Stryper2013 Stryper is back with their latest release, a live CD/DVD combination called Live At The Whisky. The live recording will be available on September 23rd through Frontiers Records and is a must have for any fan. The concert was recorded at a sold-out show last November at the famous Whisky a Go Go on Sunset Blvd. The 16-track collection documents the band’s first show in support of their latest critically acclaimed release, No More Hell To Pay.

From the show opener Legacy to the final notes of show finale Soldiers Under Command, Live At The Whisky documents Stryper’s rich musical legacy that spans over 30 years. The original lineup comprised of Michael Sweet (vocals/guitars), Robert Sweet (drums), Oz Fox (guitars) and Tim Gaines (bass) showcase the musicianship and songs that garnered the band a huge fan base in the mainstream world and the Christian market. Live At The Whisky was produced by Michael Sweet and is available for pre-order at a href=”” target=”_blank”>Amazon.

“We’ve always wanted to record a live album that captures the rawness of the band and this is it! We couldn’t be more thrilled then to have captured this at the infamous Whisky, where it all began for us. After 30 years, we’re still proud to do what we do and hopefully it shows. This is an intimate performance, the way it should be.”

The DVD of Live At The Whisky also contains the music videos for No More Hell To Pay and Sympathy from their latest album No More Hell To Pay. It also features an interview segment the band recorded for Nashville All Access. A trailer for the DVD can be seen below. The concert will also be broadcast on AXS.TV on September 28th. Check local listings and providers for more information on the television debut of Live At The Whisky this Fall.

The track listing for Live At The Whisky is:

1) Legacy
2) Marching Into Battle
3) You Know What To Do
4) Loud And Clear
5) Reach Out
6) Calling On You
7) Free
8) More Than A Man
9) The Rock That Makes Me Roll
10) No More Hell To Pay
11) Jesus Is Just Alright
12) Always There For You
13) All For One
14) The Way
15) To Hell With The Devil
16) Soldiers Under Command

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  • Dean on

    Oh wow! I missed a couple of spelling errors. I meant “the late Randy Rhoads”.

  • Dean on

    One more thing, out of all the famous rock bands of the 80’s, Stryper is STILL going strong, while the other “cool” bands are barely maintaining a moderate fanbase (a.k.a. Motley, T.S., Queensrycke, Dokken, Ratt, etc.).

  • James on

    I agree Dean! I’ve seen them live 3 times over the last few years and they’ve blown me away. I only got into them in the last ten years or so. When I started listening to them people would say “You mean that Christian band??”, like it was negative. I always say yeah they are christians who play Maiden/Priest-inspired riffs while singing about positive things. I love Megadeth, Priest, Slayer, Rammstein, Oingo Boingo, Stray Cats, Phil Collins, a very broad list. Stryper are some of the most talented guys out there. And who cares what they sing about. You can only sing about death/blood/demons/drugs/sex for so long. As far as your Eric Clapton comment. Eric’s got a different style than these guys. He’s still good at what he does. No More Hell to Pay is a great album which makes me excited for the next few years.

    • Dean on

      Thanks, James! I don’t mean to sound negative when it comes to Eric Clapton’s talent. It’s just that when the rock radio stations in my area ONLY play Clapton hits (and never any Stryper, Dokken, etc.), it just drives me up the wall. They (radio stations) act like the 80’s never existed. This music is timeless.

  • T Jones on

    Songs I’d love to see them play – Rock The People, Together Forever, Keep The Fire Burning, Ordinary Man. It rules that they did You Know What To Do on this album. Can’t wait!

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