Scott Munro of Classic Rock Magazine reports:

[Guitarist] Slash says that he thinks that everyone in the Guns N’ Roses camp would like to make a new studio album, but due to their touring commitments, they haven’t had the chance to sit down and plan it out yet…

…And while Slash says “there’s no shortage of ideas from everybody involved” they still have to properly plan out their future movements.

He tells the upcoming issue of Classic Rock magazine, “When Guns N’ Roses started doing its thing on the Not In This Lifetime tour, then the kind of writing I was doing was actually more tailored towards Guns, because that was the environment I was in.

But, then we took the break and I started thinking about doing the Conspirators record…

…With Guns, we’ve just started to touch the surface of what that’s going to all be, so I haven’t really fallen into that groove yet. Right now, there’s more of a question mark around that than with Conspirators.

Asked if he’s started to write material for a new Guns N’ Roses album, Slash replies, “Well, it’s not been announced because there’s nothing official, so there’s nothing to talk about.

I think everybody thinks it’s a good idea, and everybody would like to do it. There’s no shortage of ideas from everybody involved, but we’ve been so busy on the road there hasn’t really been time to go in and sit down and go, ‘Okay, we’re going to make a record.’”

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  • Keith G on

    I think it would be great if GNR would record a new record. But I hope everyone realizes that, if you are hoping for another “Appetite for Destruction” from these guys, you’re gonna be disappointed. That record was a once in a lifetime type of thing, and you’re not gonna have the same chemistry that you had with the original band. When they recorded that record, they were 30 years younger, hungry, dangerous, etc. They are not the same guys they were back then.

  • T on

    I see no reason why they couldn’t bang out another decent set of songs. Hopefully Steven Adler can play on one or two. Wouldn’t it be nice if original VH and them did a tour together. It could be called the “When leprechauns ride Unicorns tour”.

  • elliot goldberg on

    I think slash thinks everybody thinks the whole world thinks!

  • Ray Gillen on

    I think he means everybody but Izzy wants new material. Izzy was the mastermind songwriter for GnR, maybe that would get him back with the band if they paid him what he is due to help write. doubt it

  • DR Is Live on

    They could release static electricity for 45 mins and people would lap it up. It won’t matter how good or bad it is, or who’s writing what – if Axl and Slash are on a recording together, it will be monumental.

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