Adler2013 Drummer Steven Adler has released the following statement explaining why he felt the need to go back into rehab:

“I picked up a bottle and drank. This occurred a few times and that is a few times too many. I knew that this had to permanently stop. That is the moment I picked up the phone, before it got out of hand, to get help. I had kicked hard drugs several years ago and now it is time to get rid of the urges of drinking alcohol. I am at a great facility and will stay here until I am comfortable to be home to work the program on my own. I love you all for understanding, being patient and supporting my decision. Like my peers, I will beat this too, so I can return to music and beat my drums!”

As previously reported, Steven’s band, Adler, had to postpone their summer tour due while Adler continues to work on his sobriety.

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  • billy on

    hey steve good luck take it one day at a time….

  • John Alonzo on

    When it comes to someone in life who has a problem with abuse like myself, making the effort to do something about it is the first step. Once a alcoholic always a alcoholic, the acceptance is what makes the person understand the illness, Steve did the right thing. Awesome Rock On.

  • Mike on

    Wish you the best Steven. Take all the time you need for yourself. We will still be here to support you and your music when you are ready. Love the new cd.

  • Ryan on

    Amazing how deep the claws of drugs and alcohol and addiction in general can get into certain people and not let go, regardless of how much opportunity is lost, financial ruin occurs, and health issues complicated time and time again. Crazy. Best of luck, Steven. Get that monkey off your back once and for all, man.

  • Carlos on

    God bless Steven, his health comes first and its good to see that he’s getting the help he needs and that he took the initiative. Hopefully he can get well so he can live his life in peace and kick ass on the drums! The new music is killer!

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