thecult400 The Cult have released a video for the second song off their forthcoming new album, Hidden City, due February 5th. Watch the clip for Hinterland below.

The band previously released a lyric video for the song, Deeply Ordered Chaos, and can be viewed a href=”” target=”_blank”>here.

Hidden City, is a Bob Rock-produced album that follows a trilogy of albums including 2007’s Born Into This and 2012’s, Choice of Weapon.


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  1. Good song, sounds more like their early stuff which is great, video kind of stupid, I have always loved the cult I will buy the new album for sure!

    1. Yes! A good song. They’ve killed it ever since Beyond Good And Evil with the exception of Weapon which had too many slow songs.

  2. Glad to see the band still working. They lost their 9 year bass player Chris Wyse which is too bad cause they were a 4 piece for quite awhile vs just Ian and Billy. Now a pray for a miracle that won’t happen, that they come to Albuquerque, NM.

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