The new breed of Ratt, led by founding members vocalist Stephen Pearcy and bassist Juan Croucier, will relaunch its well-storied hard rock brand this summer with a teaser of tour dates that foreshadow a schedule that will keep the band busy through the end of the year.

While Ratt has evolved over several decades and endured various incarnations, this “new breed” of Ratt promises to bring a renewed energy to the band.

“We have not had an all-original-member lineup since 1991, and sadly with the passing of Robbin Crosby, that chapter is over,” said Pearcy. “However, if you still want to see the original band, there are many videos on YouTube and other places for fans to enjoy. That was a great band, but I guarantee that the new breed of Ratt that we put on stage every night will be in your face, energized and fully engaged. Simply put, the band our fans deserve.”

The new Ratt promises to deliver a show heavy in the hits from the band’s biggest albums which have sold over 20 million copies worldwide. Being one of the original Sunset Strip hard rock bands of the ’80s, RATT began its infestation with the quadruple-platinum debut Out of The Cellar. The band continues to grow its global fanbase to this day, as new fans discover Ratt through streaming services like Spotify, songs in movies and new youth-oriented TV shows. The band is planning new tracks for 2019, along with a worldwide tour in support of Out of The Cellar‘s 30th anniversary.

“Naturally, we are excited for the future of Ratt,” declared Croucier. “Our long-term goals are still the same: give the Ratt fans the highest-quality shows possible — period. The evolution of the band has had many twists and turns. We are looking to the future and to the many good times ahead. We are moving forward with — the new breed of Ratt!”

Tour dates:

Jul. 7 – Mulvane, KS – Kanas Star Casino
Jul. 13 – Costa Mesa, CA – Pacific Amp @OC Fair
Jul. 21 – Detroit, MI – Chene Park Amp

Sep. 7 – Hinckley, MN – Grand Casino
Sep. 29 – Las Vegas, NV – Fremont

Oct. 5 – St. Charles, IL – Arcada Theatre
Oct. 6 – Manistee, MI – Little River Casino
Oct. 12 – El Paso, TX – Speaking Rock
Oct. 13 – Dallas, TX – Bomb Factory
Oct. 14 – Corpus Christi, TX – Concrete St
Oct. 17 – Little Rock, AR – Arkansas State Fair
Oct. 25 – Worley, ID – Courdalene Casino

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  • Rattlehead on

    What a joke! Warren IS Ratt! Both Pearcy and Croucier have been out of the Ratt lineup in the past. Warren was the only constant. Gees , if this was the end result, then the judge should have let Blotzer’s lineup keep the Ratt name.

  • John Rives on

    Is Warren not energized or fully engaged???

  • T on

    Last I heard, they were close to the original lineup with a new drummer and rhythm guitarist. Bobby B. has got to be chuckling about this situation. I’m curious why they don’t name the new players. You can’t casually replace Warren without people wanting to know who’s attempting to handle his duties. If Warren himself chose not to be included, then I can understand that. I wonder if this is a Dokken situation, where they get a new guy who sounds, plays and attempts to write exactly like Warren. Maybe even changes his name to Warren;)
    Side note: I saw a video of Jaun singing better than Stephen, and another one where Jeff Pilson was singing better than Don. What’s with these bass players?

    • Dana on

      DiMar is such a great guitarist, and the heart of the band, even if they got another accomplished player, there is only one DiMar.

  • elliot goldberg on

    this is juan show you don’t wanna miss!

    • Doug R. on

      Eh, I really don’t Juant to see Ratt without Warren!

      Wouldn’t 2019 be the 35th anniversary of Out Of The Cellar?

  • Ray Gillen on

    I heard that Warren is the guy that keeps stalling out on playing live or anything else for that matter. Thats got to be frustrating for the other guys that want to play. Not all the guys have the money that Warren has and can play whenever they choose. So if this is true I say all the power to them go play and earn a living. I agree with Craig also on Stephens last cd, pretty damn good give it a listen if you get a chance. Hell maybe they can recruit Jake E Lee to fill in for Warren. 🙂 Jake and Warren are good friends maybe that would light a fire under Warrens ass.

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