SebastianBach Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach has described bass player Rachel Bolan as “the band’s Bill Ward.”

Bach – who was fired by Skid Row in 1996 – says Bolan is the only member of the band who has a problem with him. Comparing the situation to the one that exists between Black Sabbath’s estranged drummer Ward and frontman Ozzy Osbourne, Bach hints that jealousy could be at the heart of Bolan’s dislike of him.

He tells Metal Injection, “I’ve talked to all of those guys except the bass player, and he is the one that has it in for me. Some of these musicians like to use this term “lead singer’s disease,” and I think that’s a way of dealing with the extra attention that the frontman gets. And it’s not just Skid Row — it’s Aerosmith, Van Halen, KISS and Black Sabbath. I guess Rachel is, like, the Bill Ward of Skid Row. I think that’s really what it is. Because I haven’t given that guy any reason to dislike me in 19 years.”

Skid Row eventually replaced Bach with singer Johnny Solinger, who was himself replaced by former TNT frontman Tony Harnell this year.

Meanwhile, former Skid Row drummer Rob Affuso says he has tried many times to get Bach and Bolan back on terms and to reunite the classic lineup of which he was also a part.

Affuso tells the Jim Chinnici Radio Show, “I have tried, unsuccessfully, three times, to get it back together, to try to get Rachel and Sebastian in a room and talk. And, inevitably, either Sebastian would say something stupid two weeks prior and then piss Rachel off or whatever. I don’t wanna say ‘stupid’, but he’d say something to piss Rachel off. And then Rachel would be, like, ‘Well, fuck you.’ And that happened, like, literally three times. And the one time I thought it was about to happen, and it just fell apart. I don’t see it happening, I really don’t. I’ve tried.”

Bach recently appeared on Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider’s podcast stating he is the most recognizable member of the band.

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  1. if bas wasn’t such an a–hole on so many levels with a huge ego,maybe they could work something out..Who does he think he is??/ Robert Plant??You sang for skid row not led zep…Anyway,Tony harnell is a better singer than you could ever be on your best day..

  2. I don’t believe the reason there hasn’t been a reunion has to do with Bach’s comments about the Solinger Skid Row. You have to remember, he was fired from the band, so he wasn’t happy when being asked about them. Even Rob Halford took shots at Judas Priest when he wasn’t in the band. They never wanted to work with him again after they fired him, and if they were about to talk, I don’t believe an attack by Bach would have prevented a reunion from going forward.

  3. Don’t get me wrong, I really think Skid Row needs to get back together. However, Bas “must” begin to open his ears more instead of his mouth in order for a reunion to take place, that is a fact. Also, Rachel “must” learn to listen too and at least try to provide an opportunity. Sadly, we all know, and can clearly see/read here, that it most likely won’t happen. Just can’t understand why both camps won’t try? I know I would live & learn knowing I would make some sweet $$ by shutting my mouth!

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