rush400pix The highly-anticipated Rush 40th anniversary box set has finally been confirmed – it’s a six-disc Blu-ray collection and it will be released on November 17th.

Speculation about the product has been circulating for over a year. Now it’s been revealed that R40 will include the band’s five most recent concert movies with additional features.

A bonus disc will contain unseen material including the band’s performance at Laura Secord Secondary School, Ontario, in 1974, although full details are yet to be revealed.

The product description reads: “2014 marks the 40th anniversary of Rush’s eponymous debut album. This superb collector’s box set brings together live performances by Rush from each decade of their career, plus a bonus disc of previously unseen live material stretching from 1974 to 2013.

The six Blu-ray discs are contained in a stunning 56-page hardback book, filled with memorabilia and photographs documenting 40 years of Rush live in concert. This is the ultimate collection of Rush live performances, beautifully presented.”

R40 tracklist:

Disc 1: Rush In Rio

Bonus features: The Boys In Brazil documentary, multi-angle versions of YYZ, O Baterista and La Villa Strangiato; By-Tor And The Snow Dog animation; Anthem (1975 performance)

Disc 2: R30

Bonus features: Interviews; 10 tracks from the Anthem vault; Rush Hits St John’s feature; Alex Lifeson Artist Of The Decade interview

Disc 3: Snakes & Arrows Live

Bonus features: Oh, Atlanta authorized bootlegs

Disc 4: Time Machine 2011 – Live In Cleveland

Bonus features: Outtakes; Need Some Love live at Laura Secondary School, 1974; Anthem live in 1976

Disc 5: Clockwork Angels Tour

Bonus features: Limelight soundcheck recording; three additional tracks; Can’t Stop Thinking Big documentary; behind the scenes feature; Family Guy; Family Sawyer; The Watchmaker; Office of The Watchmaker

Disc 6: Bonus Disc

Laura Secord Secondary School 1974 – details TBC

source: classicrockmagazine

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  • Taskerofpuppets on

    My goodness, what’s this their third RUSH collection this year!?! I guess they want to try to make up for the weaker Canadian dollar, or should I say, Looney. I love my native band, but, just when I thought Metallica was in full-retard mode with all the crap schwag they push, RUSH tops em’.

  • MikeyMan on

    Got all this on regular DVD already. I’ll pass.

  • James K. on

    I love Rush’s music dearly and always will. In fact, I just re-listened to Hemispheres the other day for what seems like the billionth time. But they’ve kinda overdone it with all the dvds, collections and everything like that.

  • Greg on

    I agree with all the comments posted. I have been a faithful fan since 1977, but they are killing me with these repackaging of DVDs and CDs. I would love to get more remastered RUSH, like ATWAS – the production on that was very muddy. THAT, I would love!

    • James K. on

      Agreed! All The World’s A Stage is Rush’s best live album and could use a good remastering job.

    • Tommy on

      All the Worlds a stage was remastered on CD about a decade ago. Great sound IMO.

  • Bill on

    my lord, talk about duplication overload.

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