skidrowwtonyharnell640 On April 6th, Skid Row band members Dave “The Snake” Sabo and Rachel Bolan officially announced former TNT frontman, Tony Harnell, as their new lead singer on Eddie’s Sirius/XM show, Eddie Trunk Live.

In another Eddie Trunk Live first, Eddie premiered the Harnell version of 18 & Life on his April 13th show. Listen to it below.

“I’m so excited and honored to be a part of such a great band with an amazing legacy and legions of faithful fans,” enthused Harnell in the band’s announcement of the switch. “The guys and I have known each other for many years and this is such a natural fit. I look forward to getting out there and playing live together and being a part of making new music and creating our future together. It’s time to rock!”

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  • Taskerofpuppets on

    I think he sounds pretty good. Wonder how he is in a live situation?

    • Ryan B. on

      My thoughts exactly……

  • T on

    Tony does a good job on this, and obviously he’s a very good singer. He kind of sounded like Bas at times. Similarly, I also think Dokken uses a guy who sounded like Lynch on purpose. “Monkey Business” to me, was a killer vocal performance by Bach, back when the Skids were Jersey’s answer to the toxic twins, and made Bon Jovi look like the Monkeys. Skid Row with Bach are a very potent band, with killer songs. That chemistry is hard to come by, but the audience knows it when they see, and hear it. It’s undeniable. It’s unfortunate that they couldn’t do one last tour with Bach, not to relive the past, but to celebrate a chemistry that really resonated with a lot of people. (IMHO)

  • Doug on

    Harnell is a very good singer, but as Eddie said so well on TMS, this was Skid Row’s chance to make some noise and get Sebastian back in the band. Sadly, that moment has passed. The pick to bring on Harnell indicates the Skid’s are content and do not aspire to be more. Case in point, they are set to appear in my home town this summer at a local outdoor event (i.e. carnival) and on the Free Stage. Cool to be able to see them up close and personal, but kind of sad also. But I guess it’s their life to lead.

  • MikeyMan on

    I thought it was very good.
    Though, I don’t like listening on a computer through TV speakers.
    I’d love to see a live DVD concert with all the classic hits done with Tony on vocals.

  • Kelley Letourneau on

    Hey, it isn’t a perfect world. But I look at like this. In the 80’s , at least I thought that the bands we loved from that era, were so larger than life to me, that I thought that would never change. And in my naive state of mind, I thought everyone shared that same feeling. I mean, how could anyone not? It was so big and bombastic, if you didn’t love it, how could you ignore it? But then, the mid 90’s hit and into the 2000’s. And those bands that were left after the fallout, most had reinvented themselves to fit with the changing times. I am not saying there wasn’t any good music in the 90’s and 2000’s, but things would never be like it once was for me. My point is, that over 30 years years later, the bands that we loved from that era are still here and fighting to survive! I feel so luck and privileged to still going to shows to see bands like Kix, Extreme, Telsa, Slaughter, Bullet Boys, Stryper, etc. In many cases, it may not be the original line up, but I will take what I can get! I listen to all different types of music and continue to explore new stuff ( Falling in Reverse being one of my new favorite bands), but my heart will always be with Hard rock and Heavy Metal! We all have our opinions, but I am surprised at the negativity toward Skid Row’s new line up! I know everyone was hoping for a Bach/Skids reunion, but that’s not going to happen…forget about it. Tony is the guy and it is going to be awesome. I just hope they don’t make Tony Part 3 of the Johnny EP trilogy. They should just let that be Part 1 & 2 and start fresh with a blank canvas with Tony. Hey, I don’t love everything thrown at us these days, but I don’t feel the need to throw stones. We all have opinions, but sometimes people can go to far. Be thankful that the bands we loved so much over 30, 40 years ago, are still touring and making new music!! Tony has the pipes and he is going to be amazing in Skis Row. I have been waving a flag for him for years. It is nice to see he has a new platform to showcase his voice. He will do an incredible job to the Bach era catalog too. This is just insane, so pumped up to hear more!! I heard Eddie say before, VH1 Classic wouldn’t approve someone like Tony Harnell to be on that Metal Show because he is consider to be from a Tier 2 or Tier 3 band, not a big enough name. I am sure they will have him on now!

    And to the comment about the remake being compared to Ace and Tommy on Shock me? I see where you were going, but no. Two very different scenario’s as far as I am concerned. What Kiss did was just sacrilegious.

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