Iconic guitarist Tony Iommi has confirmed that the albums Black Sabbath recorded with singer Tony Martin will be reissued in 2023.

He touched upon the group’s re-release plans while celebrating what would have been drummer Cozy Powell‘s 75th birthday on Thursday, December 29th.

Iommi took to his Twitter page to share a photo of Powell and he included the following message, “Cozy Powell would have been 75 today. Looking forward to the release of the IRS albums in 2023, a tribute to his great playing.”

Six years ago, Iommi told I Heart Guitar that “it’s a shame” that “it took a lot for people to accept” Martin as Sabbath’s vocalist. “It’s taken all these years later for people to say, ‘Oh blimey, that was a good band with good singing.’ So it took a long time to get people to really realize how good it was.”

In 2018, Iommi spent time in the studio remixing Forbidden for a future release. The LP, which features Martin, drummer Cozy Powell and bassist Neil Murray, is often regarded as Sabbath’s worst studio recording.

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  1. Black Sabbath are my number 1 band. Tony Iommi is my guitar god. But I have never liked the Tony Martin stuff. As a purest, Sabbath is Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and Bill. But I like the Dio albums and look upon those as a different band because the sound and dynamics were very different.

    I don’t and have never liked Martin’s vocals and I find some of his lyrics a bit hokey.

    That’s just my opinion of course.

    1. Rattle,

      Powell is one of my all time favorite drummers, if not my favorite. My fiancee told me that someone he knows, was recording with a band, I don’t know who, and the drummer wasn’t cutting it. So, he called up Cozy, Cozy came in, and banged it out in no time. He was an incredible musician.

    2. Hi Dana, great story, thanks for sharing. Yes, Cozy was an incredible drummer. His work with Rainbow is my favorite.

    1. Lol you betcha Horse . The original Eternal Idol recording with Ray Gillen is most underrated and shows Rays wicked side . Even though they remixed it with Tony after Ray left they still left in Rays wicked laugh on the song “nightmare” in Tonys remix of the song . Interesting period of Black Sabbath from Ians born again album to Martins 2nd go around with TYR . Some really great stuff and some of there worst stuff . That would be a great documentary of that era of sabbath .

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