skidrowwtonyharnell640 Skid Row bassist Rachel Bolan has run out of patience with people who post negative comments about the band’s current lineup.

He’s been receiving mixed reactions after they replaced frontman Johnny Solinger with ex-TNT singer Tony Harnell in April, and released a version of 18 And Life featuring Harnell.

Bolan writes on Facebook, “To all the haters, trolls and keyboard-banging dipsh–s – if you don’t like me or Skid Row, stay off the f–king page. I’m sure there’s something more constructive you can do with your time, like Pornhub or something. There you can satisfy yourself without being face to face with someone. That’s what you do best, right?”

Harnell has expressed a similar sentiment, posting, “If you don’t like the videos or other career stuff I post then don’t comment on my page. Go to some other page with people like you and hate on me or whoever. At least I’m out there working and doing my best!”

After the lineup change had been exclusively revealed on Eddie’s Sirius/XM show, Eddie Trunk Live, Bolan admitted that the band had already started working with Harnell before dismissing Solinger.

He said, “At certain times you just get the feeling someone isn’t putting 100% into things. And Skid Row is very important to the rest of us. And we wanted to carry on with quality performances and quality songs, so we decided to make a change.”

Harnell will appear on the third EP in the band’s United World Rebellion series later this year, and hopes to make a full-length album in 2016.

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  1. While I agree with much of this (Skid Row is great, but they are B-List at best, maybe not even that) I do sympathize with Rachel on two points. One, it’s not the band’s responsibility to hire the guy the fans want. They have to hire who they are comfortable with. Two, yeah, free speech, yadda yadda yadda, but it never ceases to amaze me why someone would take time out of their precious day, time from work, time from loved ones, etc. to personally attack someone they claim to “like” or someone who put out one album 25 years ago that was pretty catchy.

    Having said that, while I don’t have a dog in this hunt, there is something to the argument that bands don’t have to be friends to make good music. Some of the best bands in the world (Van Halen, Oasis, Kinks, Aerosmith, the Stones, Sabbath, Marillion) have made the music they are most known for when under significant tension between the various band members.

  2. another whinnerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,if you dont like the feedback,dont have a website,just because fans have strong feelings about the band either good or bad does not mean there not fans,if you want a web page that only the koolaide fans are on say so,this guy sounds like paul and gene from kiss now,at least kiss made it to superstardom,these guys had a few medeoricor songs at best,they cannot even play the sheds anymore on there own,so be glad you even have some fans that give a shit about whats going on in the band.if you mention s bach at least most folks know who he is,mention anyone else in the band with the exception of snake and no one knows who they are smh!!!

  3. I don’t get how in one breath they can say things like they like being the underdog, they will play until it’s not fun anymore, they make good money doing what they do…etc…. Then they get all uptight on what they call haters.. I call them fans asking for what they want. Fans are always going to want to see Sebastian back. That’s just how it is.

    Now I have to say, I will continue to support them. Personally, I am sad to see Johnny out because I thought he was awesome…Every time.. I saw Sebastian twice on Subhuman Race and he just wasn’t delivering anymore with them…I’ve seen him solo and he’s winded and butchers songs..

    I just saw the Skids with Tony in Vegas and Tony did well for most of the songs.. He had some trouble with In a Darkened Room… But the guy is trying.. I don’t know what I think of him fronting this band…..But then again, I go for the music.. I pretty much spend my time watching Scotti and Snake play their stuff….. That’s really what makes the band. That and I can play everything Rachel has put down on wax. Basically Skid Row musically kicks ass and I really don’t know that any vocalist will do justice to what the rest of them do musically. Tony said it himself in a recent interview, “It’s a hard gig” .

    I wish them luck.. More people need to stand up for what they believe in regardless of what others say. Skid Row, still does.

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