During the most recent episode of his Apple Music 1 show Rocket Hour, Elton John told guest SG Lewis that he recorded “something” with thrash metal icons.

“I’ve just done something with Metallica, he divulged. “During this lockdown period, I’ve been working with Gorillaz and people like that. I haven’t been doing any Elton stuff, but I’ve been doing great stuff with other people…”

Earlier this year, Miley Cyrus detailed her upcoming Metallica cover album and revealed that she enlisted John to play piano on Nothing Else Matters. Could his recent recording session with the band have anything to do with that? Guess, we will all find out at some point.

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  • shannon mehaffey on

    “thrash metal icons” …an oxymoron if there ever was one…the partisanship on here is not surprising but still annoying…i.e., what is he doing hanging around with these knuckleheads? God knows they worship the Nothing Else Matters ground he walks on…those guys should be carrying his gear not trying to write anything with him…Elton never needed any producer to write a hit record..

  • robert davenport on

    Hearing this is nauseating, this exact thing is watering down great rock music and o believe is part of the slow decline of rock , they probably think its helping keep rock ” relevant ” but in reality its helping kill rock and metal music –

    • Doug R. on

      Robert, that’s exactly the same thing I have been saying about rap s–t for years. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Elton John, and Metallica (although not as much as I used to) but I don’t want to hear “Rocket Sandman” mixed up together! EJ is great at what he does, Metallica is good at what they do, no need or reason to mix em up!

  • robert davenport on

    I do like much of eltons music as well , I’m not just a hard rock guy I like all music that’s done well and has something to say with the exception of gangster rap and bro country – eddie tries to shine a light on rock and keep it exposed as much as he can which is awesome , I talk to alot of younger people and most of them ( thankfully not all ) for some bizarre reason hate rock- young people have to rediscover rock- maybe eddie has an idea on how to make that happen …

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