Tesla drummer Troy Luccketta has announced via his Facebook page that he has decided to take some time off.

The drummer writes:

“Dear Tesla Fan‘s!

After 35 plus years of touring with Tesla I have decided to take a little time from the road to spend with family and friends. I am happy and well, and couldn’t be more grateful to my bandmates for this opportunity.

I am also looking forward to some musical ventures closer to home so I will keep you all updated.

In my absence please show some love to Steve Brown. Steve is a dear friend, and great drummer!
He has played with Oleander, Ronnie Montrose just to name a few. He is one of Sacramento‘s finest, The perfect choice so to speak.

 I am filled with nothing but love and gratitude. I look forward to reconnecting with you all again in the near future.

Much love and respect, Troy”

Steve Brown, the younger brother of former Dokken drummer Mick Brown.

Tesla are scheduled to the the road on September 16th in Roanoke, Virginia.

Back in August,  the band released the official music video for its brand new single, Cold Blue Steel, which can be seen here.

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  • Dana on

    Don’t really see a familial resemblance between Mick and Steve. But, if he can drum like his brother, than he must be very good.

  • Rattlehead on

    Didn’t the band, like many other bands, already take time off from the road, about 18 months, cuz of COVID? Me thinks there’s something else going on…but I hope I’m wrong……

  • Rob Poling Jr on

    Great band but all these musicians say they need a break from touring but haven’t toured in two years.

  • jeff weaver on

    This guy seems to be the “go-to guy” for all things hard rock no matter what instrument. First he helps out Def Leppard on guitar when Phil Collen was out and now he’s doing drum duties for Tesla. A true “jack of all trades” him..

    • Dana on


      Steve Brown of Trixter filled in on the guitar for Def Leppard, same name, but different person. One is a guitar player, and the other a drummer. Also, Steve Brown of Trixter is not related to Mick Brown.

      Now, if this was Richie Kozten, that might work, as Kotzen plays almost every instrument.

  • robert davenport on

    As you get older touring gets very hard physically …the grind of it on the body , I get it
    He’s a drummer he’s working the hardest ~

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