2499059-queensryche-new-617-409 Legendary Seattle rockers Queensrÿche are back with their new record simply titled Queensrÿche. The album will be released on June 25th via Century Media and is the latest addition to the band’s multi-platinum musical catalog. From the opening sound of the intro of X2 to the final notes of the closer Open Road, it is apparent that the signature sound that captivated fans for over 30 years is alive and well. Fans were treated to a taste of the new album when the band released Redemption in March and have been garnering praise since it was released. The song has been listened to over 150,000 times on YouTube since it was released last month. The cover for the album was designed by Craig Howell who has worked on designs for Star Wars, Slipknot and American Idol to name a few. Queensrÿche was mixed and mastered by famed Queensrÿche producer James “Jimbo” Barton who is known for working on the band’s classics Operation: Mindcrime and Empire. Originally slated for June 11, Queensrÿche marks the debut from the lineup comprised of Todd La Torre (Vocals), Michael Wilton (Guitars), Parker Lundgren (Guitars), Eddie Jackson (Bass) and Scott Rockenfield (Drums).

“This gets said often by a lot of bands, but we believe we have recorded some of our finest music in years. The collaborative effort of everyone on this album is something we are extremely proud of. Working with Jimbo and the addition of Todd has revitalized the band in ways we never knew until we heard the final results. We know you have to wait a little longer but are excited for all of our fans to hear it. Queensrÿche wouldn’t be in this position if not for your unwavering support,” exclaims drummer Scott Rockenfield.

Queensrÿche first burst onto the music scene in 1982 with the release of their self-titled 4 song EP Queensrÿche. They very quickly gained international recognition and performed to sold out audiences around the world. With the follow up first full-length album The Warning in 1984, and the ground breaking 1986 release of Rage For Order, Queensrÿche continued to prove their worldwide dominance as one of the most respected and creative bands of the 80’s. In 1988 the band turned out yet another monumental album Operation: Mindcrime, which would go on to become one of the TOP 10 best selling concepts records of all time, and set the stage for continued sold out performances around the world. With the release of the critically acclaimed and commercially successful Empire in 1991, the band earned multiple Grammy Award nominations and won the MTV “viewers choice” award for the #1 chart topping hit Silent Lucidity. During the next ten years, the band continued to release albums and tour the world to sold-out audiences. Queensrÿche has sold over 30 million albums worldwide and have continued to break new ground and push their creative process.

The track listing for Queensrÿche is:

1. X2
2. Where Dreams Go To Die
3. Spore
4. In This Light
5. Redemption
6. Vindication
7. Midnight Lullaby
8. A World Without
9. Don’t Look Back
10. Fallout
11. Open Road


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  • Bobby lucas on

    you should have micheal wilton and eddie jackson onthat metal show!

    • Eddie on

      Scott & Todd on THIS coming season. Can not have more than 2 members on set

    • Jesse Pinkman on

      Why is that yo?

    • Tyler on

      Yeah why not?

  • bigsled on

    No Geoff , No Queensryche !
    30 years with 10 years left of your career ( they will be in their 60’s) and you replace the face and voice of Queensryche witha clone instead of sitting down with him and saying ” Hey Geoff, we dont like that you dont let us contribute more on the music , etc etc “. “We may want to replace your wife as the manager too” . This is what we’ve decided and if we cant work this out we’re gonna have to let you go ” .

    And to those of you that are soooo offended by what he did at Rocklahoma to Scott . I know you are going to post lame insults like ” He cant sing anymore ” . That’s not the reason why they fired him.
    And thats not what all the fans at the sold out shows so far this tour think !

    • rukh316 on

      Bigsled ;
      If you set the kool-aid down for a second and stop with the auto defend app for the has-been you’d realize that
      A) It was in Brazil that Tater spit at Scott AND assaulted both Scott & Whip before the show.
      B) Rocklahoma is where the assclown put his career suicide with the fans on overdrive by telling them ” they suck”. He later sped it up even further with his ” goodbye pu$$ies rant that was captured on youtube.
      C) The fact that he can’t sing made him gunshy about singing songs people liked as opposed to the trype he and his boy’s Slater & Gray have been putting out for years. Since the majority of fans actually WANT to hear the classics, they either had to dump his spent ass or continue with declining sales. The reason they fired Susan was because those brilliant ideas that had been driving fans away in droves for years were her and Geoff’s ideas. If you had a manager who turned your once thriving business into a dollar store operation, you’d replace the manager too, regardless of who they were. AND finally
      D) The overwhelming majority of the shows have been a good sight short of sell outs. That’s not based on conjecture, thats based on footage of the crowds with gaps big enough to park a car in, ACTUAL sales figures from the venues, and eyewitness accounts. I know you want to support your guy, and I admire that, but when you shit on your bandmates and the vast majority of your fans for as long as HE has, its going to come back & haunt you. It’s called karma…. and it IS a bitch

    • bigsled on

      A) Spitting was juvenile to say the least, I agree . But he just found out about the firing’s . 30 years invested , i’d say thats somewhat understandable . We’ve all said and done things to our spouse’s,friend’s,etc in the heat of the moment that we’ve regretted .
      B) He used the wrong word’s to get the crowd going but, the drunk, tired , rednecks were too busy getting drunk waiting for Lynyrd skynyrd lol (I mean Chickenfoot) to come on . Plus, you’d be bored too if you had to sit and watch Wilton and Jackson make no eye contact with their fans or smile the entire show as they’ve done their whole career.
      C) If you know your Queensryche which it sounds like you may . You can’t honestly sit here and lie that Geoff didn’t sing a wide mix of songs off of every release , always different, every tour. Thats a fact. Go to setlistfm .
      All metal bands( from the 80’s) album sales have been in decline except for bands like Metallica, AC/DC, etc
      I don’t have a problem with them firing Susan & Miranda . Thats understandable
      D) Your attendance figure’s are shit. Come up with proof of that and i’ll believe it . All I see is photo’s from every show with the house lights on and every seat occupied….. Now why dont you come back with some lame excuse like ” It was at a casino they probably gave the seats away ” Which I will respond by saying ; the photos are taken at the end of the show with all the fans hands in the air. Even if I got free tickets to Justin Beiber and went because it was free because I was already at the casino I sure the hell wouldn’t stay the entire show…….. unless…………. Geoff was putting on a great show !
      If you want to talk attendance . I can’t wait to see how CloneRyche sell’s . Except for the two seattle shows at those dive bars w/ 500 capacity, all i’ve seen them play is multiple bill shows like styx and reo have to do all the time to help sell tickets. ….
      And their cd 1st week sales will be below Geoff’s thats a guarantee .

      You still haven’t answered my question : Why couldn’t the band have had the balls …….. and decency ,to sit down with Geoff and give him a ultimatum ? After all, he lead this band for 30 years and HE, along with the rest of the band made each other rich .

    • Minutiae on

      “Why couldn’t the band have had the balls …….. and decency ,to sit down with Geoff and give him a ultimatum ?” When a guy attacks you, why should you sit down with him and try to work on anything? They played two shows with him after Brazil. Did he apologize? Did HE try to work it out? Sure doesn’t seem like it. I respect your resolve to defend someone who is obviously your idol, but as far as I’m concerned it’s pretty clear he was in the wrong. Once you treat your bandmates the way he has, they no longer owe you anything.

      Also, I don’t care who is selling more tickets to their shows. Queensryche have been headlining plenty of shows (and not even remotely all on multiple bill shows like you claim) at venues the same size as they did with Tate, and they have been selling just fine. Half of Tate’s shows have been at 500 seat venues… those and the two casino shows have been his sell-outs. So unless you have numbers on Queensryche’s attendance, you should also refrain from commenting on it.

      As for Tate putting on great shows… I honestly wouldn’t walk across the street to see him if you bought me a ticket and paid me a thousand bucks. That said, I’ve tried to watch some video clips from ALL the shows, and they reveal him sounding strained, off-key, and unable to even cheat the high notes. And that’s WITH all the songs down-tuned. His backing band is getting better, but they’re about as competent as a mediocre cover band at this point, and it’s painfully obvious that they all barely rehearsed together before going on the road.

      I’m sorry that you obviously can’t come to terms with the fact that Tate was fired. Unfortunately, there is just no way to sanely justify his behavior. I’m sorry… there’s just not. He is a grown-up, and has been acting like a petulant child. As a former fan, I really hope he gets his act together before he completely demolishes his legacy and what career he has left.

    • Alan on

      Actually the guys had tried to discuss the matter at various times and Geoff wanted no part of it. He seemed to feel things were just fine. Also if you read the declarations the three tried to call a band meeting to discuss the issue and Tate refused to attend and the others went ahead and voted without him. The original corporate charter said that an 80% majority was required for decision like removing a band member etc. But when Chris left apparently the charter was never amended so Geoff’s contention is the band couldn’t fire him because they could not meet the charter requirement of 80%. What I haven’t heard in any of this yet is how could the Tate’s have legally fired Mike Stone and brought in Parker at the time. Guess we all need to tune in in November

    • Don on

      Hey Bigsled, if you prefer Geoff – more power to ya. But he’s not metal anymore and sorry to say he can’t sing like he used to. And how he used to sing along with great songwriting the group is how fans came to know and love the band. He doesn’t want the music that classic Ryche fans want, and I can appreciate that. But I hate his cabaret sytle of music. The last few Ryche albums have been unbearable and don’t resemble anything Queensryche. He had full control and he’s responsible. If the rest of us want to hear 3/5’s of the original line up with a great singer like La Torre and get back to the sound we came to love, you should appreciate that too. But please enough with the ‘no Tate no Queensryche’ garbage. Ryche hasn’t been Ryche even with Geoff in the band.

    • bigsled on

      He’s not metal anymore ? Maybe you need to actually listen to fu.
      Would you say PL,HITNF, or even Empire were metal compared to Warning, etc ? That was Wilton, Scott, and Eddie writing that stuff . And of course, DeGarmo too Did Geoff also MAKE those guys put their names on the writing credits for dtc and am soldier or should we blame EVERYTHING on Geoff alone ?
      Are you trying to tell me Geoff had total creative control of the band since the mellower pl or even Tribe ?
      75% of the band could say or do nothing for 13-16 years ?
      They couldn’t sit down with their own singer ? Dosent add up to me.
      They fire him behind his back at a show in Brazil ?
      I’ve been seeing them every tour since they open for Kiss on the Animalize tour in 84 and every set list, even in the last 10 years , has been mixed up everytime with material off of ep,warning, etc etc .
      I dont expect geoff’s voice to sound like it did 30 years ago but i’d much rather hear him then a clone like journey,priest,ratt,bad company,supertramp,styx, etc did .
      Hell, we could replace eddie w/ a way better bass. Wilton w/ a better guitar, etc.

      I wish they were in the band with Geoff. I just wish they would have given him a ultimatum first . Geoff would have taken it instead of going to court..

    • Don on

      No he’s not metal anymore Bigsled. If you want to get historical, here’s a fact for you, Queensryche haven’t been metal since Chris Degarmo left. Since then Tate has taken over and the results speak for themselves. Their music has been flat out awful. I’m not expecting the recreation of Rage for Order, but I’m not settling for the cabaret crap they’ve put out. Did you hear the last record the band put out with Tate? Gawdawful. For pete’s sake he had Simon Wright as his drummer for his new album. That guy couldn’t find a drum fill if Rockenfeld handed it to him. So now he puts out FU to try and show he’s metal, and guess what he failed miserably. Just read the posts, they speak for themselves. I tried being diplomatic with you and said enjoy whatever you wish while the rest of us enjoy the other band. But clearly can’t respect that the other 3 guys had enough. You and I both don’t know exactly what happened to cause the firing. But do you really think the other 3 guys would turf what used to be one of the greatest voices in rock unless there were massive issues? It wasn’t one of them who had a problem with Tate, it was all 3! Think before you speak. You think because you’ve been a fan since 84 you are the only one with an opinion that matters. Well I’ve been with them just as long as you and shelled out many a dollar just like you have. Why do you care if someone likes the new version compared to Tate? You go enjoy Tate singing an octave lower and I’ll enjoy the new Ryche – because unlike they Rock!

    • bigsled on

      My point was releases like Promised Land , maybe even Empire were not really metal like say Rage,Warning,and Ep were , and since the rest of the guys helped write Promised Land and all releases since, couldn’t we assume that maybe the rest of the band really hasent been that ” metal ” either ? Maybe more progressive ?
      As far as Degarmo. One of his biggest influence’s was Pink Floyd . Which you can see in the release ; hitnf , which he wrote most of. He also came back and wrote Open, Art of Life, & Doin Fine off of the release Tribe which are very mellow to your standards. So if anything , he was steering the writing/band in a mellower direction.
      If you listen to the new song” Redemption” by TrollRyche . It isnt any heavier than a number of songs off of FU. So for you to claim you’re going to go listen to them because they ” rock more ” dosent make any sence . If you are referring to their live show . I had explained that Geoff had always sang a number of songs from warning, rage etc.


      Personally , its been 23 years since Empire. Everybody has a writing window. for their classics. You could go down the list of rock bands from the Stones on and see that NOBODY can write as nearly as good as their material from when they were in their prime. Alot of the time the material is even forgettable . And judging by the song Redemption . I think the release is going to be medicore . Just like FU is . American Soldier dtc, tribe,and omII were too. ( Which the rest of the band “all” helped write)
      My other point is how could you blame the last 15 years on Geoff alone . Are the rest of the band that big of pussies that they said nothing ? or……Did they help write that stuff like the song credits suggest ..
      The other point being, you sit down with one of your fellow employees and give them a ultimatum. Court documents and interview support that this was not done. Again ; Pussies !
      I don’t care if you like the other band better.
      Hate Geoff.
      We’re all just passionate rock fans talking here .

    • Tyler on

      I would agree with Don’s comments IF the new album was back to the sound we (I) love…. sorry its not. It sucks just like everything since Promised Land, frankly when this Tate thing blew up I was amazed anyone still cared. Dont get me wrong, I grew up on and love the early stuff as much as ever, but be honest…these guys havent done anything since PL that even compares to the stuff before it.

      Its been a consistent string of forgetful albums one after the other. Your talking close to 20 years of mediocrity…come on already….wheres the argument??

    • jase on

      Bigsled you are insane. In every sense of the word…

      Anyway… Bring on the REAL QUEENSRYCHE JUNE 25TH!!!

  • Dewey Webber on

    I tried listening to the Geoff Tate’s new Queensryche album and I really could not find anything redeeming on it. Too much overdub and nothing really to sink your teeth into.
    Listen, everyone wants the entire lineup back and kicking out some badass new songs but it’s obvious it’s not going to happen. The initial cuts from the Torre fronted Queensryche certainly sounds a lot more promising than what Geoff and the Sarzo brothers have put out. That’s not a slap in Geoff’s face, it’s an audible fact.
    Geoff needs to immerse himself in a studio for a couple of months and just listen to Rage for Order and The Warning over and over until he finds himself again and his metal compass to get him back on track.

  • scott gul on

    While initially I disliked the the Tate/Ryche album….it has grown on me, not a a Ryche album, just as a decent rock album. Unfrortunately, Robert Sarzo’s guitar tone is awful for this album…it’s 100% Randy Rhoads sound….Rudy’s bass licks are classic, and there are a few hauntingly decent melodies. I was disappointed in the Simon Wright basic drumming….he needed a more progressive drummer. first listen 4/10….4th listen 7/10.

    That said, I love LaTorre, live, he is a true showman that looks like he actually still carries the metal flag high. And they look totally rejuvenated on stage…can’t wait for s/t Ryche album in June.

  • joseph on

    well as everyone has a opinion i have one as well. been a fan since warning, seen them many times also been too about 100 plus rock shows in my life, but to queensryche credit , there simply is no band without chris degarmo…..period…for any of those to say different , well thats your take but to me it was the original lineup that made it was i had come to love about them in the first place only in a few bands i have seen this work with lineup changes …..where they change a member and it still works ,…most end up sucking for what ever reason but i love geoff’s new cold track, not his best but i do like it more then the others guys new track.

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