EddieTrunkpodcastpic400 Eddie Trunk premiered the Eddie Trunk Podcast today on, the leader in audio on-demand programing and a division of Courtside Entertainment Group.

Trunk’s weekly podcast debuted with English Heavy Metal band, Judas Priest. Eddie Trunk, the most well known name in hard rock and metal music, brings his insight, commentary, reviews and in-depth, unfiltered interviews to the podcast world in a way like never before!

“I’ve been asked for many years by fans about adding a podcast to my platforms. Really excited to finally launch one with PodcastOne and see where this new adventure takes me. Look forward to connecting with everyone on this exciting new outlet,” says Trunk.

PodcastOne’s current lineup is downloaded over 120 million times per month and includes many of the industries most listened to podcasts, Adam Carolla, Chris Jericho, Steve Austin, Nerdist, Dan Patrick, Freakonomics, Radiolab, Jim Ross, Jay Mohr, Roddy Piper, Dr. Drew, Kathie Lee Gifford, Dennis Miller, Jillian Michaels, NPR New York and Los Angeles, just to mention a few.

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  1. Eddie, I think the podcast was great. You don’t need to apologize for the sound because the interview was great, every thing that was said was heard and that’s what’s important. You said up front in the intro how you may have non musical guests on in some future shows or nobody at all sometimes and you just talk. I think that could be very cool and different for you to do from time to time. Listening to the Priest interview, sounds like a candidate for a future podcast might need to be Christopher Lee!

    I’m looking forward to your interview with Blitz because, like you said, that guy is hysterical. He and Ace could easily be standup comedians.

  2. Great podcast, congrats! The audio on the interview was awesome (maybe someone in the studio cleaned it up?), great to hear from Judas Priest! Hope they can return, would love to hear more about their history. Love That Metal Show, looking forward to hearing your radio program (via – man, I remember when that station started up in SoCal years ago). Saving my pennies up for your Essential books, can’t wait to read your views on some of my favorites (KISS, Def Leppard…) while getting good info on some I want to learn about (UFO, Motorhead, Rainbow…). Thanks for helping to keep Heavy Music alive!

  3. Heard the 1st podcast looking forward to the next one. Great interview w/ Judas Priest and good to hear them straighten out some of the rumors.
    This will hold me over while waiting for That Metal Show to come back.
    It’s true what you said not many personal DJs talking music. Matter of fact I think they just read off a monitor and if you ask them a question they are befuddled. You do stand out from the rest. One the few who knows what you are talking about.

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