2499059-queensryche-new-617-409 Queensryche will be releasing their second album with frontman Todd La Torre, entitled Condition Human, on October 2nd through Century Media Records.

Guitarist Michael Wilton has said of the recording, “The label are very positive and happy about it. I know that a lot of people are really anticipating this, so stay tuned and you won’t be disappointed.”

Condition Human is available to pre-order from Queensryche’s PledgeMusic page.

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  1. I’ve been listening to old Queensryche recently and lots of great memories have been popping up. Such as the first time I heard “Take Hold Of The Flame” and went and bought “The Warning” shortly afterwards. I heard it on the old METALSHOP radio show with Charlie Kendall. Anyone remember that show? I used to wait all week just to hear it. I even sent away for the t-shirt. It was the METALSHOP logo set inside a circular saw with “The only show with teeth” underneath the logo. Those were the good old days.

  2. Used to listen to “The Metal Zone” here in RI with “Dr. Metal” (RIP). Got turned on to a lot of bands from that show. I think the station carried it for a while after he died in the Station fire, not sure if they still do. Hate to say it but I’m sleepy these days when that time of night rolls around!

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