1/15: TOP 10, TMS, SOA, MORE

Thanks for all the response to the new site and the many new features. Lot’s more coming including the return of the members side, new audio and video and much more. For those interested in advertising with us that info is available in the contact us tab. Thanks for all the kind words about this new site design.


Many comments, some I responded to, about my Top 10 albums list. Hysterical to see the assumptions that are so wrong so many come up with. It’s MY list of what I TRULY loved from 2012. I NEVER felt the need to be someone I’m not and pretend to add or like things just to appear hip, current or cool. So you like what you like and that’s what I TRULY liked with no other agenda regardless of what you believe.I love all opinions and respect all, but its stunning the conclusions people come up with. Wow!


I do not know when new episodes of That Metal Show will be shot! I hope to know by the end of this month what the plan is. All decisions 100% up to VH1, NOT ME! I’d do it every week if it was up to me. Thanks for the support, news I hope soon.


Thanks to all who came and said hello in Boston this past weekend at the NE Motorcycle Expo. Appreciate Sickboy having me all weekend. Check out their clothing at www.sickboy.com Great people and cool shirts. Also cool meeting Theo Rossi (Juice) and Kim Coates (Tigg) of one of my favorite shows Sons Of Anarchy over the weekend. Theo is a Staten Island guy and it was like I’ve known him forever. Hope to have him on the radio show soon.


New Tom Keifer sounds cool. It’s out in Feb. Nice to have new music from Tom solo since Cinderella is not making new music.


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  • Scott Routsong on

    Love the show Eddie!!

    A while back you played “Pressure and Time” by Rival Sons. Just heard “Keep on Swinging.” Great to hear a band play ROCK AND ROLL !!!!!! Can you play more Rival Sons?

    Have a great day.

  • Raymond Carver on

    Hey Eddie, just want to say that I’ve called you on your Sirius show the past 2 Mondays and am so happy that you accepted my call each time! I chatted with you the first time about the new Led Zeppelin DVD, then the second time about your book. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to call the show again.

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