Sammy Hagar says he is “on a campaign” to get his old band, Montrose, into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

The Red Rocker has already been inducted thanks to his involvement with Van Halen, but he says it’s about time Montrose had their moment in the spotlight because of the influence of their self-titled 1973 album.

Hagar tells WKYC (via, “I’m on a campaign now to get that band on the ballot somehow. Because without Montrose, there would be no Van Halen, there wouldn’t have been Motley Crue, there wouldn’t have been Def Leppard. Every band I meet, they’re like, ‘The first Montrose record – the Montrose record.’ I think we should be in the Hall Of Fame.”

Hagar also reflects on his 2007 induction with Van Halen and says it “was cool” but it could have been even better.

He adds, “It just would have been great if the rest of the Van Halen gang had come. David Lee Roth and I would have both participated and done a song each and all that. But you know, those guys are hard to get along with. I’m sorry, folks. I think everybody is starting to realise it now.”

The nominations for the class of 2019 was revealed earlier this month, with Def Leppard, Todd Rundgren, Stevie Nicks, Radiohead, Rage Against The Machine, The Cure, Roxy Music, Devo, Kraftwerk, the Zombies, MC5, John Prine, Rufus featuring Chaka Khan, LL Cool J and Janet Jackson all up for induction next year.

The winners will be announced in December.

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  • Doug R. on

    Just for their influence alone, Montrose should be in, and also for making one of the greatest albums of all time! (Paper Money wasn’t too bad either) But, however, I’m afraid (and I hate to disagree with Sammy) we’re going to have to wait, for more deserving artists to get in first. Like – the Spice Gals, Sh-tney Spears, New Kids Off The Block, Out Of Sync, Back Door Boys, and of course, the multi-talented, influential (the influence and impact alone he had on 6 year old little girls should be enough to get him in) the one & only little Justin Beaver! All hail the Beaver! Come on, this is the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame we’re talking about here, they’re experts on recognizing real, talented musicians and songwriters… Haha!

    • Dana on

      Don’t forget Doug E, Fresh. wait is he in already?

    • shannon mehaffey on

      I saw W.A.S.P. on the ’89 and Headless tour and Blackie goes…”The other day I was watching TV and I saw called this band on MTV called Fine Young Cannibals, that should be The Fine Young A-holes…” then he says “Then I saw this band called New Kids on the Bliock….you mean, The New Kids Who _ _ _ ” LOL.

    • Doug R. on


    • Dana on


    • Doug R. on

      Nevermind, I just asked my Android who is Doug E. Fresh? Sickening! Just what we need, another Crapper in the R&RHOF! (Eye roll)

  • James K. on

    The first Montrose album alone had a ton of influence on bands that followed.

    Whenever someone brings this topic up, it just reminds everyone how messed up the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame selection committee is. My criteria for picking a potential inductee would be the following:

    Influential on the rock genre
    Successful, high quality musical output

    Montrose gets check marks on all those.

  • robert davenport on

    everyone with a brain knows the existing so called rock n roll hall of fame – is not about true rock n roll anymore , it used to be … now its about prestige , ass kissing , power and control – and it has become a total exercise in bulls–t – at the same time it means a great deal to a lot of great musicians , its the only game in town that honors a musicians life’s work and the significance of their music – someone or some organization needs to step up and create a new institution , something that really honors true rock and roll , and every rock genre that came after including hard rock and metal – I know this could be done , and I think Eddie could certainly spearhead this , its time

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