tour, then Hell yeah, bring Danny back!

  • John Alonzo on

    F-ken A. Always hungry for Anthrax.

  • Warbo on

    Sound Of White Noise is still there best work to date, there earlier work was just to immature and you couldn’t take them serious. Worship Music is better but, it still doesn’t top Sound of White Noise … just my opinion !

    • Warbo on

      Forgot to say …. Scott, re-master S.O.W.N !!!

    • James K. on

      I respectfully disagree with you about the older Anthrax albums being immature. The first four Anthrax albums, particularly Spreading The Disease and Among The Living, are landmark thrash and speed metal masterpieces. The genre wouldn’t be the same without them. I don’t know how old you are but maybe you were too young to have heard those albums when they were first released and therefore weren’t hooked on them like myself and a legion of teenagers and young adults were. Maybe you just don’t understand those albums as others do. Or maybe it just boils down to the fact that they’re just not your taste in metal. Please don’t get offended because everyone can’t listen to and get the same feeling from music. That’s what makes each metal fan unique and why the genre is so great and special. But I was a teenager when Anthrax started. Thrash was a brand new subgenre of metal and it was all about no holds barred power, aggression and heaviness. But to call them immature is missing the point. Sound Of White Noise was a progression, maybe, although Spreading and Among still hold up today ever bit as well as Sound Of White Noise does. To call the early Anthrax albums immature compared Sound Of White Noise would be same as someone being a Metallica fan from the “black” album era and calling Kill Em All or Ride The Lightning immature. Again, that would be missing the point.

    • Warbo on

      Anthrax didnt even come close to ( using your example ) Metallica’s Kill Em & Lightning, thats why I was calling it immature. Call those early Anthrax albums what ever you want thrash, speed metal , in any case they were nt that good and I disagree w/ you that they hold up today, I am the man . …. that stands up today ? As I stated before its only my opinion. Im happy you like there earlier stuff ….. just so you know Im 42 and when I heard SOWN I was like, wow they finally got it and wrote a true master piece.

    • James K. on

      It’s cool. I was happy for them when SOWN came out, went top 10 on billboard and sold so well. They deserved it. It was unfortunate they couldn’t maintain that level of success, but stuff happens. But that album will always be counted as one of their best for sure.

      I’m The Man is the one thing I wish they had never done. That song is ridiculous.

    • DR on

      SOWN noise is very good, but I still liked Worship Music better. That album was the best new release of last year IMO. Both are good albums. As for earlier albums, I can’t agree with you on that. If you didn’t like I’m the Man, I get it, although I loved it. But their first three albums were amazing – Among the Living in particular. Other songs like Got the Time and the stuff they did with Public Enemy was ground breaking. As long as Belladonna is in the band, I’m in.

    • Warbo on

      It definitely sounds better but songs arent as good, just my opinion !

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