As previously reported, Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow will release, Memories In Rock-Live In Germany, on DVD+2CD, Blu-ray+2CD, and digital formats on November 18th. A deluxe version (DVD, Blu-ray and 2CD in a 48-page hardback photobook), along with a 3LP version (180-gram vinyl), will be available as an import on December 2nd.

The band has released a performance clip of Perfect Strangers. Watch it below.

To read more about this special release, and to view the track list, please click here.

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  1. I think Ronnie does a great job singing the Deep Purple and Rainbow material. The teaser of the DVD sounded really good. But the stage presence of the musicians, including Richie, was very uninspiring. It was almost like watching the videos of Don Dokken’s performances during the Japanese Dokken reunion shows. Actually, Don’s performances were much worse….

  2. Very disappointed…sounds like a band at the local Rennaissance festival doing a Deep Purple cover…and I agree with Rattlehead that the vocals were good but everything else was average at best…I will not be interested in the rest of the Dvd…

  3. Wait. What does Joe Lynn Turner wear on his head when he loans his rug out to Richie Blackmore? And even more importantly, can it sustain itself, or does it need to feed off of a life source to maintain its life?

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