RivaSonsl640 Rival Sons have posted the following message at their official Facebook page:

“Regretfully, we have to let our fans know that our friend and bassist Robin Everhart has left the Rival Sons. It is an amicable split and we shall all remain brothers. We wish him well.” – Scott Holiday

Robin Everhart states: “After years of intensive touring with Rival Sons, I have come to the conclusion that I am not a road-warrior and that the ‘rock’n’roll lifestyle’ is not for me. I will miss playing the music that we made together, and I’m proud of our many accomplishments over the last eight years. As always, thanks to all the fans for their listenership and devotion – it’s been an honour to play for you. Keep on Swinging!”

Rival Sons released Great Western Valkyrie, their fourth album, on June 6th.

To listen to their performance of Open My Eyes on the Late Show with David Letterman, please click here.

[Ed’s note: Thank you Bobby D. for passing this along.]

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  1. Great band. Discovered them last year with their third album ‘Head Down’. Since then I bought their ‘Pressure & Time’ and their newest release ‘Great Western Valykrie’ (their debut seems to be out of print). Anyone who enjoys the vibe & sound of Led Zepplin and Free along with a 70’s rock sound I would check them out. It’s good to know that their are still good rock bands making great music. It gives me hope!
    Head Down is my favorite album of theirs.

    1. FYI they do sell the debut album Before the Fire on CD and Vinyl at their shows. Only place you can get physical copies of them I think. Before the Fire was written before Jay Buchanon joined the band and they re-recorded the songs. They also have an EP they released before P & T which has Torture and other good songs on it. Before the Fire and the EP are on itunes as well.

  2. Hi Dana, Unfortunately, this is in fact an old story from last year..Robin Everhart resigned in Aug 2013. The band then hired current bassist ‘Dave Beste’ shortly after Robin left. That is Dave Beste on bass with Rival Sons in the Letterman clip. No harm done. : ) Great band indeed.

    1. Thanks Tommy,

      At least you said in a nice way, unlike some other poster 😉 I always say it’s easy to be a denigrating jerk, but it takes real finesse get ones point across like a constructive adult.

      D 🙂

  3. As far as Im concerned he didn’t look like he was a part of the band even though he was in the actual performance. That was my 1st time seeing them and my 1st impression was the bass player didn’t look like he was in the groove w/ the rest of the band ( although he sounded great ! ). Sorry Mr. Everhart , don’t know you & this is just my opinion.

  4. I love the Rival Sons. As far as I am concerned they are the best newer band by about 6 yrs or so. Great Songs. Everybody should check them out.

    Warbo. Check out RS on Ytube. Tons of live performances.

  5. Great band Dana. Heard about them from Eddie and we always pay attention now when their name is mentioned and when they appear on something. Very good classic sound.

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