Since the classic line-up of Dokken has been in the news lately, I thought I would revisit an older release, which I have discussed before, but would like remind you of, again.

Back in 1995, when hard rock and metal was out fashion, Dokken released a CD/DVD called One Live Night. It encompasses acoustic performances of many of the band’s “hits.” What makes this such a underrated, hidden gem is that it highlights the vocal talents of both bassist Jeff Pilson’s and drummer Mick Brown.

I have decided to include their solo vocal performances, as well as great version of one my favorite Dokken songs It’s Not Love (unfortunately, I could not find the video of this performance, only the audio). I would encourage all Dokken fans to purchase this DVD (or CD), as I believe it really showcases all of their individual talent. Plus, the band’s vocal harmonies are really magnified in this set. Please enjoy.

Dana 🙂

To purchase Dokken’s One Live Night DVD, please go here and for the CD, here.

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  • Dana on

    I knew Jeff could sing, but when I first purchased this DVD, I was most surprised by Mick. I really dig his slightly raspy version of Tooth and Nail.

    D 🙂

    • T on

      Wow, Jeff sounds like a young Don. I didn’t know he sang that well.

  • shannon mehaffey on

    Thank Dana! Sounds great, I really liked “Tooth & Nail” too, but, “It’s Not Love” really worked as well, as did Jeff’s song.

    • Dana on

      I wish someone has posted the video of It’s Not Love, as both Jeff and Mick, are singing quite a bit on that one, as well. The whole DVD/CD is fantastic, I highly recommend you to get it, along with some Tora Tora. I know, I am relentless. 😉

      D 🙂

    • shannon mehaffey on

      The thing is Dana, when I get Tora Tora it will be from Discogs on vinyl and they won’t get any of it. I guess I could get CDs instead and they would get the money. But, then I would only listen to them in my car.

    • Dana on

      It could be worse. 😉

  • TCcutwire on

    Good videos and versions of these tunes. Dokken was one of my favorite 80’s bands. The first 4 Dokken albums were right there with the first 4 Ratt albums for me. They were in my tape deck constantly. I have never heard this before….thanks for posting.

    • Dana on

      You’re most welcome and I hope this makes you want to purchase a copy. 🙂

      D 🙂

    • DR Is Live on

      You said ‘tape deck’ and I just flashed back like a Vietnam Veteran to a different time….

  • Ray Gillen on

    This is in my ipod along with dysfunctional. Both from the same era and both I think both are some of there best work. I think that in some bands case some of there best musicianship comes out when there`s some sort of turmoil in the band and this leads true to these 2 albums. One live night is interesting one reason being everyone is acoustic except for George ? Whats up with that ? It works but shows that slight separation from the other guys. Don shows what an ass he is when Mick tears it up singing tooth and nail and afterwards says not bad for a drummer, jeez. I think Don sings pretty well on this one though and I like there version of nowhere man.

    • Dana on


      I agree, I don’t like when band’s cover The Beatles, the songs are never as good as the original, in my opinion, but their version of Nowhere Man is excellent. The vocal harmonies are just insane, not quite the Eagles’ Seven Bridges Road, but up there.

      D 🙂

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