As the world celebrate the momentous end to 2020 and a hopeful promise of an exciting 2021, Queensrÿche vocalist Todd La Torre is releasing the first official music video from his upcoming debut solo album Rejoice In The SufferingThe music video for “Vanguards Of The Dawn Wall” was filmed in Florida and features Todd and guitarist Craig Blackwell delivering the punishing track in front of a giant rock wall. The song and video was inspired by rock climbing documentaries that Todd had watched while recording for the debut album. The song further showcases the influence that metal has on La Torre has and continues to surprise fans and critics that know him from his work in Queensrÿche. The music video for Vanguards of the Dawn Wall can be seen here.
Vanguards of the Dawn Wall is a full throttle thrasher.  We wanted a no nonsense fast paced shredder, with intense guitar riffs, solos, drumwork, and vocals. This song was inspired by a few different documentaries surrounding two particular near insurmountable feats of rock climbing. While initially written about those achievements, this song is really meant to represent and embody this very special breed and the spirit of all climbing,” explains Todd La Torre. 
As global touring came to a sudden and unexpected halt earlier this year, Queensrÿche frontman Todd La Torre has been using his recent pandemic downtime to put the finishing touches on his debut solo album Rejoice In The Suffering.. From the album’s opening riffs of Dogmata to the vocal acrobatics that drive the album closer Apology, it is apparent that Todd La Torre has a true love of heavy metal. A static video for Darkened Majesty was release last month and can be seen here.

Rejoice In The Suffering track listing:

1. Dogmata

2. Pretenders

3. Hellbound and Down

4. Darkened Majesty

5. Crossroads to Insanity

6. Critical Cynic

7. Rejoice in the Suffering

8. Vexed

9. Vanguards of the Dawn Wall

10. Apology

Bonus Tracks (Deluxe Version Only):

 11. Fractured

 12. Set it Off

13. One by One

4 Responses

    1. Mikey,

      I didn’t watch it, after your comment I am glad I didn’t. Should I put a warning notice before watching it??

      I felt the exact same way about L.A. Guns’ The Devil You Know video, I also was not expecting what I saw, and it was HIGHLY disturbing.


    2. Dana,

      The video is fine, what shocked me was the speed metal & high pitched screaming vocals.
      Definitely NOT Queensryche-ish.

      I have the L.A. Guns CD, but hadn’t seen that video before.
      You’re right, some disturbing stuff there!

    3. Oh okay, M, thanks,

      I thought you meant the video itself contained disturbing images, or content, Phew, glad that wasn’t the case :).

      As for L.A Guns video, yes, I found it very disturbing. Since I did, I opted not to post it, and if I had, I would have put a warning about the content. Artistic license is their right, but sometimes one needs to think about the message one is conveying.

      D 🙂

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