ac:dc10:17:2014-640 The AC/DC Rock Or BustPlayback Party is coming to the Webster Hall on Tuesday November 18th.

Join the legion of AC/DC diehards for an unforgettable night featuring the premiere of AC/DC’s new album Rock or Bust, special surprises and more. All attendants will receive a limited edition commemorative t-shirt, as well as a chance to win prize packages including a signed Angus Young Guitar.

To attend the official AC/DC Rock or Bust Playback Party, RSVP here.


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    1. If you’re chomping at the bit perhaps the new PINK FLOYD called THE ENDLESS RIVER may help. It has a new age spa feel as my friend pointed out but between now and December 2nd it could tide you over or put you to sleep or even assist in procreation as you see fit. GOD BE WITH JAMES AND I HOPE YOUR CANDIDATES WON AND YOUR TURKEY IS WARM AND YOUR BEER COLD.

  1. Webster Hall was known for drugs back in the day. If they serve chrystal methamphetamine at this party that would be wrong. All James K. wanted for his birthday was SPACE INVADER, I think Christmas has ROCK OR BUST written all over it. If he is OF THE FAITH then it would be ROCK OR BUST, a cell phone case, a nice pen, socks, really sweet wine, a pillow, any Barbara Streisand CD ( Bette Midler in a pinch), and an argyle something or other.

    1. LOL! 🙂 Keep in mind that I’m from Texas and if I wore anything Argyle they’d kick me out of the state! And I think Barbara Streisand and Bette Midler’s music is illegal here, at least I hope it is. Everything else you mentioned is cool, I hope Santa reads your post.

      Cheers buddy.

  2. AC/DC is one of about five classic bands I still give a sh*t about when they release a new CD –
    Scorpions? Nope. Def Leppard? Nope. Scab Kiss? No f*ckin’ way.
    Rock Or Bust will be great and AC/DC will rule again.

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