Since the classic line-up of Dokken has been in the news lately, I thought I would revisit an older release, which I have discussed before, but would like remind you of, again.

Back in 1995, when hard rock and metal was out fashion, Dokken released a CD/DVD called One Live Night. It encompasses acoustic performances of many of the band’s “hits.” What makes this such a underrated, hidden gem is that it highlights the vocal talents of both bassist Jeff Pilson’s and drummer Mick Brown.

I have decided to include their solo vocal performances, as well as great version of one my favorite Dokken songs It’s Not Love (unfortunately, I could not find the video of this performance, only the audio). I would encourage all Dokken fans to purchase this DVD (or CD), as I believe it really showcases all of their individual talent. Plus, the band’s vocal harmonies are really magnified in this set. Please enjoy.

Dana 🙂

To purchase Dokken’s One Live Night DVD, please go here and for the CD, here.

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  • Doug on

    I’ve always been a fan of Pilson, the guy is the backbone of every effort he is involved in, whether it be Dokken, Foreigner, Lynch/Pilson, whatever, the guy so underrated. He is also heading up next super group, “Super Stroke.” Terrible name, but personally, I am excited on the release of their debut album!

    • Dana on


      As I said before, I knew Pilson had a voice, but I was really surprised by Mick Brown.

      D 🙂

  • Gregg DiStefano on

    Hey Dana!

    My best friend Ant and I both agree that Jeff and Mick are the underrated gems in the band. Since I saw Mick and Jeff sing on this disc and vid, those are my favorite versions of those songs….as much as Don does a good job on lead vocals….I love the spin Jeff and Mick did.

    I am surprised that you couldn’t find the vid clip of It’s Not Love. I have the DVD and it’s certainly on there. \mm/

    • Dana on

      Hi Gregg,

      I have the DVD too and I know it’s on there 🙂 I just meant that no one on Youtube uploaded the video for that song, only an audio clip.

      Believe me, I was happy I found the two clips of Jeff and Mick, as it was important to showcase how well they both sing.

      Also, good for you for knowing that Brown was “unnderrated gem” in the band. Until seeing this DVD for the first time, decades ago, I always liked Mick as a musician, but I had no idea that he had that voice. I was so pleasantly surprised when I saw that performance. Additionally, I agree with you, I prefer Brown’s version to the original as well.

      D 🙂

  • joe marcelli on

    its a good thing mick and jeff stepped in for vocals, they showed the true talent in dokken. the 2016 reunion was horrible! don I slike Robert plant, cant hit the songs anymore

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