TedNugentlive400 Multi-platinum guitar icon Ted Nugent rocked the house this past weekend (8/17) with a bombastic set in Midland, Texas, wrapping up his summer SHUTUP&JAM! Tour, named after his latest full-length album SHUTUP&JAM! on Frontiers Records.

Nugent was in top form for the sold-out gig, benefiting the Show of Support Memorial for our troops.

Show of Support was honored to have Ted and his band help us kick off our campaign to construct a memorial to honor those who have fought in this Global War on Terror and also to memorialize the four heroes we lost on 11-15-12,” stated show organizer Terry Johnson. “Ted brought a message of support for all who serve, and a call out to everyone in our sold out, packed audience to stand up for America.”

Throughout the summer, Nugent’s 35-date SHUTUP&JAM! tour has garnered glowing reviews for live performances at venues across the country and on July 19in Detroit, Nugent performed his 6,500th gig.

Nugent’s album, SHUTUP&JAM! marks the first all-new studio album from the Motor City Madman in seven years. The album features an epic lead vocal duet between Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Sammy Hagar for the lead single She’s Gone, which peaked at #2 on “Classic Rock” radio chart.

SHUTUP&JAM! is available on Amazon and iTunes. In the U.S., fans can pick up a special edition of SHUTUP&JAM!–featuring the exclusive bonus track Johnny B. Goode Forever–only at Best Buy.


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  1. Midland…..the water there is so jacked with additives and process it tastes like s. Ted’s latest sucks but he’s better than ever live. Waffle House? 69 year old retired truckers who live in trailers define that chain……maybe Weekend Warrior on cassette in the rusted ’84 F-150.

  2. Gene and Ted are definitely competing for most hated. Think its neck and neck so far.Love
    to throw the two of em in a room together and see the fireworks!
    Seriously Ted, how about less politics and more music? Stick to what you’re good at.
    Gene? He’s good at nothing but being a d. And man oh man does he stick to that!!!

  3. I hate to have the karma Ted Nugent wrath come down upon me for not knowing who he is talking about, but who are the 4 heroes he is referring to being lost on 11/15/12? I thought for sure it was Benghazi because right wingers can’t shut up about Benghazi but that happened on Sept. 11, 2012. I appreciate any info. Dana?????

  4. Ted does so much fantastic charity work. His work with the troops is unrivalled. But I agree with what Doug R said. Ted can’t seem to do anything right in the eyes of the public. Part of that, actually a lot of that, is Ted’s fault. I hope he realizes that. He’s radical politically and I don’t agree with a lot of what he preaches. But the fact remains that deep down he has a big heart. He does, however, have a tendency to stick his foot in his mouth and maybe he needs to finally accept that flaw and do something to correct it. Musically speaking, Ted is a legend and deserves to be in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. If saying that pisses anyone off, oh well, it’s the truth.

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