Skid Row has parted ways with singer ZP Theart and has replaced him with ex-H.E.A.T.vocalist Erik Grönwall. Grönwall will make his recording debut with the band on the band’s upcoming album, The Gang’s All Here, due on October 14th via earMUSIC. The LP’s first single, the title track can be heard below.

Skid Row said in a statement, “It’s a new era for Skid Row. With a new album, a new single and a world tour, we’ve added a new voice. Welcome powerhouse vocalist Erik Grönwall, formerly from the band H.E.A.T. from Sweden.”

Grönwall added, “Ladies and gents. I hereby declare the circle of all fucking circles complete. You’re looking at the new singer of @officialskidrow #skidrow #erikgronwall.”

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  • dcinsc7 on

    I don’t know. It just sounds like a band whose name happens to be Skid Row, but it just doesn’t sound like Skid Row. Hope it works out for them, though.

  • Mr. Rock And Roll on

    Hagar replaced Roth. Hagar is a good singer/songwriter. Roth era records still outsell the Hagar era. Roth is cooler. Always was. Nobody wants to hear Poundcake, or Ain’t Talkin bout love sung by Hagar, that’s just silly. This new Skid guy has pipes, for sure, but so do 1000 other singers. It means nothing. People want what they want, and it isn’t this. 25 years from now, nobody is going to reach for this album to play. They’ll reach for the first 2 Skids. And guess what? Nobody talks about how awesome OU812 or Balance is. Bas era Skid Row is the era burned into the minds of people, and even then it was for the time. Hey, if these guys dig it, great, it’s your life. But there’s a reason why you’ll be playing break rooms now and 3000 seaters with Bas. It’s called giving the fans what they want.

    • Medved on

      Pretty sure Bolan and Sabo would prefer to play in Indian casinos and clubs rather that deal with the primadonna egotistical maniac. No amount of money is worth it.

    • Michael Minutaglio on

      i have to disagree, I would rather hear Poundcake and Hagar sing VH songs than Roth. And that is NOT silly! And yes, there are PLENTY of people talking about OU812 and Balance.

      Why are you comparing Skid Row to Van Halen? Hagar era VH sold MILLIONS of records. Skid Row without Bach sold hundreds, if that.

  • Nathan on

    I liked Hagar better but your point is well taken about what classic VH and Skid Row is. That said though, I think the band is perfectly fine playing to their small venues. It comes up a lot on Trunk Nation–they just don’t care if they ever play with Bas again.

  • Charles Clinchot on

    Ok for one I like all Van Halen eras equally (just like AC⚡️DC ears)

    Next, for a group who will never reunite with Bach, or visit the past, they pick a singer who sounds a lot like Bach. Sorry, I lost interest with the group after Subhuman Race. Saw them in 2000 when I went to see the Kiss Farewell tour. Didn’t seem like Skid Row, and yes, I know skid row is Bolan, but Bach made the songs Pop, and Roth, went out with Van Halen towards the end.

  • Real Paul Stanley on

    Skid Row had a great start to their career. But since Bach was canned, I couldn’t tell you one song they recorded. I don’t know Bach personally so my personal opinion of him is based on how he portrays himself publicly. I do not like him. I can understand why the band doesn’t want to reunite with him. BUT! BUT! The way this band has handled their lead singers over the years, is it too far fetched to say that perhaps they have some issues too? Firing someone over the phone and then announcing their replacement 2 hours later on the internet is not exactly what I deem professional. How old is the dude with the chain coming out of his nose? That’s disgusting to me. You’re not 21 anymore lol. But who am I to judge. I’m pretty sure my silent but deadly farts in the sacred aisles of Walmart are considered disgusting by those who inhale the odor. I digress.

    • Dana on

      Hi RPS,

      Rachel Bolan is 58.

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