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Stryper frontman Michael Sweet says that he was approached to produce a solo album from Sebastian Bach, claiming that the plan was to write music that was reminiscent of “those powerful songs from [Bach’s Skid Row] past.”

During Sweet’s appearance on the January 19th edition of Eddie Trunk’s SiriusXM satellite radio show, Eddie Trunk Live, Eddie brought mentioned that Bach wondering in a recent interview why so few of his 800,000 Facebook followers purchased his latest solo album, Give ‘Em Hell, when it was first released.

Sweet replied to Eddie, “This isn’t a bash against Sebastian at all; it’s just my opinion. I think people wanna hear Sebastian of old. They wanna hear the Skid Row Sebastian. They wanna hear the hits. And he’s giving them modern rock. It’s [Give ‘Em Hell] a good album, it’s a good-sounding album, but it’s not the glory days. And I think that’s the one thing Stryper at least tried to do, and I saw the numbers to prove it.”

He continued, “Our album Reborn, which is a little more modern…Murder By Pride was in between modern and old… they sold less than 5,000 the first week out. We come out with No More Hell To Pay, which is going right back to our roots, giving the fans what they want and wanted, and we did almost 10,000 units first week out.”

Asked if there was any truth to reports that he was supposed to be collaborating with Bach on some new music, Michael said: “I don’t wanna throw him under the bus or make him feel awkward or weird. I was approached to do a Sebastian album… to produce it and to co-write with him and basically try to kind of go back to those powerful songs from the past. Not make a dated record, but just that style, the anthemy Skid Row stuff that everybody loves. And that was the plan. Management got involved, and Sebastian and I e-mailed each other back and forth. It was going down the track a little ways and all of a sudden it came to a screeching halt. He decided he wanted to do an acoustic album, or wanted to do this, or wanted to do that. And I was just, like, ‘Guys, let me know what’s going on, if it’s going on.’ And I never really heard any more about it, so I guess it’s not happening. But it would have been cool.”

Sweet added, “I’ll tell you right now, I think I could have helped Sebastian make a killer album. But hey… We’ll never know.”

After Sweet’s comments were first published online, Bach reportedly wrote in a tweet that has since been deleted, “Dear @michaelhsweet : shut your mouth. Before I shut it for you.”

Sweet tweeted today (January 29th), “I never disrespected @sebastianbach & I wish him well. I simply answered a question that was asked by @EddieTrunk Nothing more, nothing less.”

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  • Michael B on

    Well, there’s a difference between putting out a product, and Sweet seems to be keen on, and following whatever musical direction an artist desires. Honestly, I would have no idea that Skid Row still existed as a band at all if it weren’t for the success of Bach. Yes older people want to hear all the hits sung at the local small venue, bar, state fair or casino. That’s where these bands are playing. Go for it, but musically, it’s about as interesting as a glass of lukewarm water.

    Take Sweet’s recent album with George Lynch. The KXM album blows it out of the water because they weren’t trying to sound like an 80’s demographic cliche, but ya gotta pay the bills. FYI, never was a Stryper fan on any level. I never got it.

  • Doug on

    I’ve liked Bach’s solo stuff, but I think Michael is spot on about fine tuning Sebastian’s work. I think he would have been a good collaborator. Too bad.

  • MikeyMan on

    Sweet & Bach.
    Band name: Heaven & Hell
    Or was that taken, duuude?

    • Jae Beaman on

      The first time Sebastian ranted on stage with Skid Row about having a bottle hit his head it was cool. Iwatched that over and over and followed it on the news.. And supported him as a fan…Then when he read the sensorship letter from “Who is this counsel” (Roadkill VHS..yes I still have it) in front of the audience that was cool….Then when he threw his wine glass in a bar we understood, fought with the Damnocracy crew about drinking and Savage was ok until he whined to Doc McGee about the raw deal he got with Skid Row, but of course we were all younger and more immature then and not in our 40’s and 50’s…..He should change his name to Sebastian Baggage. People are tired of it and he is alienating his audience…I think we have all learned valuable lessons.. If you’re a hot chick…Dont date him…If his mother is at the concert you are at..Stay away…If You like his new material don’t tell him because he’ll single you out as the Only one.. Who really wants to see this or be a part of that fan base? It makes sense that Skid Row dropped him…Who wants all that baggage? For the record.. I think all of his music rocks… and I HAVE purchased ALL OF IT fair and square, but this guy is terrible live and he is a drain to try and enjoy…I don’t know..Maybe that’s METAL. It’s really sad… And One other thing.. Maybe the current Skid Row isn’t as well produced, or radio friendly everywhere…But they are awesome and still deliver live…

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