tesla640 Multi-platinum selling rock act Tesla have debuted an all new single titled So Divine… today exclusively Ultimate Classic Rock.

Tesla will release an all new LP titled Simplicity,

Simplicity track listing:
M P 3
Rise and Fall
So Divine…
Cross My Heart
Flip Side!
Other than Me
Break of Dawn
Burnout to Fade
Life is a River
Time Bomb
‘Til that Day
Burnout to Fade (writing demo version)*
*Bonus track


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  • Cameron on

    Wow…Talk about theft! The acoustic guitar is a total rip off of Aerosmith’s “Seasons of Wither!” Though the more heavy part does not follow the same chords, the entire song follows the same rhythm pattern.

  • Frank Smith on

    Tesla covered Aerosmith’s Seasons of Wither on Reel to Real with the acoustic intro actually on electric guitar. This song sounds similarly inspired, but wouldn’t say a theft. Once it kicks in, I disagree that it follows the same rhythm pattern. Sounds very different to me.

  • Will D. on

    There are only so many chords and progressions to play, eventually it becomes extremely difficult to come up with a completely new idea or sound, also plagiarism is the greatest form of flattery, just ask Jimmy Page…

  • Brian Bulakites on

    Tesla might be getting sued over this that is how rip off it is. Steven/Joe when they here this there not gonna be happy at all hope the rest of the Cd isn’t a rip off anything else

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