scorpions640 The Scorpions‘ 50th anniversary tour will bring them to North America in September. The new dates begin in Boston and continue through a total of 11 cities before closing on October 2nd in Los Angeles. Queensryche will be the opening act. See the tour itinerary below.

The Scorpions, who’ve been busy since putting aside retirement plans, are touring in support of the just-released album Return to Forever, which reunites the band with Sting of the Tail producers Mikael Nord Andersson and Martin Hansen. The group recorded 19 new songs in a flurry of activity. Twelve made the standard edition of Return to Forever; the deluxe edition boasts 16. The iTunes version of the complete album can be streamed below.

The band also released a series of behind-the-scenes clips and song previews as excitement grew for their first original project in five years. Up next is a video, only available in select countries, for the song We Built This House.

“In the end, it tells our story,” frontman Klaus Meine has said of the track. “We’ve built this house called Scorpions brick by brick and often quite arduously. From the first days in Hannover, the first concerts abroad, until this very day. We’ve weathered severe storms, but the house withstood everything, turned out to be wheatherproof and stable. However, building the house was never just cumbersome, but joyful as well. The joy of music, the joy of having experienced and still experiencing it all, the joy of — and the thankfulness for — the fans’ affection.”

Return to Forever, the Scorpions’ 18th studio album, was preceded by 2013′s MTV Unplugged: Live in Athens and a 2011 collection of re-recordings and covers called Comeblack.

Scorpions 2015 North American Tour

9/10 – Boston, MA
9/12 – Brooklyn, NY
9/13 – Gilford, NH
9/18 – Toronto, ON
9/19 – Montreal, QC
9/22 – Columbus, OH
9/23 – Cleveland, OH
9/25 – Windsor, ON
9/26 – Chicago, IL
10/1 – San Jose, CA
10/2 – Los Angeles, CA

additional source: ultimateclassicrock.com

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    1. The other thing is I see Brooklyn on here which I assume is the arena? If they are doing arenas that is a tough sell. They will likely curtain them and move the stage up like Priest and others did

    2. Eddie, Why do you think that these major artists, other than maybe ac/doc or Metallica can’t sell out arenas? I understand the costs associated with going out on tour must be astronomical, and they certainly won’t do it without making money, but it just seems like they would put more people in the seats if they lowered costs. I’d love to go to 8 or 10 or more shows a year, but with all the costs involved in getting my wife and I there, $ 100 plus tickets at a minimum, hotels near venues that charge premium rates on event nights, gas to get there, food and drinks, the normal working man like myself can afford at best 1 or 2 events a year. This year there’s no way I will miss ac/doc and bought tix the day they went on sale for Gillette stadium and booked a nearby room. They are my favorite band of all time and I’m taking my 10 year old son who loves them too. I love ac/doc and will pay a premium to see them, but that’s gonna do it for me this year. I’d love to see some more artists and there’s a great outdoor venue an hours drive from me called the Bangor Waterfront that draws some good artists fromm all genres of music every summer. But even that’s tough for me to afford, even if I head home after the show.

    3. I totally get what you mean. It would be nice if you could buy a ticket for face value without this charge, that charge, convenient charge, and then parking. I started keeping a cooler with stuff in my car so I have food and drink before and after the show. That way I only maybe buy one drink at the venue. I used to go to about 12 concerts a year, with family expenses now it’s about 1 or 2.

  1. Hmmm, maybe. I could get to Boston or maybe the NH show. One of the bands I’ve always liked but for one reason or another never got to see live. Just gave the album a casual listen, it’s OK I guess. Only a few tracks stood out.

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