RivaSonsl640 Rival Sons have posted the following message at their official Facebook page:

“Regretfully, we have to let our fans know that our friend and bassist Robin Everhart has left the Rival Sons. It is an amicable split and we shall all remain brothers. We wish him well.” – Scott Holiday

Robin Everhart states: “After years of intensive touring with Rival Sons, I have come to the conclusion that I am not a road-warrior and that the ‘rock’n’roll lifestyle’ is not for me. I will miss playing the music that we made together, and I’m proud of our many accomplishments over the last eight years. As always, thanks to all the fans for their listenership and devotion – it’s been an honour to play for you. Keep on Swinging!”

Rival Sons released Great Western Valkyrie, their fourth album, on June 6th.

To listen to their performance of Open My Eyes on the Late Show with David Letterman, please click here.

[Ed’s note: Thank you Bobby D. for passing this along.]

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  • Chris Seminara on

    If you haven’t seen the Rival sons live get to it. They are amazing.
    I’m sure they will find a replacement on bass and will continue to make amazing music that blow away the crap that’s being played on most radio stations these days.

  • Tim on

    This isn’t new news. It was announced on Aug 2, 2013.

    • Dana on

      Thanks for sarcasm Tim,

      It’s always appreciated. The story was sent to me by someone else, so relax dude. Better late than never, sheesh…

      Dana from ET.com 🙂

    • Big Daddy on

      Didn’t he recently play with the band on David Letterman shortly after the release of their latest album?

      Sadly, I first discovered this band only earlier this year. They have a fat, 70’s Led Zep/Black Crowes vibe and the singer is amazing. Hope they “Keep On Swing’n”

    • Dave on

      Robin’s been gone for over a year. The Phillip Seymour Hoffman looking gentleman in the Letterman clip is bassist Dave Beste, in the band since 2013.

  • Frank W on

    Never heard of these guys.

    • DeweyWebber on

      This is old news but there can never be too many news bits on Rival Sons.
      These guys are incredible.

  • James K. on

    They are a great, young band. Obviously They are going through some growing pains. Life on the road is rough, especially these days, and it’s obviously not for everyone. Stuff like this happens with bands sometimes but at least they are showing class about it.

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