During these crazy and surreal times, music is the grand healer. While bands can’t be on tour right now bringing music to their fans directly, Styx singer/guitarist Tommy Shaw recognizes the continuing vital and soothing need for new music by releasing a previously unreleased acoustic version of the Led Zeppelin classic, Going to California via Styx’s label, Alpha Dog 2T, Inc. It will be available for streaming only on all digital platforms, including Spotify, starting today.  

While it was recorded many years ago, Shaw thought it was the perfect time to pull it out of the vault for fans to enjoy.

As he explains:

“After touring behind two Shaw-Blades albums, we discussed a second album of covers and actually recorded a few more, but we never officially set a project into motion. Styx would soon get back together and hit the road with the Return to Paradise tour. Will Evankovich and I decided to cut Going to California and did it at my home studio in the Hollywood Hills.

We recently gave it a listen and when Styx manager Charlie Brusco suggested we release it now to help fill the musical void that the lockdown had created, it suddenly had a new purpose. We had it mastered here in Nashville and created some artwork and got it placed on all the streaming platforms. Robert Plant’s original vocal is stellar, but I tried to make it my own while honoring its essence. I hope you enjoy it!

Love you all,Tommy”

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  • Doug R. on

    Always loved “Going To California,” and Plant’s vocals are stellar, and I’ve always been a big fan of Tommy Shaw, and Styx, which is why I really hate to say this, but this isn’t a very good cover at all. There are some songs that should never be touched, by anyone, especially a song that is so recognizable by 1 of the greatest voices in rock history. Nothing against Shaw at all, but one listen was enough for me.

  • Donald Pudas on

    Tommy’s great voice and awesome guitar equal a great version of this song.

    • Doug R. on

      Tommy does have a great voice, and a awesome guitar, – for “Boat On The River.” I mean it’s cool if you like it, to each their own – Rock And Roll 😉 for me though it’s almost like listening to Robert Plant covering “Boat On The River,” as much as I love Plant’s voice as well, I wouldn’t want to listen to that either. With the exception of maybe Sammy Hagar, or Ann Wilson from Heart, (and only on a couple of Zep songs) I just can’t imagine anybody doing Zeppelin justice, not even a great like Tommy Shaw. Obviously, Tommy had too much time on his hands…. 😉

  • T on

    When I Was around 13 years old, my girlfriends older sister played me “Renegade” by Styx on her record player. I couldn’t believe that a song could be that amazing, and i’ve always thought Tommy was an incredible singer ever since (I also like his version of “Cant find my way home”).

  • genesraccoonwig on

    Like the guitar work more than the vocals – big shoes to fill with Plant.

    Pat Monahan of Train does a better job vocally on Zeppelin – He even did a whole “Zeppelin Tribute” cd a few years back. While a huge Plant fan, the tribure cd was a little odd, Monahan probably did to satisfy record company demands to put out music.

  • jeff weaver on

    Funny he releases this mediocre cover on the same day his former co-worker Dennis DeYoung releases his new full length album “26 East”. I have lost all respect for this band. I’d rather go see Dennis.

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