Slashtophat400 Slash has confirmed a story in Paul Stanley’s autobiography, where the KISS frontman told the former Guns N’ Roses guitarist to “go f–k yourself.”

It appears in Stanley’s book Face The Music: A Life Exposed and details the incident which occurred prior to the release of Guns N’ Roses’ Appetite For Destruction.

Stanley had been touted to produce the band’s debut offering and offered to put Slash in touch with BC Rich to get him free guitars. But trouble between the two started shortly after, when Slash, unhappy at the band’s sound at a small LA club, asked Stanley to step in behind the mixing desk.

Following the performance, the pair fell out, with Slash accusing Stanley of meddling with their sound and later made derogatory comments in the press about the Stanley’s appearance.

Months later, Slash phoned Stanley about the offer of free guitars – and the KISS singer/guitarist lambasted Slash, angrily saying “go f–k yourself.”

Stanley says in the book: “You want me to help you get guitars after you went around saying all that shit about me behind my back? One thing you’re going to have to learn is not to air your dirty laundry in public. Nice knowing you, go f–k yourself.”

Slash confirms most of the story, although he says things between the pair are “more or less cool now.”

He tells Hard Rock Megazine, “He said something along the lines of, ‘You shouldn’t air your dirty laundry in public, so no, I won’t help you.’ We didn’t speak for years after that. It was only until roughly 2006 that we got reacquainted when I was doing the KISS Rock Honors for VH1 and we sort of let bygones be bygones. We’re more of less cool now.”

Slash’s latest CD, World On Fire, was released on September 16th through Slash’s own label Dik Hayd International, distributed through Caroline.


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  • Robert on

    Slash tells a pretty different story in his book. Saying Stanley bullied the sound engineer into letting him mix the band live. Slash said he was horrified – Paul Stanley had mixed GNR… Gazzari’s. Stanley also wanted to rewrite Jungle to make it sound more like a Kiss song.

  • RJ on

    Didn’t something also go down between David Lee Roth and Slash during a RRHOF ceremony?

  • Joe in The Cuse on

    Paul Stanley would have f’d up Appetite. Paul isn’t a great song writer at all, that is my opinion. Great stage persona yes, great writer…lols, NO!! Paul writes bubble gum songs, and imho the last 2 KISS CDs have proven that. Slash is about kicking ass.

  • Ughhh on

    If that’s what you got from reading Paul’s book, then you really need to take a reading comprehension course. They should have one at your local community college.

  • Johnny Stevens on

    When was the last time Slash wrote a good song? His solo stuff is very mediocre and only for his hardcore fans. “Featuring Myles Kennedy” – who cares. He is average, boring and has zero charisma.
    A Guns ‘n Roses reunion would be a lot more exciting.

    • Eddie on

      I couldn’t disagree with you more on every point. Myles is one of the best singers out there now in 2 very popular bands and the last couple Slash albums have some of my favorite stuff he has ever done outside of GnR. As for a reunion being “exciting”..well that’s kind of stating the obvious for many, but that’s not happening.

    • talktopete on

      Myles is a STAR . I’m not even a huge fan. You totally got that wrong IMO. He’s up there with Glen Hughes.

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