randyrhoadsremeberedvol1-640 Tish Rock Records is proud to deliver a slab of explosive, passionate, righteously organic rock from their first ever release, Randy Rhoads Remembered Volume I. The premieres of the SATO video features the vocal onslaught of one of rock’s most charismatic front men of the past 25 years; the incomparable Sebastian Bach. Watch it below.

The video also features Brent Woods on guitar, James LoMenzo on bass and drummer Brian Tichy.

Tichy says, “I hope you all dig this as much as we did making it. I grew up hardcore on Randy Rhoads. Blizzard Of Ozz and Diary Of A Madman are two records I wore the grooves out of. They never get old and they actually help me retain my youthful
outlook on life. With that, it’s safe to say I am not the only one. Much thanks to all the awesome artists that participated and made this something I’m beyond proud of. And let’s not forget Randy’s family, Delores Rhoads, Kelle Rhoads and Kathy Rhoads D’Argenzio! Without their approval to move forward with the first show, this would not be happening. We are now all part of the RRR Coalition, and to sign up with us all ya gotta do is dig Randy Rhoads. I feel like a wildebeest who successfully swam across croc-infested waters to get to new open fields of fresh grass. So crank this up and strap yourself in cuz this sonic excursion will leave you utterly breathless and quite possibly stupefied; but nonetheless, a wiser being for having listened to it! Thanks for any and all support and get ready for our soon-to-be US tour announcement!! POW!”

Sebastian said, “To me, Randy Rhoads epitomized the words ‘rock star.’ Randy had the charisma, presence and the looks of the ultimate rock star. But yet he took guitar lessons every day on tour. He only showed up to play his instrument the best he could play it. Randy Rhoads made the impossible look easy, which is why he will always be one of my favorite musicians to ever walk the planet Earth… and the stars above. “

Woods had this to say, “I was so blessed to have been a student of Randy’s. He’s the SOLE reason why I was able to pursue a career in music. Amazing as his talents were on the stage and on his albums, as a teacher, he was nothing less than excellent. God Bless Randy Rhoads!!!”

LoMenzo said, “Randy Rhoads influenced a generation of guitar players. His power and mastery of the guitar, along with his creativity and neoclassical influence are an undeniable legacy for all guitar players to rejoice in!”

To learn more about Randy Rhoads Remembered Volume I, please click here.


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    1. Agreed. I just heard a version of Mr. Crowley with Alexi Laiho on guitar (did a very nice job) and Chuck Billy (Testament) on vocals. Chuck’s vocals make you want to hang yourself. It’s so bad.

      I, too, will stick to the original stuff. Enough of this tribute crap.

    2. I feel the same way, in that I’d rather hear Randy play on the originals. S.A.TO. is agreat song from Diary Of A Madman, which is not only my favorite Ozzy album but is one of my top five albums of all time. These songs ARE Randy Rhoads. He had magic in his playing that nobody else can duplicate.

    3. I agree James,

      Rhoads was one of a kind, and despite my love and devotion of Sykes, Rhoads is my all time favorite guitarist. Then he is followed by Sykes and Lynch. Then a bunch others make up my top ten, but those are my solid top three.

      D 🙂

    4. Randy’s my favorite too, always will be. I wish I could have seen him play live, but I missed the opportunity. Sykes is a MONSTER guitarist and it’s always kind of gotten under my skin how he doesn’t get name checked as much as he should be. Lots of people mainly know him from Whitesnake and that’s about it but his career is SOOOOOO much more than those two Whitesnake albums. It’s really cool how much respect and praise you give John and are so vocal about what an incredible guitarist he is. Starting from when I was a teenager, he’s had a massive influence on my guitar playing and he’ll forever be in my top five list of favorite guitarists, right alongside Randy, EVH, Michael Schenker and Richie Blackmore.

    5. Geez Doug R, Free For All craps all over Cat Scratch Fever…It’s a trip into the void, where you find the oracle of kick ass. Cat…Ted sounds like he’s grasping. Doug R!!

    6. Geez Shannon, grasping? Free For All is a great album as well, but craps all over CSF? Certainly entitled to your opinion, but you know how I feel about CSF! 😉

    7. Free For All runs over you like a tank, then you get the post-Stranglehold nirvana of Writing on the Wall…I totally see where Gary Holt gets his of the wall riffing and ass kicking from…Free For All is Ted at his peak….Cat Scratch Fever, it is kind of underwhelming. I’ll give it another spin, along with Weekend Warriors. Doug R!!

    8. Dog Eat Dog, the title track, Hammerdown, Street Rats, Writing on the Wall, this is Ted’s strongest material, the whole album is like a Howitzer.

    9. Shannon, you don’t have to sell me on any of those albums, I love ’em all! Always have, always will. Gonzo baby! 🙂

  1. I want to honor Randy as much as anyone, but covering Ozzy/Randy songs is like covering a Rush song. It can’t be done. The thing that makes all those songs is Ozzy’s vocals and Randy’s guitars. Just my opinion.

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